NYX Rouge Cream Blush 07 Red Cheeks Review, Swatches & FOTD

Cream Blush – NYX 07 Red Cheeks :-

Me – Mirror mirror on the wall, Can I have natural looking red cheeks for all

Mirror – Not unless you are using a cream blush Razz

My deepest desire of having natural looking red cheeks is not fulfilled by the mirror but atleast their is NYX Cosmetics NYX Rouge cream blush 07 Red which makes my cheeks look naturally rosy pink.

NYX Red cheeks blush reviews+nyx blush red cheeks+nyx cosmetics cream blush

About NYX Cream Blush – Red Cheeks:-

More delicious than peaches and cream? We like to think so. Our velvety smooth mineral Rouge Cream Blush offers a sheer wash of radiant color. The glorious payoff is dewy, sultry and long-lasting. Available in cream blush 12 shades.

  •  Price: 650 INR / $6.50 (equal to 290INR)
  • Quantity: 3.5g

Ingredients of NYX Cream blush:-

nyx cream blush re cheeks+nyx cosmetics cream blushes

How I use NYX Cream Blush 07 Red cheeks:-

One needs just a tiny dab of this cream blush otherwise chances of ending up looking like a clown is quite high.One just has to touch the blush with your finger or q-tip and apply it on your cheeks like the way we usually do.It’s really creamy , soft and smooth and requires a bit of blending.

What you can see in the below pictures is more than enough to get the natural rosy flush.

NYX Cream blush red cheeks swatches+red cheeks swatches+nyx cosmetics

If you hate putting finger into cream blush then MAC 188 small duo fiber blush will be the best investement for the cream blushes.Nothing blends cream blushes better than this one.

Staying Power – This blush stays  for six seven hours and afterwards it starts fading and I love how it makes me look so healthy and fresh.As I said that one needs just a dab of it therefore this blush might last for eons but sadly there is something called expiry date especially with cream blushes.

nyx cosmetic blush red cheeks+cream blushes+best cream blushes nyx cosmetics

Swatches  Of NYX Rouge Cream Blush 07 :-

It’s a blue tone fuchsia red shade and will go well with most skin tone.Those who like natural look are going to love it the most.

NYX Cream blush red cheeks swatches +red cheeks cream blush nyx cosmetics

Some pointers about NYX Rouge Cream Blush 07 Red Cheeks:-

  • This cream blush never broke me out.If you have oily skin then you can skip foundation and use compact and then try it out albeit its best suited for dry skin.
  • Reasonable priced and will last till expire.
  • When you are blending it make sure you quick up the process otherwise it might leave you with some noticeable stains.
  • It’s a MAC Frankly scarlet blush in its creamy form.
  • Travel friendly but sadly it doesn’t come with an inbuilt mirror.

This is how it looks on me..Remember ..Blend blend blend!

NYX Red cheeks cream blush  on my face+natural red cheeks nyx

Recommendations – If you are fond of cream blushes then you shouln’t miss this  Smile

Wise She Rating – 4.5/5

  • Pigmentation – 5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5
  • Availability – 3/5(Mostly online)
  • Staying Power – 4.5/5

Have you tried NYX Rouge Cream Blush 07 Red Cheeks?

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  1. Shivangi says

    It looks great on u Ana but quite scary in the pan, I wouldnt have bought it buy seeing the pan, bt its such a gorg shade!

  2. Sophia says

    Gorgeous gorgeous cheeks Kissing im thinking of getting this since I already like frankly scarlet….but in winter maybe-my skin is an oil factory in summer Cry

  3. says

    ooh! this is so gorgeous..i dint think it wud luk this pretty actually…and m on d hunt of a nice reddish blush….this fits the bill perfecty!

  4. says

    it is looking beautifulllll on you ana … now i get you were waiting for this to use na ?? … stunning color in pan and amazing on cheeks Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup

  5. Nafisa says

    Never thought the color in the pan would translate into such a beautiful natural shade….loving it on u Ana Yes

  6. says

    wow this seems beautiful.. i have always wanted this color but i have chidhood traumatic memories of my sister painting my cheeks red with lipstick Grin i fear i’ll do that to myself again!!! Neutral

      • vishu says

        tht sounds better.. Red dress, red cheeks and red lips, i am imagining myself in that costume and its hilarious.. ROTFL

        • says

          Hahaha =D But subtle reds will surely do the trick! White is awesome as well! You’ll look like one of those Angels ! Angel Angel
          You shud do an outfit post with this blush Smile It looks adorable!

          • vishu says

            me good Ana…
            I bought the the latest maybelline launches, liners and lipstick.. got the coral lusture shade.. and i am in love with its shade.. Chic
            i wanted to buy the dream matte powder, as my face getting very oily these days, but i thought 400+ is nt justifiable for that product.. wat u thnk?
            Nw i thnk i will get bourjois flower one, which is 600 or so, bt i think its worth it.. have u tried it ?

                • vishu says

                  have to go for cloth shopping ( actually hunting ) , for my frnds marriage.. I got a saree, nw needs matching blouse and all those stuffs… I love to go shopping, bt this sun will make me tired in an hour… wats ur plan for weekends? Wink

                    • vishu says

                      a simple green net saree with dull gold print..
                      I am tired of seeing designer sarees with heavy work and chamku golden color .. So i opted a simple one.. Nw i hav to hunt for dull gold jewellery , which is nt easily available here.. ( i am shocked to knw that ) …
                      Wat kind of sarees do u prefer Ana?

                    • anamika says

                      i like designer sari ..but i rarely wear them..also, i like to pick saris of different shade.

            • anamika says

              yeyeyey! u got corallustre ..its beautiful naa..400 ..yup! its expensive but i havn’t tried Bourjois flower compact.i might soon as i am running out of one .

            • says

              that bourjois flower one is not 600..its around 1200………..i do not like the sponge applicator in that…in love with healthy mix


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