Patanjali Soundarya Facewash Review | SLS Free Face Wash

Patanjali Soundarya Facewash Review

Hey Gals!

Today I am going to rave about my favourite(now HG) face wash, Patanjali Soundarya Facewash. Finally,after trying so many face washes my search for a good sls-free face wash ended here Smile

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Patanjali Soundarya Facewash Review+herbal face wash


Patanjali Soundarya Face Wash Ingredients:-

  • Composition Each 10 gm contains :
  • Orange peel :5mg
  • Neem :0.5 mg
  • Tulsi :0.5 mg
  • Aloevera : 0.5 mg
  • Base materials : Aqua,Gelbase,Glycerin,Honey,Perfume,Sodium chloride,Diazolydinyl Urea,Iodo Propyl Butyl Carbamate,Vitamin E
  • Acetate PEG-14M,permitted color – Q.S.
  • Directions to use - Apply on wet face. Massage gently for 1 minute with water and wash with water.
  • Shelf life - Best before 18 months from the date of manufacturing date.
  • PriceINR 60. For 60 ml  

Pros of Patanjali Soundarya Facewash:-


  • There is no SLS or Paraben in this product.
  • It does clean all the dirts and oil from face in a single  wash.
  • It makes face squeaky-clean and does not leave behind a film like some face washes do.
  • After washing you can see a beautiful glow on your face(like you have just used a face-pack).This i really love Smile
  • It leathers well,so spreading it on face and neck is very easy and take less time.
  • Very little product(about a pea size) is needed to wash face and another pea-drop for neck.So 4peas a day…keeps the “dirt n oil” away…This single tube will last minimum 2 months on twice a day,regular use.
  • The flip-cap is easy to open/close,even single-handed.
  • The lid closes tightly,so it is safe to carry it in a purse.
  • Price is very good for the quantity given.

Cons of Patanjali Soundarya Facewash:-


  • It Has a faint ayurvedic-medicinal smell.Not too strong,but sensitive noses may not like it.
  • Dry skin people may find it drying.But with the use of a good moisturizer it can easily be managed.
  • The packaging is very boring and its like some ayurvedic medicine.not at all charming,as a face wash should be.
  • The flip-cap is very tight in some tubes.So if you have long nails it may break it while opening.
  • It is available only in Patanjali shops.

Final Verdict: Patanjali Soundarya Facewash:-

As like many Patanjali products,it is a good budget-friendly one and worth a try.Normal skin and oily skin people can use it easily,and dry skin ones may not like it so much.But if you ask me,give it a try before you dismiss it.It has the potential to be a HG-product.

Have you tried Patanjali Soundarya Facewash?


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  1. “It is available only in Patanjali shops.”..this is ma greatest con in getting patanjali products..Frown heard a lot abt patanjalai products but tried none..Frown Frown

  2. shivangi says:

    availability is an issue with these!

    • No. Its available in open market also. The problem is only with Ayurvedic medicines of Patanjali as they are only available in Patanjali’s own shops.

  3. Madhura says:

    nice review. I have used this and agree with everything u’ve written.
    The effects are very much alike pond’s pure white facewash. same brightening and squeaky clean feeling.

  4. I wish these online sites start storing these as well Smile must try!

  5. Aayushi says:

    Meri nafrat for baba ram dev stop me frm trying patanjali products Smug Smug Smug
    well i’m happy with my Nature Essence Face wash Cool Cool

  6. Nice review…. I am definitely giving this a try for sure Smile

  7. where is PATANJALI STORE in Mumbai??

    Nice review..Lucky girl! I really wana try this! Big Smile Yes

  8. anamika says:

    i find patanjali store easily available all around the city..its just that we girls r lazy enough to track them down Grin

  9. vijitha says:

    A real good product, will try it for sure if i could buy this… where can we get to locate a patanjali shop friends??

  10. I saw this in the patanjali store, now ll try this .thx fr the review Smile

  11. Wow.. I have no idea where to find Patanjali store in Chennai.. Gals, any suggestions.. I once heard it is in Mylapore. Scanned Mylapore in and out – never found one!

  12. Sounds like a good product, but i don’t think I’ll find it in Chennai Frown

  13. vijitha says:

    Wooowww its in coimbatore as well. thank uuuuu sooooo much ERICA for the link… Tap Dance Tap Dance Tap Dance

  14. I’m eyeing this n buying this once my clean and clear face wash finishes..
    Will surely get this one Yes

  15. patanjali is a completely new brand to me.. glad to know that it gives a glow.. wish it is easily available.. Thanks erica for the links.. Smile

  16. me too very lazy to hunt for patanjali . .i already have a ‘things to buy’ list of patanjali !!! its aloevera, multani mitti soap and now this Smile Smile

  17. ok we need patanjali stuff online too Rolls Eyes i wanna try this Grin

  18. Revathy says:

    true Ana… i hv a Patanjali chikitsalaya just on my daily route..

    still never dropped in there once in these 2 years Grin

    another reason is i m always hoarded with products.. that kinda discard shopping more.. Grin

  19. Abhinandini says:

    trying since 1 mnth….aweesum product..all pimples gone… Yippee Yippee Yippee

  20. oh wow! i luv patanjali productd..tufff t find..but quite effective Smile

  21. Bidisha says:

    wow.. all pimples gone??? really.. am buying this for sure!

  22. Mitra20 says:

    LG i went just yesterday to pick up the facepack and saw this but then i was wndering ‘no review yet so many be not good’ …i can go back and get this…but one thing SLES is the lathering agent in cleansers if this doesnt have any then how does it lather?? are they hiding it in their list of components?? Neutral

  23. Mitra20 says:

    Neverthless i will give it a try..thanks for the review LG!

  24. I am surely getting this! Nice review!

  25. this looks awesome….i m using the aloe vera gel n kind of hhis once…ave mixed feelings on it…so will try t

  26. as any one used patanjali soundarya face wash.

    is it useful to remove suntan

  27. I bought this Facewash last week and i think,the reviewer has written correct things about this product.. My skin is oily and i found this facewash very useful. Infact even the fragrance used in Facewash is superb. btw Patanjali cosmetics,food products like juices,jams etc are available in open market as well. ONLY the herbal/Ayurvedic medicines are exclusively available in Patanjali’s own ‘Chikitsaalayas’.

  28. Aditya Ganjoo says:

    There is no doubt that Patanjali products are all good and extremely effective.
    But I believe besides manufacturing good products, they should also ensure that the right thing, both in quality and quantity, should reach the consumer.

    i mean they should sell their products with seals on them.
    Presently, anyone can use their products before they reach the actual consumer. Be it Keshkanti, facewash or anything, there is no seal on anything!!

    • Their most of the products come sealed packed. I have used many face washes and most of them which come in the tube packs, are without seal. If you see expensive Facewash like Kaya’s, even that one comes without a seal and that one even doesn’t come in tube.Its in a bottle. My Mom takes Patanjali’s medicines like HridyaAmrit Vati for heart and Mukta Vati for Blood Pressure in additon to many of other ones. They all are have seal on them.

  29. Pray i’v picked up a whole lot of stuff today…with all the review here…i’m lookoing forward to see the improved me in the mirror a week later..mahamanjishthadi pravahi syrup, khadiradi vati, divyakantilep, kayakalp vati, saundarya facewash, honey, and dalia i had first tried the aloevera gel and the results were amazing in just one week…along with the kayakalp kwath.

    Will definitely get back here with my review

  30. is there any product from patanjali for removing the dark circle under de eyes

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