Bridal Eye Makeup Step By Step With Mac Mayhem Minearlize Eyeshadow

I  like gold and bronze in my eye makeup and if both are combined  that to a metallic shade then there can be nothing better than that especially during a wedding eye makeup.I got MAC Mayhem eye shadow which is exactly a golden bronze metallic shade which  I am going to review soon after more testing .

I did this eye makeup thinking I am doing it on a bride .I though wanted to do it properly with a maag tika, bindi  and all but may be next time I will do that with the same eye shadow as I find the shade just gorgeous.

This is how the eye makeup turned out though I wish I should have used false eye lashes too here.

Indian bridal eye makeup tutiorial

Ok! Without wasting much time I am going to start with the eye makeup tutorial now

  • Step1 – Apply primer.I used Urban decay primer potion .
  • Step2- Blend the primer and apply loose powder on it.I use Kry0lan powder for any thing and everything it is my HG loose powder.
  • Step3 – With a flat eyeshadow brush I applied golden mettalic bronze eyeshadow on 3/4 of the eyelid area.
  • Step4 – Now wipe off the eye shadow from the brush and use any copper shade and apply it on the outer 1/4th of your eye lids and blend two two shades without mixing them by sticking to the specified area.I am using MAC mythical eyeshadow here which is from MAC me over collection going to released  by the end of the month.

Indian bridal makeup tips+Indian bridal eye makeup tutorial +Eye makeup tips

  • Step5 – Now I applied shimmery brown in the crease of my eyes.I used Colorbar shimmer palette lower most shade for it.
  • Step6- To deepen the crease I used a brown matte eyeshadow (MAC espresso) here and applied in the outer corner of my crease over shimmery brown shade of colorbar shimmer palette
  • Step7-This is how the three shades comes out.
  • Step8 – From the crease to my brow bone I applied the colorbar shimmer palette highlighter which is a vanilla white highlighter with some shimmer.It’s great for face highlighting as well.I have used it here (How to apply highlighter)
  • Step9-  I applied copper eyeshadow on the lower lashline leaving inner 1/4th space for the same golden metallic shade.
  • Step10- Applied winged eyeliner with Maybelline gel eyeliner and also on lower lashline.Curled my lashes and finished it up with lots of mascara.I have filled my eyebrows with Sleek brow kit.

Indian bridal eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup step by step+how to do bridal eye makeup +party eye makeup

That’s  the final bridal eye makeup with picture clicked in different lights.

Gold and copper eye makeup tutorial with MAC mineralize eyeshadow

Product used Smile

MAC Mayhem mineralize eyeshadow+Mayhem eyeshadow mineralize

Hope you like it Smile

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  1. like it very much ana…………………………. very nice.. In Love

  2. Woww… Wonderful tutorial ana Smile Smile Am loving itttttttttttttt Grin

  3. thanks Lancy is Sunday going?

  4. Like it????? Love it babe………….. just love these mettalic shades….that bronze and copper are super yummmy!!! Love it Ana Beauty In Love
    ITs a nice way to start the day Kiss Kiss

    • Good morning Mals..breakfast done ?

      • i love these type of metallic golden bronze shades..i wish i could wear it in my marriage Grin

        • He he he….. phir se shaadi kar lo… or as the hollywood ppl do… re-enact or re-enforce your wedding vows Wink Smile Maldives has spl packages for such occassions Grin Grin But this time you’ll have to wear a lovely gown In Love Chic
          I am getting carried away in my old age Grin Grin Laugh
          How is Sunday coming along?? I went to phoenix market city (recently opened in b’lore) hoping they’ll have a B&D store too.. but Damn Pissed Off Guns NO!!! I was cursing Zee the whole time Grin Grin Grin

  5. Nice asusual Smile I love sundays Smile How is your day anne ?? If you don’t mind can I call you sissy Smile Smile I like you a lot..!! Grin

  6. Thank you my sweet sissy Smile Smile you’re really soo sweet Smile and your posts are awesome..

  7. :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: what a way to start the day!! I love gold and bronze and they add such an indian touch to eveything!!

  8. OMG !! this is super cute !! Lipstick

  9. Nice tute Ana! I’m going to check some old one also now Smile

    I love gold on eyes too Smile I apply a light wash on my whole eyelid and looks pretty and fresh even in day time Beauty

    Guess wot? I’ve ordered 78 colours palette from NYX In Love More the reason I shud check all the eye makeup looks Smile

    • wow wow ! 78 colour from NYX…Pradnya that is going to be so much fun ……..

      u r right abt gold eyeshadows…just a light wash and they stay put and one eye look so captivating Smile

      wats plan for the weekend?

      • Oh once you have a baby, the weekend plans are nothing exciting… We want to get a potty today for my lil one hahahahaha!!!!

