Mary Kay Botanical Customized Skin Care Formula 3 for Oily Skin Review

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Mary Kay Botanical Formula 3 Moisturiser(Oily Skin)


Mary Kay Botanical Formula 3 Moisturiser(Oily Skin) reviews+Mary kay botanical moisturiser


This review is about one of the Best sellers in Mary Kay Skin care products range it is the Mary Kay Botanical 3-in-1 Moisturiser for Oily Skin. This range has 3-in-1 cleanser, Moisturizer and Mask for all skin types.

Mary Kay Botanical range has products according to Skin type..

Formula 1 – Dry Skin

Formula 2 – Normal Skin

Formula 3 – Oily Skin

About the Product (from MaryKay Website):

Each moisturizer provides the perfect level of hydration for your skin type to leave your complexion feeling soft and supple, never greasy. Witch hazel is added to all Formula 3 products to help clarify the skin. When used in skin care products, witch hazel has been shown to act as a mild astringent, helping control oil production so less oil is found on the skin’s surface.

What does company says about the Botanical range products:

mary kay product reviews+Mary kay products ingredients


  • Quantity : 113ml(Check)
  • Usage: – Use the Cleanser in morning and evening followed by Moisturizer and mask twice a week.


My take on Mary Kay Moisturiser 

I cleanse my face with 3 in 1 Botanical cleanser followed by Moisturiser. This moisturizer is water based and get absorbed easily into the skin and does not gives a greasy feeling. The Botanical 3 in 1 formula 3 products has Hazel nut which controls oil production so less oil is found on the skin’s surface. My skin feels hydrated and soft.


Mary Kay Botanical Formula 3 Moisturiser reviews+Mary kay product reviews+Moisturiser reviews


Pros: Mary Kay Botanical Formula 3 Moisturiser(Oily Skin)

  •   Controls Oil production in skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Clinically tested for skin irritability  and allergy
  • Oil free
  •  Non-Comedogenic
  •  Mary Kay products are not tested on animals.


Mary Kay Botanical Formula 3 Moisturiser(Oily Skin)




Cons :Mary Kay Botanical Formula 3 Moisturiser(Oily Skin)

  •  Available only through agents

Apart from this I am not able to find any other Cons for this product.

Price  –  Rs 600

I would recommend this product to all with Oily and combination skin(normal to oily) as this products helps to keep the oil at the bay.

Rating : 4.8/5

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  1. HattieTottie says

    I am 28 years old but I do not have wrinkles (the last time I checked that is!) I have combination skin, oily on the tzones, dry cheeks. I chose Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum because of the good reviews I saw from different online sites. They say it is easier to prevent wrinkles than actually curing them when you get it. I wash my face first before putting the serum.

    I have used the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum for almost two weeks and I have not experienced any rashes, breakouts or red spots. I have no complaints at all. I would use their Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer also but I think I have to finish up my Oil of Olay stash first. I will definitely use more Made from Earth products.

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