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I had promised long back to share my mom’s recipe for preparing really beneficial home-made oil that has been the secret to good, strong hair of my family. In fact, I suppose, because of this oil, my mom never got a single grey hair till she was 45 years of age and today even at the age of 61 years, her hair is comparatively more healthy than all my masis (aunts) and many other women of her age. Winters are approaching and most of the ingredients for this oil are available in their best quality in winters and therefore, I believed, this is just the right time to share the recipe so that whoever wishes to, can go ahead and prepare this miracle oil. I am currently sharing the amount of ingredients required for preparing around 3 litres of oil as this oil can be stocked for the entire year or more and also personally suggest that this quantity would ideally be a better option than putting in so much effort for a small quantity.


We essentially need 2 big steel vessels (approx. size of 5 litres or more), 1 small steel vessel (approx. size of 1-2 litres), 1 big steel spoon, 1 old cotton/malmal dupatta. Apart from these basic things, we need the below-mentioned ingredients.

Note: Ayurvedic stores specially sell an oil masala packet that includes most of the ingredients mentioned below in powder form (I have indicated which ones). It is usually easily available and good enough instead of purchasing them individually. For a quantity of either 2-3 litres of oil preparation, 1 packet of this oil masala is sufficient. I have, however, also mentioned the quantity required for each ingredient, in case one wishes to purchase the components of the oil masala individually. On the other hand if you are purchasing the oil masala packet, then needless to say, you can skip adding the components of the oil masala packet separately.

Reference Picture

Ingredient Name and Quantity


Coconut Oil – 3 litres

  • Has high moisture retaining capacity and prevents breakage of hair and it repairs damaged hair
  • When applied regularly on clean scalp can help get rid of lice and lice eggs as lice eggs have difficulty attaching to hair that contains oil
  • Is rich in fatty acids which are beneficial anti-dandruff agents and are way better than any anti dandruff shampoo
  • Is believed to slow hair loss by revitalizing and exfoliating dead skin tissue from the scalp
  • Can protect the hair cell membrane and waterproof the scalp and hair from harsh shampoo

Almond Oil – 250 ml bottle

  • Adds luster to the hair
  • Makes hair longer and thicker.
  • Makes the hair smoother and prevents split ends
  • Prevents hair fall and balding as it strengthens roots
  • Almond oil and amla combined together can prevent dandruff
  • Alleviates inflammations and skin irritation. Therefore, applying it to your scalp will prevent itching.
  • Gives hair a nice sweet fresh smell

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – 1 kg.

  • Prevents premature greying, dandruff and hair loss
  • Conditions the hair
  • Helps reduce stress and treat insomnia

Aritha – approx. 50 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • Gives hair natural floss and bounce
  • Used for removing lice from the scalp, as it has gentle insecticidal properties

Ashwagandha – approx. 50 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • Improves memory and alertness
  • Is very advantageous in insomnia
  • Reduces the level of stress and also acts as an antioxidant
  • Provides nourishment to the brain for better functioning and greater ability to work

Bahera / Vibhitaka – approx. 50 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • Rejuvenates hair
  • Improves vision to a certain extent

Bringaraj – approx. 50 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • Encourages hair growth
  • Rejuvenates hair
  • Stops premature hair loss, baldness and dryness of scalp
  • Can possibly help regain original colour in case of premature greying
  • Relieves headache

Haritaki / Harad (optional) – 1-2 pieces (part of oil masala packet)

  • One of the remedies for memory loss and depression
  • Has calming properties

Jatamansi – approx. 10 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents hair loss and greying hair
  • Reduces hyperactivity, restlessness and aggressiveness in hyperactive children

Shankhpushpi – approx. 10 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • It has soothing action on the nervous system so it is used as a tranquilizer for anxiety neurosis and sleeplessness
  • Due to its memory enhancing property, it is useful to treat neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Shatavari – approx. 10 gms. (part of oil masala packet)

  • Produces a cooling effect in the body and for this reason it is particularly beneficial for ailments that are associated with excessive heat such as fever and inflammatory conditions

Fresh Brahmi – approx. 100 gms. (1 judi)

  • Allows proper nourishment to reach hair roots and promote growth
  • Prevents dandruff, split-ends and hair discoloration
  • Maintains mental calmness and is effective in treating mental imbalances, emotional disturbances and also in the prevention and cure of geriatric mental problems such as amnesia and Alzheimer’s
  • Helps in improving mental performance and increasing learning capacity
  • Helps in decreasing anxiety and mental fatigue and promotes freshness in mind
  • Useful in maintaining normal body temperature thus relieving body from hyperthermia and fevers

Curry Leaves (optional) – approx. 10 gms.

  • Helps prevent premature hair greying
  • Strengthens hairs, prevents premature greying and makes hair darker

Fresh Henna – 1 judi (a little ‘plus-minus’ quantity is okay)

  • Boosts hair growth
  • Gives shine to hair
  • Acts as a conditioner
  • Natural colorant and hair stregthener
  • Relieves headaches
  • Cools scalp and skin & reduces temperature

Fresh/Dry Neem – approx. 10 gms.

