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Illamasqua Queen Of The Night Pigment 

A few months back when Illamasqua had launched itsfreak perfumethey had also introduced queen of the night pigment which I have used many times but some how skipped posting it here.

As I am running in shimmer and pigment phase today, I thought of reviewing it today.Although it is a limited edition but I think it is still available on Illamasqua site right now.

These pigment can be used on eyes, face, lips and on nails too.Pure pigments are great way to unleash or unlok your creativity.I consider it my pleasure to have it in my kitty.


Illamasqua queen of the night pure pigment reviews +Queen of the night pigment Illamasqua +Illamasqua pigment


Price - £15.50 for 1.3gm  and is described as a “blackened plum shimmer.


Illamasqua Queen of the Night Pure Pigment Review+illamasqua queen of the night


Pigment comes wrapped in a plastic square container which has a similar size transparent cover on it.They have made a small round whole in the pigment which can be sealed with a cellotape provided by them.I find it better than any other pigment packaging .


Illamasqua Queen of the Night Pure Pigment Reviews+Illamasqua reviews

Swatches Of Illamasqua Queen Of The Night

It’s a soft plum brown shade with fine shimmer in it.Shade is quite intense especially when one uses it wet.Definitely not a shade which is easily available.


Illamasqua Queen of the Night Pure Pigment swatches


I used it on my lower lashline today .To make it stay longer I used Inglot duraline and it worked fab that way.


Illamasqua Queen of the Night Pure Pigment eotd+eye makeup with night pure pigment


One thing which I didn’t like about the pigment is that it is not that easy to blend it and comes out little patchy.Best way is to use it wet as it comes out really beautiful.I will show you that in one of the upcoming eye makeup looks Smile


Queen of the night eotd+ Illamasqua pure pigments +EOTD pure pigments



Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

  • Pigmentation – 5/5
  • Blending -3/5
  • Availability -3/5 (Available only on Illamasqua website)
  • Price Vs Quality -3.5/5


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  1. Wow!!! this luks sooooo sexy!!! the pigment ka color just brings out a diff dimension in ur look! Gorgeous…

  2. Wow!!Smile

  3. In Love In Love justt gorgeouss..lovee itttttttttt Beauty In Love

  4. Wowwwwww! that shimmery blue rocks……And the plum shimmer is just killing it ..Ana! Kiss Yippee Yes
    Your eyes reminds me that of “Rekha’s eyes” … I hope you know who i am talkin about? the actress Rekha.. Lipstick

  5. Take it..Ana! U deserve it Kiss Beauty Hug n Makeup Rose

  6. Yippee Yippee Yippee Yippee Yippee
    i still cant digest it GrinGrin

  7. woww!! such a pretty colour…whats the one all over your lid??

  8. Oops Keerthi Razz

  9. ana my comments are invisible ..Frown

  10. aarrrre the packaging of this pigment is tooo cute!

    u have such a flair with colours anamika Grin

  11. this is stunning color ana … loved the EOTD with this … Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss
    the pairing of e/s are beautiful Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup

  12. Your eyes are so beautiful..wow..and this pigment is awesome..Kiss even i am in shimmer land now a days..

  13. Oh my god!!! THIS is just beautiful…I loved this pigment, the color, the shimmer everything and most of all the eotd which is just fab..hw do you guys do it yaar??? am in awe..no wonder everyone is going ga ga over your eyes..

    • Hi Parul,

      i think with bits of practice it is certainly not difficult..Smile and shimmer is just too too pretty for sure.I am sad that it took me months to show it off Frown

  14. oh…thats a pretty pigment Smile

  15. the color looks a bit similar to that revlon plum eyeshadow na..minus the shimmer of course Smile i truly am becoming fan of your eye makeups! loving it!

  16. This is lovely Ana…you should do more looks with it Smile

  17. looks super!! I lov ur eotd!! Fab. Me m scared to use pigment..most likely to fall all over me ROTFL

  18. Ana ,where can v find illamasqua n sleek makeup in india ?? Question

  19. Am so scared of pigments but this looks so tempting!

  20. In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love when will i learn Shame Shame Shame

  21. Its sooooooooooooooo awesome Ana. U have paired up the colors soo well and the color is mind blowing.. AM IN LOVE!!! In Love In Love In Love In Love

  22. omg Ana do u knw ny dupesssssssss of this gorgeoussssssssssssssssssss shadeeee ??? Yippee
    ur eyeeeeeessss In Love

  23. u look so pretty with eyemakeup.. u surely made it intrsting… i would have never thought of using it this way Hug n Makeup

  24. Woweee Ana…. what a gorgeous shade.. and I absolutely louwe the color play on your eyes!!! You are super creative babe
    You are so tempting me to try out pigments Smile Smile
    Love the way your eyes are all bright and lit up…. love love love

  25. Hey Ana…. God this is so preettyyyyyy …. how have you been???

  26. looks gorgeous..and I loved the eye look Big Smile

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