Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse Review & Swatches

Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse Golden Medium 

Many of you have been asking me to review the new Lakme Absolute mattreal skin natural mousse so after lot of testing I think its right time for me to review it  .My priority is always to test the product thoroughly rather than just reviewing it first.

Coming to the review when I saw its packaging it looks exactly like Golden snitch of Harry potter.Those who are fond of Harry potter can relate to it easily.It is a round mettalic silverish grey shade ball which has the mousse stored inside it.

Lakme absolute mattreal mousse reviews+Lakme absolute collection reviews

Let us see what Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse Claims:-

Feather like texture with a mousse to powder finish for breathable natural skin  in SPF 8

  •  Price – INR 550 for 25gm.You can buy it from here
  • Available Shade –  Ivory fair, Golden Medium and Beige Honey.I got Golden Medium shade as beige honey was  dark where as Ivory fair was lighter for my skin.I wish Lakme could have introduced this shade in more colours because  too fair l or dark girl might not get the right shade.

Lakme absolute mattreal mousse reviews+Lakme absolute collection reviews

My Experience with Lakme Matt Real Skin Natural Mousse Review :-

Before writing down my experience let me tell you what Mousse foundation is.Mousse foundation are basically cream foundation which have a whipped consistency.They give light coverage and generally preferred by older skin as this foundation do not cake and settle into fine lines.

I like this foundation because I am never in mood to apply foundation when going for dinner or a movie.This one goes on easy and never looks caked on and stays smooth all day.I like its jar packaging though one needs to take it out with  spatula but you get every last bit of it and it doesn’t even spill around .

As far as coverage is concerned it wont cover any blemishes, dark circles but why I like this product the most is that it is more of a light tinted foundation which can be used when ever you are in hurry.Let me tell you how I make this mousse work.Once you apply it all over your face and neck just set it up with a compact powder such as Maybelline or Lakme perfect radiance this way it will give you better coverage and stays for long but before putting that please do lather up moisturiser and sun screen on otherwise you will experience dry skin patches.

It hardly takes a minute in blending the product and moreover it almost feel as if I am wearing nothing on my skin.It gives matte finish but you do need to apply good amount of moisturiser .If you have oily skin or combination skin then it  will come out great and look very natural as if you are not wearing anything.

Lakme absolute mousse lakme matte skin natural mousse

  • Staying Powder – I live in South India where we don’t experience extreme winter and this stays for 5-6 hours easily.I applied it 4p.m and when to meet my friend and it was still intact till 9  p.m.I could easily see my face looking brighter though it did fade a bit but the amount of the time it took me to blend this and get ready I was sold Razz

Lakme absolute matt real skin natural mousse reviews

Swatches of Golden Medium shade 03 – The shade has lot of yellow undertones and it matches my skin perfectly especially when I set it up with lose powder.

Lakme absolute mousse honey beige swatches


What I  like Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse :-

You can see it gives light coverage and makes my face as if I am wearing nothing although my dark circles are visible as I said it wont cover blemishes .

Lakme matt real absolute mousse on my face

  • One need less of product to apply it on their face and its light and blends easily so its perfect for woman on the go who hardly have time to apply foundation.
  • If you like tinted moisturiser than you are certainly going to like this especially if you have oily skin .This product is going to work fantastically in summers and in winters lather yourself with moisturizer so that it doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • If you use it everyday it will last for two months easily.
  • Easily available
  • It won’t break you out
  • SF8 but that hardly provide any coverage.


What I do not like Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse:-

  • Gives sheer coverage just little more than a tinted moisturizer
  • There are only three shades available.
  • If you dry skin then one does need good amount of moisturiser and sunscreen underneath it
  • It has strong citrus  fragrance which when applied on the face doesn’t bother .
  • I wish it could be 100 -150 lesser
  • I wish it could be moisturising also
Will I recommend it to others – If you have oily , blemish free skin which doesn’t need much of coverage and you liked previously introduced  Lakme souffle than this surely can be your pick.Dry skin skin will have to make it work but those who use moisturiser and sunscreen daily can easily make it work.It’s certainly a product which you will like especially those who are always in hurry and looking for a sheer coverage .If you find yur shade then just go for it even Kareena Kapoor liked it Smile
Wise She Rating – 
  • Overall  -4/5
  • Packaging-4/5(I wish they would have given a spatula with it )
  • Price – 3.5/5
  • Coverage – 3/5
  • Staying Powder – 3.5/5
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  1. tulips says

    i cannt decide to buy it or not Neutral i lyk tht it doesnt feel heavy on skin but thoda sa bhi coverage nahi dete as i have acne scars.. neways i will do inky ponky..u luk glowy glowy as usual babes In Love do share ur skin regime na Smile