  • Highly beneficial for the dry and itchy scalp
  • Dandruff and scalp psoriasis can be cured
  • Prevents premature greying of hair and treats lice and hair fall
  • Reduces the thinning of hair
  • Acts as a very good conditioner
  • Stops the hair fall

Methi / Fenugreek – approx. 10 gms.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Gives glow/shine to hair

Hibiscus – 12-15 nos.

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Enhances growth of hair
  • Discourages split ends
  • Thickens hair
  • Prevents premature greying of hair

Real (original) rose petals – 1 big bowlful (These look exactly / similar to the reference picture. They are available in special floral markets, so don’t end up buying roses from a local florist and adding it’s petals as they will do no good)

  • Helps soothe and restore dry skin
  • Tones and tightens the scalp with their gentle astringent action
  • Is a natural cooling agent

Camphor – 1 small dibbi (especially sold for adding to oil)

  • Prevents dandruff quite effectively
  • Stops hair loss as well as improves hair quality and helps to get rid of brittle and weak hair
  • Able to slow down hair thinning and loss in those cases, when this condition is caused by prolonged and severe stresses and anxiety


  • Take all of coconut oil in a really big (heat-resistant) steel / aluminum / brass vessel.
  • Pour the oil masala packet in little amount of water for it to get mixed in the oil easily and pour this wet mixture into the coconut oil. This is done so that the powder gets easily mixed in the oil rather than forming lumps in it. For those who choose adding individual oil masala ingredients instead of the powdered masala, just add all that dry masala directly into the oil.
  • Grate all the amlas and add those to the coconut oil.
  • Take all the fresh green leaves (without stem), i.e. Brahmi, Curry Leaves, Henna, Neem and Tulsi, wash them, semi-dry them (by letting off water from them after washing) and add them to the coconut oil.
  • Add methi / fenugreek to the coconut oil.
  • Add hibiscus (without it’s stem) and rose petals into the coconut oil. No need to wash them.
  • The mixture created by following Step 1 – 6 needs to be covered with a lid and kept that way for around 3 days. At some regular intervals during these 3 days, we need to keep stirring the mixture with a big spoon so that the benefit of each ingredient gets infused properly in the oil. (Note: The vessel for the entire mixture should be big enough for the entire mixture to not be filled to the rim. There has to be sufficient space/level for the mixture to later rise when we keep it to boil on the 4th day)
  • On the 4th day, put this vessel with the mixture on gas and follow the below-mentioned pattern:
  1. First boil it on a fast flame till the oil starts rising on reaching its boiling point. We need to keep stirring and need to be careful that hot oil doesn’t rise completely and spill out of the vessel. When the oil starts rising, make the flame slow.
  2. We will see a distinct water layer on the oil. This water is because of amla added to the oil. The entire mixture needs to be boiled till this layer of water goes away and the time for this to happen can be anywhere around 2-3 hours. We do not need to keep standing for 2-3 hours while it’s boiling and can get back to other chores but at some regular intervals, we need to keep stirring and checking the mixture. Leave the big spoon in the mixture itself while it’s boiling on slow flame so that the mixture has less chances of rising and spilling out of the vessel.
  • After the water layer has gone off completely and all we are left with is the oil with the mixture in it, switch off the flame and allow the oil mixture to cool down completely. Needless to say, no need to cover the vessel with a lid.
  • Now take another big vessel and a big muslin cloth or an old cotton/malmal dupatta. The dupatta (cloth) acts as a sieve. Pour the oil mixture into the new vessel through the dupatta so that only filtered oil is collected into the new vessel. After the entire oil is poured out into the other vessel, we can gently press the dupatta with filtered components so that any oil absorbed by them also seeps out through the cloth into the vessel.
  • Now take the dupatta with the filtered components and tie it in the form of a ‘potli’ to a low railing or a table-support (depending on what’s available in your house) and place a small vessel below it to collect any remaining oil. I am sharing a reference image below to indicate what I mean. The image however should not be mistakened for the colour of oil or anything as it is only a reference image of how oil needs to be seeped off from the components in the dupatta. Give it a day to collect any amount of oil possibly seeping out of it. We can also gently press it whenever we want to enable the oil to seep out. Add the oil collected in the small vessel to the rest of the oil in the big vessel.

  • Now add camphor and almond oil to the oil in the big vessel and mix it using a spoon. The home-made oil rich with multiple benefits for your hair is now ready. It will be deep, dark green in colour and can appear close to blackish green in a bottle. It can be safely stocked for a year or more. Fill it up in container(/s).

Though the process may seem elaborate or tough, it isn’t that tough for those who are comfortable with basic cooking and there are very few chances for someone to go wrong as all ingredients are required to be added in approximate quantities. It may be a little time-consuming but apart from the first boiling step, it doesn’t require constant attention and so is easy to follow. Nevertheless, it is oil, so though the process isn’t super-scary, I request all to be cautious while it boils mainly for not allowing it to spill out of the vessel when it is boiling.

