Kaya Daily Moisturising Sunscreen Review

Kaya Daily Moisturising Sunscreen Review 

In a word, I am simply in love with this sunscreen from Kaya. I have used quite a few others and this is by far one of the best (except Clinique) sunscreen that I have used. Comes in a convenient pump bottle and is easy to carry while you are travelling. The sunscreen gives an instant smooth feeling to my skin- that looks dewy and well hydrated and not oily and shiny. As with all sunscreens, you will need to apply it at least 20-30 minutes prior to going out.


Kaya daily  moistursing sunscreen reviews+daily moisturizing sunscreen Kaya reviews


  • Price: Daily Moisturising Sunscreen Sun Defence SPF 50- Rs. 850

Daily Use Sunscreen Daily Care SPF 15- Rs. 680

  • Where to Buy Kaya Sunscreen Products : Any Kaya outlet, online or you can also pick it up from any department store
  • Active Ingredients:


Kaya sunscreen reviews+Kaya daily moisturizing sunscreen ingredients


How I find Kaya Daily Moisturising Sunscreen


  • Texture: Non-sticky, non-oily moisturizer that will glide on your skin. It will surely give your skin a soft dewy look. You can use it as a base for your make up and put your regular foundation on top of it or simply dust on some powder and let it set and you are done. By the way, it is white in color.
  • Fragrance: I love it! Soft and fresh, I think the fragrance will make the product feel like a million dollar- really good!


Kaya sunscreen daily moisturising reviews+kaya sunscreen reviews+Kaya product  reviews



  • What it Promises: The Kaya daily moisturising sunscreen promises to give you complete protection against the harmful rays of the sun- both UVA and UVB. The triple sunscreen system will help prevent tanning and is non-comedogenic. Great for regular use, you will keep sun damage at bay with it.

My Experience with Kaya Daily Moisturising Sunscreen 


So far so good. Yes, it glides on your skin- not oily and greasy- else you cannot use it in a hot and humid country like India. Instantly gives a soft dewy smooth look- I love it! As recommended, I apply the product on my clean skin 20-30 minutes before going out and dust in some powder to fix it. It really offers good sun protection, but you may need to reapply it in case you are staying in the sun for long hours. I have both the SPF 15 and SPF 50, though I was advised by the dermatologist at Kaya to use the SPF 15 on my face and SPF 50 on my hands and other exposed part of my body.

Recommendation: Yes, I would definitely recommend the product. This is really one of my good buys.

Cons: none, till now


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  1. Yes Yes Yes

  2. this price is not bad when it comes to Kaya… Dance Left Right Dance Left Right

  3. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

  4. Sounds gud! ill try t pick this up once my neutrogena is over… Bidisha, do u think this wud be ok during summers when skin is prone t getting oily?

  5. I dont think I will ever ditch my neutrogena (loyalty Wink but I have been curious about Kaya for a while, so now after a good review I will give it a try. Thanks.

  6. I am in love with lotus when it comes to sunscreens..this sounds tempting though..

  7. I am in love with lotus when it comes to sunscreens..this sounds tempting though.. Nice review..Smile

  8. Hey zara..can you please suggest from where can i get fabindia rose and patchouli travel kit online? I saw review of this lovely kit while going through the archives..its not available in urbantouch, healthkart and violetbag ;-(

    • Hey vandana, have u tried visiting their store? i saw it there last weekend….if u dont have a store in ur city, try ebay…FabIndia has their exclusive store on ebay as well and u can try there…incase they dont have it, u can even mail them and ask them to get t for u..they wud definitely do that..

  9. i cnt live widout sunscreen Neutral till the time i get a job i’m happy with lotus 3-in-1 sunblock ROTFL i will consider buying xpensive products after i get job Cool

  10. i hv used this around 3-4 yrs back.. the total kaya set….. but i liked their cleanser most than this sunscreen.. i felt it made my skin look greasy…. good to know that it suits u Bidisha Smile

  11. Thankyou so much zara..We dont have fabindia store in our chhotu town…will try ebay..

  12. Sounds like a perfect sunscreen , i use the nutrogena dry touch one but in winters it feels very dry on the skin

  13. O good! I am currently using SUN BAN ..its a good sunscreen too… doctor’s recommendation!
    One of my friend swear by Kaya’s sunscreen .. I will definitely try this now Grin Tap Dance

  14. My sis used this. It was okay types. But I love the packaging the of kaya products.

  15. Tried healthkart ana..not available..not there on ebay..;-(

  16. M looking for rose and patchouli travelling kit..i saw it in the archives..i guess its review by vaishali..m not sure..

    • yup by vaishali..i saw that on fab india ite itself just check out there also u can contact stylecraze.com ..chetana can arrange it for u .

  17. Zara you saw it last weekend na? If i remember well, you stay in pune na? Where did you see it? I have my cousin staying in pune..i will ask her to pick it up..

  18. Oh yes..how can i forget chetna..i always order from there..infact tomoro m supposed to get my products from there..thanks a ton ana..you r a sweetheart..Kiss

  19. Oh god..this kit has vanished from all possible websites..even stylecraze people couldnot arrange it..now pune is my only hope..

  20. This seems to be a product worth trying.. Great post Smile

  21. I also tried their sunscreen and loved it! thanks for the tip–I was advised by the dermatologist at Kaya to use the SPF 15 on my face and SPF 50 on my hands and other exposed part of my body.
    Will try this too! Thanks for reminding me about Kaya sunscreen, so many brands that I get lost!

  22. I heard about this one a lot…but waiting for my current one from Living Proof to finish will get this next.

  23. I have a query. I use Vaseline Body lotion on my hands and legs. So, should I apply the sunscreen on top of that or simply use ONLY the sunscreen? Pls advise, as I am really confused.

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