Best Tan Removing Cream/Product – Suggestions

Shabana asks,

Please  suggest me a product to remove tan from my  hands and  feet and also to prevent it from further tanning..


best tan removing product suggestions


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  1. You can try Nature’s Lacto tan removal face pack.. Worked for me!!

  2. Natures Essence Lacto Tan Clear , Lotus Tan Remover facepack…Curd is good for hands and feet..
    Use a sunscreen to prevent further tanning…

  3. For removing tan use tomato ( desi wala will b best)… rub it on affected area , keep it about 20-30 min. and then wash. Star Star
    Curd is also very effective…..!!
    And for prevention invest in some good sun block …. I am using- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ and really liked it. FYI i have combination skin which gets little oilier during summer.
    and most effective way is to cover your face with cotton scarf.. cause whatever you apply (sunscreen etc ) it will never shield you completely . I always cover my face , hairs or whatever part is open … Angel Angel Angel .!!

  4. Natures essence Lacto tan pack..its amazing and works wonders!

  5. The natures essence contains bleach..if u r ok with that then its good..or try vlcc anti-tan pack..its also effective

  6. I woudl suggest using a combination of Clinique Turnaround Body Smoothening cream and Solar Smart SPF 50 body sunscreen..

  7. hi try vlcc anti-tan pack or nature’s lacto one…both are equally effective Smile

  8. start with exfoliating using some besan (chickpea flour) and buttermilk mix. wash off with warm water.
    mix some turmeric, curd and lemon (all are natural bleaching agents) and apply on freshly exfoliated skin. leave on for 15 -20 mins. Wash. Give this a few days, in 3-4 uses the effects should show.

    u can also use chemical bleach on hands and feet if your tan is super strong.

  9. where is the lacto tan pack available?

  10. I also wanna know which site Natures Essence is available coz we dont have it available in kolkata

  11. @Indrani

    Hey Smile

    NE lacto tan is available on indiatimes. com

  12. Thanx Heena

  13. Natures essence Lanto tan – its amazing Smile

  14. shivangini says:

    rubbing tomato really worked nice for me!!!!

  15. diganshu says:

    can i try 2,3 remedies at a tym does it effective or any harm to skin.

  16. Give me how to become fair in 20days?Dance Left Right

  17. i want best tan removing cream which can i apply Rock n Roll

  18. will natures saop work for removing tan????

  19. I wanna know which is the best tan removing cream Big Frown and which is the best sunscreen that I cn use for my sensitive skin plzZZZZZ PLZZZZ Rose Smile i want my tan ness 2 go away faster and get bk my fairer skin Yippee and yes i ave tried lacto tan but the effect is slow

  20. I wanna knoW which is the best sunscreen and tan removal that i cn use and get my fairnes back

  21. wats the good sunscreen that u use??? Wink

  22. Tap Dance tomatoes are best.soak almonds over night, make dem a pste n apply on effected area.

  23. jasmmine says:

    tel me best cream or other product to remove tan in a 3weaks plez

  24. Hi,

    Instead of creams which have harsh chemicals, you can go for papaya face pack daily, buy a fresh papaya, remove skin and seeds, mash it and apply all over face and neck, you can see results in just a week. You can also try face pack, mix multani mitti, rose water and honey apply it over face and neck, leave it for 20 mins and wash off, even this is effective.

  25. anshuman says:

    Hey i recently got my skin tanned n i love my white skin now my skin is apperaing dark n dull black please help me out i m a guy ao please tell me an easy way to remove my tan quickly

  26. Hlllooo… how i removed tanning … plz tell me ..because i do work in sun and my neck and hand looking too bad .plz cream i use for removdled tanninf

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