For those, who live in Mumbai, all the green leaves, amlas and flowers can be easily available from Dadar market. For other cities, I request and invite inputs for suggesting the places from your pretty-selves.

In case, you need inputs from my end in terms of alternate quantity or anything else, surely let me know and I’ll consult my mom and respond.

So, pretty women, try it out and bless yourself with beautiful, healthy hair.


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  1. says

    Hey I am from mumbai..can you tell me where can i get this oil masala powder in mumbai.It would be great if you can tell the brand name as well.

  2. Naveena says

    I am 20yrs old and m suffering from a lot of dandruff and hair fall and my hair are also greying, will this oil help me get back the thickness i used to have and at the same time stop greying my hair? Also can u tell me how many times a week should i apply this oil on my scalp?

    • Istar says

      Are you shampooing enough & are you following a good diet? You are too young to be having hair fall & greying hair. Am wondering if a doctor should be consulted.

  3. Sweta shah says

    Hi, I have mixed all the ingredients and kept it since Monday.But I’ve made the mistake of adding camphor and almond oil to it before boiling …is it ok if I boil it after adding both

    • synthia says


      I would like to know if you have prepared this oil.
      Did you find any sideffects?
      Can you tell me the effect on your hair with this oil?

  4. lalitha says

    hey hi.. m in Chennai.. wer can I get the herbs mam ??? what is the oil masala packet?? where can I get tat??
    pls temme

  5. says

    hy my name is samina i am from pakistan iam very inspierd abut ur hair ol racip hope so mai use kro tu mery hair b bht ache lamby ho jy plz tel me its realy benificial for hair growth plz rply me me e.malie adress plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz very soooooooooooooon i will b very thanks ful for ur attention Smile

  6. Beulah says

    Hello Friend….

    I am very inspired by this hair oil preparation and am gathering the required ingredients.. trying my best to get all the mentioned ingredients… Smile
    Will start the preparation today…..
    Wish me all the very best…………… Big Smile
    Looking forward for more tips… thank you once again for sharing this useful and nourishing tip Rose

    Beulah Smile

  7. Satvinder says

    Hi! I am interested to make this hair oil, but need to make it in 1/2 or 1 ltr, so please share the correct proportion for the ingredients for both 1/2 & 1 ltr


  8. rupa says

    hi ths roops.iam very impresive for ur oil. Thanks 2 ur mom and u.plz tel me that fresh brame leaves wr can i get.camphor,bahera,shatavari tel me the telugu names.plzzz…..

  9. Rina says

    Thank u so much for the recipe and wondering if you could tell me tha name of pack and wether it can be found on any online company or Ayurvedic shop.

  10. indu says

    Hellow every one ….dis is an awesum forum. Im going to try this oil but where can i get oil masala packet in Hyderabad pls update me ASAP………thank you

  11. Shiffali says

    This recipe of yours sounds promising. But can I use Fegaro olive oil instead of parachute coconut oil. I feel olive oil suits my hair. Pls suggest. I can’t wait to make it

  12. madhumithasubashree says

    Can I usethe this oil for for my 2yrs & 8yrs old daughters. ..will it help to improve their hair density. .coz they r having vry scattered hair. ..

    In both my family & my in laws side all r having good hair…
    Thanks rply asap..

  13. Rucha says

    You have given nice recipe of homemade hairoil. Please suggest me the quantity for 1 ltr. coconut oil as 3 lts is more quantity.

    Awaiting for your feedback per return.

  14. Diptee says

    Hi… Thanks so much for this hair oil recipe… I have thin hair with dandruff so for sure try this out… But can I use this oil for my 1 yr old son.??? His hair is greying , consulted pedriatician his all reports r normal… So suggest can I use for my son… I m from Mumbai….n where will I get these herbs in Dadar n masala oil packet… It would b of great help if u could email me all with address n brand name…. Plzzzzz help……..plzzzzzzzz..thanks Diptee..

  15. sandhya says

    if we use individual ingredients, we are no use masala packet so what should do! all ingredients grinding or not..please reply urgently…Thanks

  16. nidhi says

    i can already imagine long,gorgeous,shiny tresses thanks to this wonderful oil that you’ve just mentioned. However,i have some questions. Please answer them:- 1) Will there be any FOUL SMELL erupting from the oil mix once it starts boiling? 2)Won’t boiling the oil cause it lose it’s nutritive value(s)? 3)(MOST IMPORTANT)WON’T BOILING THE OIL FOR 2 HOURS CAUSE THE OIL TO CATCH FIRE? AFTER ALL,OIL IS HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE. 4)I PREFER BUYING SOLID FORMS OF THESE INGREDIENTS YOU’VE MENTIONED ABOVE RATHER THAN THE POWDERED FORMS,SO WILL IT BE FINE? 5)How long will be the preparation time(I’ll count the boiling stage as the ACTUAL beginning as prior to it no such efforts are required on my part)! 6)The amla fruit needs to be the fresh ones or the dried ones availabe in Ayurvedic shops? THANKS A LOT Smile I henceforth end my barrage of poser! keep writing Smile

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