Best Hair Removal Cream for Women In India

Sunita asks,

Gals can you recommend me which is the best method for hair removal and best hair removal cream available here in India?


best hair removal cream for women in Indiabest hair removal method- suggestions



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    • Aayushi says

      Rick i used VEET & ANNE FRENCH too…
      both smell bad Neutral
      moreover maine kabhi wax ne karvayi…. & my frnds telling me to do it …they say tanning be remove ho jati hn….
      is true????

      • erica says

        yess i have used both creams too… they r good but smells bad and top of that they take a lotta time!

        abt waxing ..yess regular waxing helps remove tanning n under arms dark nai hote usse!

      • shaba says

        hey aayushii..better go for waxing bcz ve heard that hair removal creams can burn your skin bcz of the intense chemical content in it and turn your skin dark..nd waxing can remove the tan only to a very small percentage..Big Smile

  1. christina says

    Best hair removal is WAXING.

    Firstly – It is to be done one week after ure period. Why? because the hair grip is not so strong.
    One week before it is at its tighest and it will break.

    Secondly – For your underarms never use hot wax. Under arm skin will get discoloured.

    Thirdly – Always wax in small patches by holding the skin TAUT while pulling. This means hold the skin while the beautifcian is pulling the cloth off.

    Fourthly – If u are quite hairy and the hair is thick then do not wax ureself unless ure a proffesional. It will break and get thicker like beard and WORST – ingrowths will start.

    Fifth – If u have ingrowths – use a nice scrub the day before u wax. It will take out some of the ingrown hair and they too will come off while wzxing.

    Sixth – Hair starts to dissapear in patches when u regularly wax and very soon there will be no hair in those areas.

    Seventh – Application of wax is in the direction of hair growth and pulling it out in the opposite direction. underarm hair tends to grow hay wire and so a professional will do a better job cause they can see better.

    Eighth – moustache is best waxed or threaded. if waxed again room temperature wax. Sideburns same thing.

    Nine – only one beautician should wax u at a time not one on the left hand and another doing the right hand.

    ten – stick to the same beautician if shes good.

    eleven – If ure beautician waxes u at home then use disposable strips…dont cut ure old clothes in strips and use and reuse. keep a separate blunt knife for waxing…dont mix it with the other kitchen knives.

    twelve – better the wax in a dubba . veet is for an immediate job where u cant heat the wax and do it nicely and slowly.

    thirteen – max sure ure skin is dry before waxing. dust with talc before u start… if at home switch on the A/C. better carry your’e powder puff and knife to the salon or make them wash their knife before dipping it into the wax pot. as for the puff well dont u think its un hygenic after being rubbed and rubbed on to so many women. some bleed also while waxing and that same puff is powdered again and then rubbed onto u…………. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee njoy

    • Aayushi says

      christi one more querry…
      i dnt have much visible hair on my hands…shd i go for waxing ????? hair growth wil increase aftr it???? Thinking

      • christina says

        if u can avoid it then let it be. otherwise wax. no waxing never increases hair growth. it always decreases. but yes natural hair UNTOUCHED is always in one lenght and soft. but once touched then it grows back erratically so then it becomes such that if u dont do wax regularly it looks weird.

        • Shivangi says

          Chris! a query. I always got my underarms done by professionals but then too my underarms have become very dark Frown. plz suggest a remedy dear!

          • christina says

            first stop using hot wax.
            second after they pull the hair out once dont let them keep going over it . if one or two hair remain its ok. its not going to kill you.
            third – tired and tested- u can use that lotus yogurt scrub once a week and your under arms will get light.
            fourth – try to wear cotton clothes
            fifth – somethings u cant help….try to accept it and enjoy the other nice parts of your body……like your slim figure!

        • Aayushi says

          thanx christi …luv u Kiss Kiss Heart
          i’ll avoid it …i’m happy with my golden brown hair on my sun burn hand Grin Grin Thinking

          • christina says

            better. next time u watch western movies ..just observe the hands of the actresses…..most don’t wax. If there’s hair then there’s hair. Only we indians make a big deal outta it. Most of the time hair on the hands is fine and does’nt look too bad….

            Most men don’t notice it too u know. It is we who say ” oh sorry, don’t loot at my hands i’ve not waxed” or ” my hands look bad nah baby???”

            It’s always us that highlight our faults. Keep quite bout it and no one will notice it.

