MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Mat4 Matte Antique Pink Lipstick Review & FOTD

MUFE Rouge Artist MAT4 Lipstick 

This was the last piece of MUFE lipstick on and it was destined to be with me.Colour is just super gorgeous and it’s one of my HG lipstick.I love it to the core .It makes me look soft  and I don’t know how it does it but the shade is just too pretty KissKiss.

Shade is described as Antique pink which I found funny ROTFLWhat made them think that this is an antique shade  Razz. Anyway! it’s a shade which is going to suit most skin tone from fair to dark and warm to cool .

It’s completely opaque and will hide darkest of pigmentation and staying power of this lipstick is amazing SmileWell need I say more ? Yes! I want to because I am so much in love with this shade Grin

MUFE lipstick MAT4 Reviews+Make up forever rouge artist intense lipstick Mat4 reviews

About MUFE Artist Intense Lipstick

ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE is a lipstick saturated with pigments for an intense result. Available in 50 different shades and 3 different finishes, it will suit your everyday mood. Natural or sexy, ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE will last all day and leave your lips soft and moisturized.

  • MUFE Lipstick  Price In India – INR 1236 for3.5gm(I got it on 15% discount )

How To Apply

  • Hydrate and soften the lips using the moisturizing lip balm
  • Use a lip liner pencil to draw their contours and make the lipstick last longe
  • Apply directly or with the 3S brush for better precision.

MAT 4 pink lipstick MUFE+Make uo forver rouge artist intense lipstick mat4


  • High concentration of pigments to ensure high coverage in one single stroke
  • Mix of natural waxes(candellia, rice and beeswax) for a long-lasting hold
  • Derived ceramide combined with Sterol and nylon powder to prevent the lips from dehydration
  • Violet bouquet scent
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Packaging – Lipstick comes in a black box with all the ingredients and details written on it.It has a black rectangular packaging and shade colour and name of the lipstick written at its bottom.
  • Texture – It’s thick yet smooth and one just need one layer of it which saves quite a bit of product.Highly pigmented and oh so ! creamy with smooth texture.It’s not drying but if you have extremely dry lips then you might need a little lip balm underneath.
  • Staying power – This one has fab staying power of around 4 hours or more.It fades evenly and makes my lips look rosy pinkSmile
  • Shades – There are some 50 shades in this range but if some one ask me which shade to pick I will blindly recommend this one as I am so much in love with it .

MUFE lipstick MAT 4 ROUGE ARTIST review swatches & FOTD +MUFE lipstick India price

Swatches - It’s a matte pink shade with coral undertones.This shade if used with a light hand can be used every day or with little more pressure pigmentation of the shade can be built up and can used on all occasion.

MUFE Rouge artist intense Mat 4 swatches

MUFE MAT4 LIPSTICK SWATCH Rouge artist intense lipstick swatches

This is how it looks on me

MUFE Liptick Mat4 LOTD+MUFE lipstick swatches MAT 4 Review matte antique pink

MUFE lipstick MAT4 Rouge artist+MUFE lipstick MAT4 Rouge artist swatches

What I liked about MUFE Rouge Artist Intene Mat4 Lipstick

  • Highly pigmented
  • It’s going to suit cool and warm skin tone.
  • Will look flattering  on most complexion
  • Available in many shades and finish
  • Doesn’t contain  any strong  fragrance
  • Demagogically tested
What I do not like about MUFE Rouge artist intense MAT 4 lipstick
  • Availability is a big problem .
  • It’s expensive but I don’t mind the price because of  its superb quality.
Will I recommend it to others – Definitely !!
Wise She Rating
  • Overall - 4.5/5
  • Pigmentation-5/5
  • Shade -5/5
  • Packaging-5/5
  • Texture – 5/5
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  1. In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love look at you! all pretty in pink!! Hug Left

  2. Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
    absolutely beautifulllll ana Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss

    ana lovedddd the whole look , so CHIC babes In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love

  3. deeos its MUFE pINK…I looooooooooveee itttt ..

  4. this is so goegeous In Love

  5. hey anamika, are ebay global buy, trusted websites for online purchase? i hv nvr shopped online n i feel it pretty unsafe.

  6. I love it too!!!! In Love

  7. u look cute!! the colour really suits u well!

  8. ok quick question: my cousin is going to singapore: Any make up must haves from there? Question

  9. oh it looks so sexy….. gift it to me know Grin Razz

  10. u can buy body shop trial packs there..they are just of $5 an in good quantity and many of the products are not even launched in India Smile

  11. oh it looks so sexy….. gift it to me no Razz Grin Grin Grin: Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick

  12. same answer !!
    take my life but not this Drunken Razz

  13. this shade is soooooooooooooooooo pretty A!! Gr8 pick for sure..this was truly meant for u.. Smile Smile

    btw, which blush hav u used?

  14. Zara i billl only onlyy talk about my lippi Smug

    • do talk bout the lippi but bluh ka bhi raaz kholo Smile Smile

    • Nars ka review kab aayega Lashes ??? Please do soon..I am leavin tomm night. Waiting

      • where u goin Kej?

        • m goin to hong kong for a week..then thailand for 8-9 days Grinance-leftright:

          • wowww!! pls do a nice wala haul…ekdum bada wala…

            ur gona hav so much fun!!! Have a gr time Kej! will miss uuu!!

