Inglot Body Sparkles Silver 66 Review, Swatches & Eye Makeup Tutorial

Inglot Body Sparkles Silver 66 

Few months back I was a eye makeup addict who loved using matte and shimmery eyeshadows but since the time I have bought Inglot shimmer and sparkles I have started loving shimmery makeup and sparkles.

Alight! I am not going to start with how I got this as I have been going ga ga  over my Jackpot Inglot purchase since ages now Grin .

  • Price – INR 870 (I got it at 30% discount Razz ..alright ! I started again with my jackpot deal but its not my fault I had to tell you about its price na  )

Inglot Body Sparkles Silver 66 reviews and swatches+shimmer Inglot sparkles

It’s was difficult to choose Inglot  Body Sparkles but at last I settled down with silver shade no #66 as chances of going wrong with this shade looked bleak .There are n number of shades when it comes to body sparkles or infact anything in Inglot.Be it blush, lipstick or eyeliners they do give a lot of choices to its customers. Smile

  • Packaging – Product comes in a round transparent pot packaging with a black lid over it.

Body sparkle 66 reviews and swatches+Body sparkles Inglot +Inglot shimmer body sparkle

There are few reason which makes people stay away from sparkles and below are the reason why I think Inglot body sparkles are a great buy:-

  • Glitter is very smooth and not chunky therefore chances of going overboard with them are less.
  • You can top it over on any eyeshadow.
  •  It is not difficult to manage the glitter unlike other brands shimmer.
  • It’s a multipurpose product and one can use it on their eyes, body or nails. Although , I will never have the heart to use it on my nails, as I find it expensive and too adorable for that.
  • A small pot will last for years and it’s easy to carry it around albeit I think its breakable.
  • Glitter is very very fine – almost like a fine  dust.
  • I love using it on cream eyeshadows or on fluidline.It gives a pretty shimmery effect .
  • It’s easy to use it .I just dab  some of the sparkle with my finger or press it over with any  eyeshadow brush to get that beautiful sparkling look.

And this is how it looks like inside.

Body sparkle 64 eye sparkle+Inglot body sparkle reviews+Inglot product reviews+Inglot India

Swatches – It’s a warm fine silver glitter.

Inglot Body Sparkles Silver 66 swatches+Body sparkles Silver +Silver shimmer Inglot swatches

 I did this eye makeup today and dabbed the sparkle very very lightly .

eye makeup tutorial inglot body sparkles 64+Inglot shimmer eye makeup+Eye makeup

 Steps of the eye makeup tutorial(I have number the pictures below in accordance with the step)

  • Step 1 – Clean , Moisturise and primed my eyes with Urban decay primer.
  • Step 2 – Starting from the crease applied a brown eyeshadow (MAC Espresso eyeshadow) from the outer corner till  the middle of the crease.

sparkle eye makeup tutorial+Inglot eye makeup+silver eye makeup tutorial

  • Step 4 –  On my eyelid I applied MAC Deep truth.Love using the sparkle on blues and black.
  • Step 5&6 - From the crease till the brow bone I applied the highlighter of colorbar shimmer cubes.You can use any highlighter of your choice.
  • Step 8 – Curled my lashes and filler brows with Sleek brow kit . Filled lower waterline with a black eyeliner(MAC Smolder)
  • Step 9 – Finished with lots of mascara Smile
We are done Smile
Inglot Body sparkles are great to have but do check the swatches before buying one..Smile
I have also used this sparkle in a quick eye makeup tutorial here
Wise She Rating – 4/5 (I wish they could give us a applicator with it Grin)
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5
  • Availability - 3.4/5(Only online and two Indian stores  based in Delhi and Mumbai)
  • Quality – 5/5
  • Staying Power – 5/5
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  1. nice one………………….. so dazzling Grin Grin

  2. Kiss fabulous! and A there is an inglot store in chennai too!

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  5. thank god you show makeup dud’s like me how to use things like this Lipstick

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  8. Love the tutorial link you have sent me . . . I might get myself an blue liner and shadow . . . Its so beautiful and simple

  9. ok i sent u a mail on ur anamika@wise she walla add, hope u like it *puppy eyes* Nerd

  10. hailaa ur so sweet

  11. M pakka buying this eye liner brush.. Really Pissed Yes

  12. haan! u will love it..applying eyeliner has never been this easy..only thing is it needs to be washed and cleaned regularly other wise eyeliner gets stuck to it and solidifies Frown

  13. andaaz apna apna!
    and dont forget jhaakazz
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  14. gorgeous lady and awesome blending!!!! loved the sparkles too Smile

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    Ana its sucha pretty color sparkle <3 <3 Wink Wink

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    can u do ur foundation routine? plzzzzz Fingers Crossed

  24. Fabulous Kiss

  25. Ooh! Glitter is such a feel-good thingy na. Adds so much glam to any look. It’s like a rainbow has fallen over ur eyes ana Rainbow N am still in love wid ur winged eyeliner Big Smile

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