Oriflame Products To Reduce Pimples & Acne Marks

Aysha asks,

Hello everyone…

I am new here…from all your posts and comments on Oriflame I  found the oriflame products would be really gud…even I want to try some..so I am really in need of your  suggestions…Could you  pls some suggest me some products which wil help to reduce my pimples and marks from ma face..as I will be getting married in two months I want to get rid of all d marks on ma face…hope u wil definitely help me …


Products to reduce pimples and acne marks

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  1. u try oriflame tea tree blemish solver, tea tree and rosemary purifying oil n d tea tree purifuying face wash &toner gel(only if u r dry skin, if u r oily skin stay away frm d gel) n u wont c result in a day..u need to religiously use for a month or so to c d difference..hope dis helps Big Smile

  2. try using oriflame optimals white cleanser and toner it’s damn good and for pack u can try oriflame oxygen boost face mask it’s also very effective

  3. i dont have a clue abt oriflame pdts but the true pore-fection range from avon is said to be really good,, have heard a lot of good reviews abt those..

  4. first of all loads of congratulations for the big day. Tap Dance secondly thanks for asking this question as i have the same problem so the replies will help me too Smile

  5. Congratulations!

    I’d suggest you use the Garnier one…my sister did and it totally helped her!!!

  6. oriflame milk and honey soap is good for sensitive skin it gve good result for me

  7. ayushi jain says:

    how can i make my skin glowing and free from spots of acne and pimples and under eye black circles

  8. hi…manvi here…pls suggest an effective product of oriflame or any other for my sudden arising fatty pimples… Cry

  9. For acni on oily face The Oriflame Products like Tee Tree whole kit is very useful.

  10. what product should i use as i m having very oily skin???

  11. Oriflame burdock clay mask is very good fr pimples

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