Wise She Pune Blogger Meet & Our Haul!

WiseShe has been a boon for me from Day 1…Not only did I meet A and get to do 2 things I love best: Makeup and writing, but I also got alotta great pals…Tups, MOKP, Upsi, Deeps, Ric, Jyo, PT, Mish, Mits, Kejal, Nirah, Emm and so many more I can’t even count! It’s been a blessing for me…

As you all may have read here, I got to meet Kejal and Jyo on my last trip tp Mumbai…And Boy was it fun!!! This last weekend, I met 2 gorgeous ladies from Pune itself.. Shivangi and Parul (from aboutlipsticksandblushes)!!! Amazing right??

wisheshe blogger meet

We wanted to go ‘MACing’ (yep, that’s our term for MAC shopping now) and so decided to meet at Park Plaza at Koregaon Park. MAC shifted there recently (as reported by PARO) and we couldn’t help ourselves…Since Shivi and I stay relative close we decided to meet at a common point and set off together…Now I was a bit nervous since Shivi had seen me and recognized me before at Shoppers Stop (but din’t approach me for fear of being considered a stalker Wink ), but I had no idea what she looked like. Once I reached, I was waiting around for a minute and scrutinizing every lady around us wondering if any of them looked like a Shivangi…Yeah…I was wondering that Wink But then out of the blue I see pretty girl skip down the stairs of the store we decided to meet us..She gave me one broad smile and I was like…’This has to be Shivangii!’ Call it Women’s instinct or plain logic…but I instantly felt comfy with her.

It’s so funny that I felt the same kinda nervousness when meeting Kejal and Jyo but maybe its the ‘beauty bond’ thingy…I was so comfortable while meeting them and I was totally comfy while meeting Shivi Smile

So after some preliminary hugging and chit-chatting, we got into an auto and made our way to Park Plaza..It was a 30-40min drive and we were blabbing away to glory from the get-go. Once we reached the all, we headed straight to MAC…There was an L’occitaine and FE store besides MAC..Yesss!! We Puneites finally have these awsome brands…and Clinique is also on its way.

Wisheshe meet

We were at MAC for about 15mins when in walks Paro with the cutest package in her arms…Our little star and her daughter, Arushi (I hope I got her name right) She’s the cutest thing and she even hlped us choose shades…i swear..I swatched a couple of shades on my hand and asked her to choose…After a bit of thought (where she put her finger to her mouth and crunched up her face while ding her babytalk), he poitned to Expensive Pink!! Well, what can I say?? She has awesome choice right??? Gud training Paro! Wink Btw, for those who don’t know, Paro and I are college mates..We’ve done our graduation together in the same college and never knew our paths would cross again..and how!! Wink It was great to catch up with her and discuss which lectures we attended and the remainder which we bunked….which was on the higher side Wink

We even happened to meet Sam there who’d come with a pal of hers for some more MACing!

Here’s what I picked up..I got See Sheer Lippy, an empty quad, 2 eye shadow refills in Texture and Pink Venus and a blush in Pinch Me.

MAC haul + wiseshe blogger meet

Paro picked an eyeshadow refill in Hepcat and Shivi got a brow pencil and a pack of brushes rom the Glitter & Ice collection Smile I hope she reviews them for us Wink Richard, our fav MUA from MAC didn’t fail us (yet again) and we came out with absolute winners.

After that, we headed to Phoenix Mall and had the most entertainng lunch with Paro’s hubby. Entertaining because we talked like we’d just learnt to talk and also because Arushi was our ultimate attention grabber…Doesn’t she look adorable???? A total Daddy’s girl..

After that Paro had to leave and Shivi and I continued our shoppin and chatting. We did ooooodles of window shopping and did some more shopping… Shivi did some major hauling from Bourjois and I picked up a few things from Faces and TBS..We forgot to take pics of Shivi’s haul though.. Frown No probs..next time Wink

tbs haul + wiseshe blogger meet

After our marathon shopping, we realised we were dehydrated and hungry and went up to the food court and binged at McDonalds. Even while gulping our Cola and burger, we keep chattering away…I had an amazin time and Shivi is like THE sweetest angel ever!!!

