Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick Summer Sunset Review & Swatches

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People.. time for another review from my end on Maybelline’s Colorsensational lipstick – Summer Sunset shade.

I am big fan of Maybelline products… and this one too is on my hit list…

I am reviewing the shade# 615 today.. which is also called the Summer Sunset… ooo.. wat a name!

Maybelline sunset lipstick reviews+Maybelline colorsensation lipstick


IT comes in a simple yet classy pack. The base is silver and the cover is transparent red. I love the packaging which adds to the glamour of the lipstick.

 The cap lock is pretty sturdy. I almost carry this daily in my clutch and no mess at all. Smile

Price:INR 299 for 4.2 g

The way I see this lipstick:

I love lipsticks in pink or plum shades.. so that I can wear them daily to office or for shopping or many other outings.

This one is a nice pink a little on the darker side.. but when applied gives a nice pink tone to the lips.

Maybelline colorsensational sunset lipstick review+color sensation lipstick sunset

The pigmentation is pretty good that one swipe can give the lips a light, cute pink hue. For a warmer shade one can swipe it once more  and yo.. you are all set to rock the world with your pink smile Smile

So let’s get colorsensational!! Grin

This lipstick is dearer to me as hubby dearest picked this shade and gifted!

The swatches might help you in getting a better idea of the shade.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick  Summer Sunset swatches


  • Availability: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Will I repurchase: Of course! But not sure if I will pick this shade or try a new one.

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  1. i too like this range…although i always wonder y they dont bother printing the brand name on the tube…if someone is not aware of this range in maybelline then they wont even kno where t hunt for it…

  2. lovely shade…………………….. In Love

  3. Color sensational range is really awewsome..whether gloss or lipstick Smile

  4. no problem i’ll buy both Laugh Laugh

  5. hhahhaha i think both have their own charm AniSmile

  6. I love the colorsensational range except for the staying power.. bought loads of these when they were on sale.. and also he glosses Grin

  7. I have only My Mahogany from this range and I am all head and toe for the color Razz Hypnotized

  8. I love these lipsticks especially Crazy for Coffee n the very famous My Mahogany..I am ok with the staying power cant expect everything at this price…Nice review Revathy..My god ur hubby picked this color for u Shock My hubby is so color blind that to him pink and mauve lippies luk the same!!!! :wallbash: . The day my husband chooses a color for me n gifts me I will die n go to heaven

    • Parul if he do that then u r suppose to live more than going to heaven Grin

    • haha! my hubs doesnt mind choosing for me…but he alwas choosed pale pinks and sorta bare colors…his explanation is that ‘it shudnt look like ur wearing makeup, u r beautiful the way u r…’ after hearing this i never kno whether to be happy or angry… Smile

  9. Lovely shade Revathy Grin Grin

  10. nice shade Revathy…show us on ur lips too Smile i wish to have a hubby who knows the diff between a lipstick & a lipgloss Beat Up Beat Up Beat Up Beat Up

  11. Ohh.. I agree with u Ana…I dont care if he cant differentiate between colors or a lipgloss n lipstick if he lets me buy makeup all the time Razz

  12. it seems to be a pretty pinky nude shade… Smile lip swatch please Smile

  13. yay!!! i hv this shade n luv it. Tap Dance

  14. i love my mahogany from this range…

  15. I find the moisture extreme lippies more suited on my drrrrrry lips color sensational is a bit drying .

  16. lolz… i want Santa to make my hubby go money-blind this yr… Smile and hey i missed abt the staying power in the review… it requires re-application.. once u eat or drink something.. rush to re-apply Lipstick
    and people.. its been a yr since he bought this for me.. anytime i get to buy something.. he says woh wala hai na.. Grinuh: but he hates red on the lips… :nono: and i love them… Broken Heart

  17. Revs, i guess all men hate red on thier partner !! sad na these men are

  18. nope, they just get possessive incase if other men look at us..u know… lol Grin but from inside they just love it, i bet..

  19. true gals…. he says why do u want to roam around like a santa wenever i wear red on my lips.. Grin i m a pink gal in toto…. almost all my lipsticks are a pink shade or plum one.. Smile

  20. In Love its a pretty shade

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