5 Favourite Drugstore Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hello Beauties,

Yeah i know I keep saying I don’t have enough time, but the truth is i’m a lazy bum Grin . But this time O so wanted to share my latest obsession. My Lippies. I am slowly and definitely turning into a Faces ambassador. Move on MAC, Bourjois..I have a much affordable and equally fantastic brand to my rescue. I dont have to sigh at your vanities anymore, and not spend on high end brands. Not that I cannot afford, my conscience does not let me and what with my boyfriend getting to know that I  spend 1100 Rs on a single lipstick, I will remain kunwari , with him ‘refusing’ to marry me !!!
Price – The Faces lipsticks are of 349 INR, Faces Matte Creame are 399 INR,  Maybelline i think is somewhere around 250-300. Not sure.
From l-r Faces Peach Blossom, Faces- First Lady, Maybelline- Coral Pink, Faces Creame Matte- Puce 01, Dusky Beig 10)
I am in love with each one of them. 
Faces ones are from their Moisture Rich Rage and they are quite moisturizing. Stays for more than 5hours. Even after you have a meal it still has the colour and the sheen, it definitely lightens though.
  • Faces Peach Blossom Lipstick A jewel toned Peach colored lippie with very subtle golden shine.
  • Faces-First Lady Lipstick This one is similar to the maybelline lippie, albeit, it is a lighter shade of the same pinky-coral family.
  • Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Coral Pink Lipstick. Yes this one is more coral and less pink. Very creamy and extremely moisturizing. But not as long staying as the Faces ones, contributing to its highly creamy and moisturizing properties.

Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme- Coral Pink.

  • Faces Cream Matte Puce 01 Lipstick– Anu has already reviewed it here 
  • Faces Cream Matte Dusky Beige 10 Lipstick – Its beige colored and nudish shade.
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  1. says

    hahaha.. my boyfriend ws initially shocked that a lipstick can cost 1000 bucks. He freaked when I explained how expensive things are.. Now he is used to it.. He has given up on me coz he is scared that I might end up choosing makeup over him if he protests Tap Dance Tap Dance

  2. tulips says

    i want all of dem Grin except first lady as i have tht Razz all bfs r lyk tht.. when i shom him my makeup stash which is tini mini compared to u gals Giggle he says whn u apply so many things!! Silly Drunken Razz

  3. Mitra20 says

    Nirah…coral pink is more coral…First lady leans towards Pink…even i thought they are same when i got home..thankfully on lips they turn out different. And does coral pink last long on you? it vanishes in 2 hours on me Frown hence the first lady..

  4. says

    Mitra Coral pink does last more than that on me, but all my moisture extreme lipsticks have fungus trouble after a while, so every time I use Coral pink I twist the whole tube up inspect and then use. It is getting bit tiresome.

    I think I should try First lady. Smile

  5. Mitra20 says

    Shweta the Faces lipsticks are 349 INR. Faces Matte Creame are 399 INR. Maybelline i think is somewhere around 250-300. Not sure.

  6. Mitra20 says

    Arre nahi Ani…i just started hoarding up on them…else i’m more of a lip tint and a balm to top off kind of person…these days i’m liking lippies…

  7. Mitra20 says

    Yeah…even i dont like dark pinks and magenta shades…even reds for that matter. I like nude shades. And these are just that.

  8. says

    Thanks ana Grin i so wanted somebody to swatch something from Faces Creame matte lipstick .. faces website doesnt even show it Frown I am going to go for puce 01 Grin it looks lovely pink and should suit my skin tone Smile

    • Mitra20 says

      Hehe…You are welcome Shreya…do checkout their other shades at the counter…you’l definitely find something that you’l love…

      • says

        yap i would… just wanted a fare idea of shades Grin and I am going to get one shade from each brand maybelline , lotus and faces just to know which is good on pocket and quality Razz for me Smile

  9. says

    faces first lady is a total find, it is fun, and perfect for lunch with friends as well as office… i am so getting faces lipsticks.. in pics first lady looks like a satin finish.. is it so really.

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