  2. Zara says

    Oh yessss!! i was so lukin forward to this review Smile and to be perfectly honest, i too thought the packaging uked like a snitch.. hehe..but dint wan say anything for fear of sounding weird…tune meri mu ki baat cheen li Wink

    It does give such a smooth and finished look to the face…i too wana try this…

  3. Swati says

    3 Shades? So not fair!!! I am dying to try these mainly because of the packaging…i just hope I will find my match here! Jump

    You look gorgeous in the pic! and what dark circles? You have none of those! Big Smile

  4. says

    I like what’s on your nails and you look pretty too Big Smile but will it stay if you’re walking in the sun?? I hate when these souffles/ tinted moisturizers start transferring :bangbang:

  5. says

    Looks like a nice product! Looks very creamy ! what i do these days is mix lotus gel creme with my street wear mineral foundation and the consistency i get is very similar to this !

  6. jewel says

    You look lovely Ana..I am confused about this one…to me it looks like the lakme souffle in a new package..I dint like the souffle much as it always transferred

  7. says

    good 2 knw tht it doent ly pet peeve with lakme foundation tht it tranfers badly…
    nice review ana!! ur face luks so fresh & pretty!!

  8. ritu says

    hey anamika this 1 seems good….i think it will b too dry 4 me in winters….i like compact foundations, is that available in this range..?

  9. says

    Ohh..the “snitch” like packaging luks so cute. I wish the product was better. At least it should provide medium coverage considering the price. Anyways you luk gorgeous and I like your blush. Which one is it?

  10. Keerthi says

    Looks great on you! Smile Whats the difference you found between this and the earlier range ka souffle? because the prices are drastically different na and I loved the souffle for daily wear Smile

  11. Keerthi says

    Thats great! its like they took the souffle, made someone list ou the shortcomings n then made this mousse…awesome! Smile Definitely will be my next buy, Thanks for the review and the clarification Smile

  12. Keerthi says

    I keep coming back to this picture, looks so nice and even and at the same time, doesnt look caked on….awesome! You should do more of such looks Ana, reminds me of that puraana wala which I found via google Smile
    Also, the eye pencil looks so creamy, which one is it?

  13. says

    hey ana … you are looking so beautifulllll with this and am sure the color will suit me as well , am gonna try this fir sure and your review made me more excited for this as you know I loveee sheer to medium coverage foundation In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love

  14. Keerthi says

    @Zara….so uncanny, I was just thinking how long it had been since we spoke! Smile I’m good, how bout you? I don’t use any foundation as such, thats why this one appealed so much…currently between lotus matte effect n a newly discovered lactocalamine! Smile are you on twitter? That’s much easier to communicate on and pretty good fun…another late and great discovery by me Big Smile

    @Ana…haan kya, it’s so pretty, Chambor makes awesome quality stuff na Smile

  15. Revathy says

    lookin gr8 in the pic.. i must tel u that first… i was looking to buy a foundation.. planning to for this one.. but yeah the catch is i have normal to dry skin.. i was thinking abt going for revlon softplex or lotus.. wat say… but i m a regular moisturiser n sunscreen user on the face each day…

  16. Sarah says

    This mousse to powder formula delivers a feather-light finish giving you breathable natural skin. While its weightless formulation hides pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone to leave skin peachy soft all through the day. With SPF 8, lasts upto 16 hours.
    Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

    * lasts upto 16Hr
    * Feature Light
    * Texture SPF 8

  17. monica kalra says

    Does it covers open pores also.i have fair skin with no blemishes but just open pores.will it help in covering them?

  18. shona says

    Hey…..i tink i get lil pimples since i ahve started using this foundation daily……and if not this one….which other foundation will be good for dailywear in lakme and maybelline???please let me know……
    And u look soo prettyyyyyyyySmile

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