Illamasqua Nomad Nail Varnish & Shoe Nail Art

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I am in my best of lethargic mode. At this point of time I take some half an hour to even eat one carrot. Will keep eating it inch by inch and try to make the least effort possible Grin

Then there is this desire of taking a dip into the swimming pool arise when my eyes see’s this particular  minty /aqua green shade which Illamasqua describes as a bright glossy finish shade.

  • Price – $14(You can buy it from here)

Illamasqua nail varnish nomad mint green review+aqua green nail paint

Texture of the nail polish is not too thick or thin and comes out opaque with in second coat and sometime in one coat. It gives that subtle glossy finish which makes the shade look absolutely wonderful.

Nail paint nail varnish nomad brush+nail art brush

There is just a bit of glossiness to this shade and I loved the shade so much. Shade doesn’t chip for 3-4 days but for that a top coat is necessary.

Illamasqua nomad nail paint nail varnish+green nail paint

Then I tried shoe nail art on it. It looks much better in real than in picture I don’t know why Frown .Now I am thinking of a similar colour specks case , bag and foot wear .

shoe nail art illamasua nail varnish nomad+Illamasqua nail art nomad


If you are looking for some cheaper and beautiful options in green then check out Faces Nail Polish Jade 302 and Tips and Toes 31 Grass


Happy Sunday everyone!!!!!!!!!1


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Product sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my review 

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  1. Shoes look soo cute Anu…i too want sneakers in that shame to shame shade

  2. this is soooooo cute!!! m gona do this next for sure!!!

    and btw this makes me want a pair of sneakers of this shade only!

  3. christina says:

    hey wow sneakers……nice one Anamika!!! Lovely green colour

  4. prettyyyyy! Rock n Roll

  5. beautiful…. Big Smile

  6. Hi Anamika, thanks for your remedies which i have gone through…..
    really very helpful tips. i’m having sunspots on my cheek & nose, past 5 years struggling with this. i had tried many medicines and remedies.. but nothing useful. as of your tips i’m planing to use Vitamin E Oil.

    and I want to know 1 more question my lips always dry. is there any good remedy for this? because 1 day i attended 1 interview with project manager, he asked me “WILL YOU SMOKE?” i don’t know reason my lips are always black and dry.

    Thanks very much for your remedies…. Smile

  7. this is really cute ana … me too want same same shoes … but wonder if i would be able to wear but wantttt it so badlyyy Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll Rock n Roll

  8. its a gorgeous color and loved the cute!

  9. Loved the nail art Anamika-ji Angel Yes ..The shade is gorgeous! Chic Chic Chic …Sent you an Email Reply…Please check Tap Dance Tap Dance Tap Dance Tap Dance

  10. Those shoes are cho cute! N such a lovely shade…makes ur nails look very perky n refreshed Big Smile

  11. loving the nail artSmile i think mint is the it color of this season!

  12. i love this green!!! i have used an exact green shade from Revlon, ages ago, when I was in the 5th grade..i remember it coz I never got green after that and that time there was no one else in skool wearing greennail paint..later they got the no nail paint rule! Frown probably, I was responsible Silly

  13. chikki nail art Giggle Rock n Roll

  14. me likes this green Grin Grin

  15. nice shade.

  16. this issss sooooooooo gorgeous anu….love lust Kiss Yippee ROTFL Yes

  17. sucha beautiful shade Heart n tht shoes are choo cute Cute Cute u r one damn creative person ana Kiss i need dis color in my stash but Illamasqua toh bohot dur hai will check d faces one Grin Grin

  18. the color is so prettyyy and ur shoes too Razz

  19. loved dis one…is dere a dupe of dis in cheaper version? Jump

  20. pretty shade…

  21. Shivangi says:

    Faces check karna padega jaldi se!!!!!!!!!!

  22. This is such a fresh summery shade Ana! Grin Loved the shoes too Worship

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