            If u have acne and scars ………let it be….dont say ” oh don’t mind my scars” ” oh u know i have acne but its better now” – leave it bhai. if u dont mention it no one notices it…..Highlight your other strong points always…………………. Cause u may not like ure acne but everyone else is loving everything else bout u….so get my point???

            • Aayushi says

              wow christi u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and adorable Yes Hug Left High Five! Kissing
              u rock christi Yes Yes Yippee Hug n Makeup

            • erica says

              Yess thats truee…our guys dont even care and count on our acne and marks as much as V do… its only Us!

              n only females bother other females on that tooo!

              If u dont mind no body else actually care! Big Smile

                • erica says

                  hehehhe I used to do that..starting stage mein was like “kya sochega woh”?

                  Now toh i go make up less and he is like “Baby u knw u luk more b’ful w/out make up” n m like Really?? I dont think so.. I love make up,.. i cant live w/out it, woh toh today m not feeling wear dats y m make up less! Razz ROTFL Wink

                  • anamika says

                    But i think if u take effort in everything then the charm in the relationship doesnt die downSmile..

                    • erica says

                      I agree with that..just coz he likes u the way u are ..doesnt mean..u wear nighties all day n roam like a “bai” only doing household work. Razz Razz

                      U can dress well, look well, let him knw he has a priced possession, a beautiful wife so that he doesnt have too look elsewhere! Razz Wink

                    • erica says

                      And u knw Ana…*touchwood* mebbe this is one of the reason he loves me soo much coz.. M always well dressed and take care of what i wear, how i luk, hows my make up, hair etc.

                      Whenever we go out, I surprise him, “He tells me u jus get better and better everytime i c u, the moment i think “ok this is it, today she s at her best”, U prove me wrong every next time ! Big Smile

            • Shaelll says

              I’ve a lot of Ingrown hairs on my legs and due to the in grown hairs there are a lot of dark spots too. what do I do? Right now I’m using Mederma to lighten those spots.Need a sincere suggestion.
              Please suggest me something.

    • architha says

      plsss consider me christi waiting for ur rply pppppppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee

  2. says

    I would prefer waxing and yes it does remove dead skin cells and tan! you can actually see a difference in your skin tone!
    I have used Veet but not in india

  3. Revathy says

    awesome tips Christina.. shall carry my own knife n puff the next time around to the parlor.. have never thot of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grin

    WAXING scores!!

    my tips –
    1. Don’t moisturize ur hands or legs before waxing
    2. Get waxed after your periods
    3. Use a body scrub in the morning on the day you plan to get waxed – this would reduce ingrown hair!
    4. Apply a moisturizer post waxing
    5. Insist on disposable strips

    • architha says

      arre sumbudy help me yaar…. my underarm hairs are so thick and strong… its vvvvvverrrrry painful to remove them by waxing… it bleeds sometimas… and that too they break help me Cry Broken Heart

  4. Neha says

    I WAS half asleep.
    But after reading this conversation, my eyes are WIDE open and a BIG smile has stuck to y face.
    You guys are so Awww(e)-some. Grin
    CHEERS, Gorgeous. ! Angel

    @Christina- The points that you mentioned about Waxing are really helpful. Smile

  5. Neha says

    I used Veet and Anne French for around 2 years because of which my Under-arm skin has darkened.
    The beauticians say I should get it bleached before getting it waxed.
    Will it work (if anybody here has an idea) or is it just her money-minded brain which is doing the talking?

  6. Anjali says

    Hello everyone…

    I regularly get pimples on my face and it really looks very bad… i tried toning, cleaning, mosturising.. face packs.. everything but nothing works.. Can someone suggest some good remedy.. Please Help…

  7. anushka says

    I recently went to the UK and purchased Sabi Hair Removal. It is mostly natural and thats what I liked. It works amazing and also slows down hair growth. I want this in India!

  8. shiny says

    hi dear,i have dark hair on my underarms,i am not understanding what to use for it.I have used veet hair removal cream but i didnt find more effect,it is growing fast.I am thinking to use veet strips,is it good to me.I feel shy to do waxing on underarms.pls suggest me.

  9. Shaelll says

    I’ve a lot of Ingrown hairs on my legs and due to the in grown hairs there are a lot of dark spots too. what do I do? Right now I’m using Mederma to lighten those spots.Need a sincere suggestion.
    Please suggest me something.

  10. Sana says

    yrr i hav pimples on mah face..
    .which really irritates meh…hw 2 get rid of it??
    aur underarms hair remove krne ke liye kaun sa product bst rhega??
    plZz guys hlp me….. :'(

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