            • pakka..Will miss u guys!! Its become such a daily routine now to be here and talk to u all.

              • i swear…will miss u loads babes..ur gona hav a rocking time for sure Smile ):

              • Zee: Need ur help on a query i have. I need a good lip balm/moisturizer for chapped/dry lips. A friend of mine has a prob..if he stops vaseline/lip guard for a few days he gets badly chapped lips. Can u suggest something that works for u?

                • Ohh…poor such a case he shud stop using petroleum based balms..firstly i think his skin has gotten too accustomed to vaseline, so he hs to just go cold turkey and stop using it…initially till the chapped lips heal, ask him to use butter…for outside application he can use lotus cocoa lip balm. its very mild and doesnt cause irritation and will sooth the chappiness..but again he use use it at long intervals…also tell him not to ever lick hi lips coz saliva just makes i worse..

                  • ohh!! sounds painful. He does have a habit to lick his lips when they feel dry.
                    I’ll get him lotus cocoa lip balm. Hope its not sticky?? he wont use it if its sticky..u know how guys can be fussy! Smug

                    • aint sticky at all! and the scent is very mild…no tint t it…perfect balm fr guys Smile

                      he has t stop licking his lips coz thats usually the main reason for lips getting dark and chapped..

      • ah kejal..itni jaldi to nahi aa payega Frown as i have already many blushes post pending Grinuh:

        but if u need any help let me know..Smile

  15. You are looking rosy rosy Lipstick & looking at the lipstick I guess you are using it din raat Giggle
    The scarf is looking nice, one of your best FOTD Yes

  16. its sooooooooooo pretty dear Kiss Kissed Kiss Kiss In Love

  17. Looking pretty An .. as always Smile, and this color looks gr8.

  18. thanks will go well with most skin tone Smile

  19. lovely shade ana……………ana, have a query…u people watched that saiyyan song in rascals naaaa? that lisa hayden, what lipstick is she wearing in the beginning when they are first showing her closely? guess it will look great on duskies like me..tell me if u have any idea???????

    • hey honestly never seen the song..but after u mentioned it i went n saw it on youtbe Smile Smile

      She ha used nude shades..i cant make out very well on on youtube but i feel like t has a pink tine to it…i think its similar to revlon ginger rose, or mac velvet teddy or mac angel…

      • thanx zee….does revlon ginger rose have an orange tint to it?tell me some good lippies with orange tint which will suit nc 42-43 na?

        • nopes..revlon ginger rose doesnt have an orange tint to it at all..its a peachy nude… : )Smile a really gorgeous shade..

          Unfortunately m not very aware of the NC/NW wala funda…so i may not b able t give very reliable advice Frown Frown

  20. Beautiful Ana! I loved the whole look! What are you wearing on your eyes?
    Love the scarf too Smile
    Oh yeah and the lipstick Smile All pretty pretty Big Smile

  21. This is a great color A! I love such pinks! Yes

  22. oho if bhaiya was clikin this pic ..he wudve surely fallen down flat Grinance-leftright: Grinance-leftright: :jittery: beautiful! Kiss

  23. such a natural pink…I like ur scarf too Big Smile

  24. You look like some exotic beauty Anu..i swaer…kaash mein ladka hoti..

  25. And is that a scarf you wearing? looks colourful and compliments the look…OMG cant get enough of this pic..

  26. Anu..we ALL need a breakdown of this look….PLEEEASSSSEEE

  27. You are looking absolutely STUNNING!!!! i love your scarf Smile Yes

  28. u r looking super pretty…..ur best look till date…..y dnt u do video tut????u r so gud in makeup Big Smile

  29. Hi Ana…….beautiful as always……………u r looking like a doll here……….pinky pinky…………….so cute Big Smile

  30. You are looking so fresh ….
    This shade is like tailor made for u :clap-n-jump:

  31. Hey Anamika,
    Lovely colour and girl you look really very pretty Smile

  32. Uff teri yada….. how gorgeous do you look In Love Chic Beauty
    This shade totally suits you.. though it does remind me of MAC Mehr Question Question Lipstick
    Oh I am soooooo loving that scarf Ana… its really pretty and your hair of course… kya kehne Grin In Love Kiss

  33. Hey pink IS ur colour… It just makes u glow Rose … u’re looking very very pretty and make-up looks perfect for upcoming winters Beauty … u could be a sight in snow if it ever snows where u live Wink

  34. Ana it looks so pretty Grin Beauty :clap-n-jump: Blush

  35. superb shade ana…………………………… very nice

  36. the color is beautiful! almost looks like NARS Dolce Vita blush in form of a lipstick. Loved the scarf u’re wearing here.

  37. pretty-ness!!! Kiss Kiss In Love i wish someone gifts me dis Razz Thinking

    im visiting after soooo freaking loooongg!! phew~ Silly

  38. my colg man… soooo hectic.. and then there project and stuff.. half the goes into travelling only.. and no time for myself.. any ways.. i keep reading in between.. most of the posts… jus that theres no time to comment Neutral Smug but im lurking around Wink Big Smile

  39. came back again..u luk sooo sooo cute here anu Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick

  40. I like it very much Smile

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