Vega Hair Care Premium Straightening Brush H1-SB Review

Vega Hair Straightening Brush 

I have seen this Vega Straighrening hair brush lot no. of times in Health & Glow outlets albeit  as I have never read any of its review before and it costed Rs 390 I somehow skipped buying it twice.After few months I read its review on Priya’s blog and thought of purchasing it online from coupon which was provided to me by the company.It cost INR322 on the site.

Vega Straightening Hair Brush reviews

I have wavy hair from the end and when I use this brush it makes blow drying super easy.It has ceramic plates attached to the inside of the handles which ensures equal distribution of heat and prevent damage and help in drying hair quickly.

This brush can be used for any length of hair and is handy , efficient and user friendly.It helps in even out the frizzes and it helps me out when ever I am making a pony tail giving it a neat and under control look.

Vega hair styling brush+Vega Hair Care Premium Straightening Brush H1-SB Review

Product has a small  lock at its end which opens up the brush when pulled and close it down when pushed.This way one can insert small section or larger section of hair in the brush without any problem.

Vega Straightening Hair Brush reviews

This brush works well only when good amount of serum is applied after washing the hair and  small section is used with a blow dryer to straighten them up.I once tried using this brush without the serum and all my hair poofed up.Grin

Due to large space between each brush it is easy to clean the brush and it doesn’t require much of maintenance.

Vega Hair straightening brush reviews

Will I recommend it to others – This indeed is a good brush to try especially if you are regular with blow drying .It eases out the frizz and gives volume to the hairSmile.If you have super curly or wavy hair and you don’t use serum and heat equipment then it might not work for you.

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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  1. nice review. Brush looks nice n sleek. But the bristles seem a lil scary… do they snag tangled hair?

  2. it can…one has to comb hair nicely before using it.

  3. looks good.. would like to straighten my hair for a change.. i use serum and i blow dry my hair sometimes.. maybe i should get it.. might have a change of hairstyle this festive season Big Smile

  4. Hey Anamika,
    Gudmorning, thanx for the mention, howz Diwali shopping going???

  5. hi A, how u doin??

    This seems pretty nice but uv seen my u think it wud work?

  6. its so cheap……………………….. nice stuff………………… have to check out… Big Smile Big Smile

  7. Helozzz !! gudmorning :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: bristles look scary Confused nice review Ana Wink sad i don’t blow dry my hair Big Frown

  8. i knooooww u donnnn Razz Goood morning Smile

  9. Looks great! I am sure it would be a great product. I can see that. <3

  10. this luks interesting anu Kiss

  11. hey pavani..i wish it wud make the hair straight widout a dryer…hehe..then it wud b a miracle product nna?

  12. this looks awesome ana Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss i need to get one babes

  13. hi Ana, I have wavy hair so can i use it t straighten my hair sometimes using dryer??? also insteadof serum, can a hair styling product be used? and for how long does the straightness stays??? Smile

    • straightness stays till evening easily ashu and i havent tried it with any hair styling product other than serum.

  14. My hair becomes poker straight with just blow dryong..dont think i need anything else..however this one seems good for wavy hair..

  15. hii Ana

    hw r u doing dudette…
    i already have straight hair n l’tl wavy at d ends. this brush luks pretty attractive. shall i go for it?

  16. I am not much into blow drying..but this looks nice.. Big Smile

  17. hmmm,,my hair is straight,,as in poker straight,,and i never blow dry,,hmmm not for me but yessss good one for the curly girlies Grin ,, would tell my friends about this,,

    thanks anamika Smile

  18. This one definitely looks tempting and I need to get one…Razz My wishlist increased Grin

  19. i use my dryer occasionally.. otherwise my hair becomes very dry.. Unless I have a party to go to or a wedding to attend i don’t blow dry my hair.. but im thinking of doing something different on diwali.. so this might be apt..

  20. wow nice post.
    I had such terrific experience with hair straightners !!!
    but this one looks neat
    is this available only online ?

    • its available in health and glow centers as well Mitha Smile

      thanks for liking the post..i will review few more hair brushes which i have ..

  21. sure awaiting for those posts

  22. Hi Anamika,

    Thnx for the review.
    I was eyeing this since quite some time & finally ordered it from Urban Touch @ Rs. 320/- & got it delivered last week. Yet to use it though.

  23. Sure will do.
    I’v wavy hair & use biolage serum & recently bought Total Repair 5 serum too.
    Use dryer very few times, mostly in winters else leave hair to dry naturally which dries with natural waves. Big Smile

  24. Hello there! I have this same brush. It helps with straight finish blow dry. But the demerit is that, hair does not stay straight through out the day. Within an hour’s time, the straightening effect is all gone. Mine is a slightly wavy soft hair. Could help with any set procedure to be followed to keep the straightened effect till next wash?

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