It was here that we realised that the MAC SAs had forgotten to bag Shivi’s brow pencil. So post hogging, we went back to the MAC store and collected it…And after coming out of the store Shivi says, ” I can’t believe we went to MAC and got nothing..’ And I was like, ‘Yea..you forgot how much MAC we hauled in the morning itself!!” It was so hilarious!!

We returned to our homes afterwards after promising to meet again for another round of shopping..Sigh..Such a wondrful day and I was kinda sad for it to end…But not to worry, I’m sure this will be a regular affair now…And I hope next time more Puneites can join in too Smile

And here, I leave you with a priceless pic of our star of the day..Arushi!!! Isn’t she an angel???

Pune blogger meet + arushi

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  1. says

    Great haul dear, which Faces eye shadow is that??? looks great and Parul your baby is sooo pretty and cute! In Love Hug n Makeup Felt good to see you all!

    • says

      Thanx taps.. M not in town so I can’t check which es it is..will check n tell u when m back home next week… It’s a very neutral peach shade with some shimmer Smile its my first es from faces and I wanted t check it out Smile

  2. erica says

    Awwww..Arushi is sucha cute ANGEL.. M soooooooooooooooo loving this post..l.. How i wish to be with u guys!
    m dieing deep to come to mumbai n so will catch up with jyo n deep atleast for now! Great post…Zee! Hug n Makeup Kiss Grin Tap Dance Rock n Roll In Love

  3. says

    you guys are looking great together …. and arushiiiiiii … have seen her pics earlier as well and ever time i want to hug her tightly and Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup Hug n Makeup kissssss her Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss nice haul Zara ….. waiting for the reviews now Dance Left Right Dance Left Right Dance Left Right Dance Left Right Dance Left Right Dance Left Right Dance Left Right

  4. says

    Aaww Arushi is sooo cute Smile my closest friend’s daughter’s name is also Arushi Smile you guys had a fab time..will def plan to join as past 2 or 3 times due to unavoidable reasons have missed Frown

      • erica says

        Ana……plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Do that..Only u can get all wiseshe gals together…plz plan out somehting at a common location where we all can meet up.. n invite all girls to come! Lets do this! Grin Yes Rock n Roll It will be damn funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Tap Dance Yippee Dance Left Right

  5. says

    so nice meeting…………………… i hope to go to Pune soon and meet you zara………………………….. love you all………………. nice haul………………………… Smile Smile

  6. Upasana says

    Yippee Yippee Yippee Yippee wwooowww wooowww i wanna meet u haull Dance Left Right Yippee Hug n Makeup aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll ov u look so happy together Rock n Roll hiii Shivangi !! Hug n Makeup hii parul di Hug n Makeup hii Arushi Kiss Kiss i wanna pull ur cheekssssss Dance Left Right Yippee
    bhabs u did fultoo shopping haaa Wink Razz m luvin ur new lippy n blusss Beauty n u lookin cheeku cheekuuuu Kiss zor ki pappi Kiss Hug n Makeup

  7. Mitra20 says

    Aarushi this is for your darls Kiss Kiss

    And Zee although i dont get to reply on each and every post i really adore your all Kissing Drunk

  8. says

    Thanks everyone and my baby does lv to shop..thank god we dint take her to the Faces counter she just loves that place..such nice pics na..I wud lv to meet everyne on wiseshe…plzzzzzzzzzz sab Pune aajao na especially u Ana..wud lv to meet u so much

  9. tulips says

    awwwwwwwwww u guys luk lyk old bichde hue frnds soo happy Hug n Makeup n arushhi iss tooooooo cute Kiss me wanna meet u guys asap n haul n gossip Yippee Yippee Yippee Yippee Yippee
    n zee u have such an innocent face.wanna pull ur cheeks Hug n Makeup Grin


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