        Yeaaah!!! 78 colours are going to be soo much fun and for a very long time Smile But I read in reviews that the big pallettes are lesser pigmented than the NYX single shadows Frown anyhow, it’ll be a nice start I guess, hai na?

        • ROTFLROTFL i know but than one doesn’t mind it for the baby na Smile

          yaa ! initially pigmentation is not that important ..and single shades are always way better than any palettes Pradnya..u can buy sleek later on their pigmentation is nice and decently priced too Smile

  10. m in awe In Love In Love In Love u blend them sooooooooooooooooo nicely. The end result is just mind blowin Big Smile Big Smile i just hope someday i acheive ur kind of blending skill Yes Yes

  11. thanks so much Jyoti..thas quite a compliment..if u blog and practice every day u surely will Smile

  12. Ana sis Frown Zara asked me whether I do use acrylic nails or not as I said I don’t have good nails Frown I have never used it, so can you please suggest me and good and affordable brand of acrylic nails ???

    • hey Lancy…check out tribal zone..they have some nicely designed acrylic nails…pretty designs to boot! each set costs about 200-250 bucks..and u get the glue as well..

  13. Morning anamika
    nice shades and the makeup is perfect ,nice way to start the day Smile

  14. Ana….superb…….blending and combination of colors is awesome… In Love In Love In Love

  15. wow so preetyyyyyyy In Love In Love In Love such a detailed gonna try out ! Big Smile

  16. wowww

  17. SUPER GORGEOUS!!!! I wanna fly out of your computer screen and give you a tight hug for doing this awesome look!..but since thats nt possible, i guess the hug smiley will have to suffice Hug Left Hug Right

    The mac pan looks really good…review that jaldi jaldi please Shy

  18. Going out for a movie-Rockstar Grin

  19. wow! its looking gorgeous!
    @Indrani..rockstar is nt worh it Razz i saw it yesterday n ended up with a severe headache =)

  20. bery bery pretty A…luved the blending! and i like how luch ur lashes look re…falsies not required at all!!! In Love In Love

  21. its beautiful… Kiss

  22. Woww Ana Grin Grin Grin :jittery: its perfect nd mayhem looks sooo gorgeoussss !!! Grin Grin :jittery: :jittery:
    i wanna get married Smug

  23. I liked the eye makeup a lot anamika Heart its fab

  24. Omg..Anamika…I have no words… Heart

  25. Thank you so much Zara Wink I will check it out Grin

    • and also lancy, artificial nails r available from miss claire brand on…check that also..but i found them pricier at 350-400 per set….

  26. very very pretty…..

  27. very pretty look ana Yes

  28. Such a pretty look Smile

  29. thanks Mz A & Bhumika.

  30. I loved Ana….. superb Smile In Love In Love In Love In Love

  31. beautiful and very detailed! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  32. Ah…Lovely.. Yes

  33. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty mika…. In Love

  34. absolutely beautiful ana Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss loveddd it honey , the colors are pretty in pan and stunning on eyes

  35. Beautiful A, its perfect bridal makeup Smile, will surely try, going for my bro’s marriage next week Smile
    and I finally picked up my first MAC, expensive pink, after seeing it here Smile

  36. awesome anu…i liked the look!!!

  37. Yes

  38. LOOVEEEE it anamika….have never tried putting on any makeup except lipstick (if tht is considered makeup Wink) are giving me more reasons to try ..once again gorgeous..wish i cud look at the whole put together look..

  39. i am just wondering before my marriage , why i haven’t joined wise she…well , at that time wise she haven’t originated i think Razz

    • well no its wasn’t Smile how u doing Siri ..back from the trip?

      • yaa..finally booked a resort in corbett and went there anu..had great fun..but returned back down with in bed Razz

        • BTW i visited Nainital also on the way..loved hanuman mandir , himalaya darshan all. I guess i went on right time Smile

        • aww..u went to corbett…wow ! i have been there. did u catch upon some interesting animals ?

          • deers, boars and peacocks..finally i had been telling, thatz y these are called animals, when some ones comes to visit you minimum you have to show your face na? Razz

            • ROTFLROTFL we stayed there for two days but couldn’t spot anything..i heard that what u c is yur destiny.some people stay for 2 hours and spot many animals where as for some it takes months.

  40. i really like the eye make up!!! Grin

  41. Subhan Ibrahim says:


  42. Wonderful tutorial Anamika…. Love it In Love

  43. wow! looks so gorgeous! meri shaadi mein am gonna try this look! looks superb!

  44. Ana 5 stars for this ….. ! Grin

  45. wow………….awesome tutorial…

  46. hey anamika i went through ur blog n i found it really cool n awesome…loved that gold n broze shadows..

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