Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review

Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review

Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review+eyeshadows in india


Kryolan is one of the top leading professionals in theater and movie makeup.  They’ve been around for decades.  From soft, subtle matte colours suitable for bridal makeup and day wear, to dramatic dark frosts for a glamorous evening look, Kryolan’s range of eye colours is extensive enough to accommodate any look you desire.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review+german eye shadows for indian skin tones

They have more than 88 colours in their range of eye shadows.  In India their range has only 15 colours but they go on smoothly but have been swatched on my hands at least 7 times each.  You may say swatched about 7 times each?  Well, ya. I guess in one swipe you can get a very fashionable transparent look.  Blackberry wouldn’t even come onto the finger. It had to be scraped off with a nail and then applied to the skin.  Most are very light when dry.  They can be worn both dry and wet.  The colours are very vibrant when wet.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review+kryolan professional eye colours

There is no fallout with these shadows too.  The quality is as good if not better than MAC.  They are soooo soft, even softer than the MAC ones.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review+long lasting eyeshadows

The shadows are available in single compacts or handy customised palettes.  If you buy a single shadow it will cost you 450 Rs. for 2.5 gms.  You can buy the shadows either as singles, 8′s or a palette of 15.  The palettes are nice and slim.

  • 15 palette – Rs. 5700
  • 8 palette – Rs. 3,100

In a palette of 8 you have two options. You can get a palette with either of the following colours

  • 1st palette : peach, copper, walnut, blackberry, gold, orange, wild cherry and lime.  This is often called the bridal palette

  • 2nd palette :  lychee, silver, blackberry, cassis, raspberry, dragon fruit, blue coral, blueberry.


Kryolan Eye Shadow Swatches and Review+eyeshadow swatches

When the eye shadows are used with an eye shadow base then they become very long lasting – up to 24 hours.  They apply evenly and stick to the skin much better.  The Eye shadow base is a thick skin colour liquid that comes in a 10ml tube for Rs. 475. One colour suitable for all skin tones.   The one drawback is the fact that if one rubs the product into the skin too long, the product will start to ball up and then you’re left with no base.  The best way to apply is to pat it into the eyelid, then it works wonders

These colours only show very well over a eye base. They had a tube of eye base and no tester to see the swatch. Nor they let me get a pic of it.  The base is skin colour and can be used on all skin tones.  It is a 10 ml tube for INR 475.

The 15 colours are named as follows from left to right:

  • blackberry
  • blueberry
  • blue coral
  • raspberry
  • silver
  • cassis
  • dragon fruit
  • lime
  • walnut
  • orange
  • lychee
  • copper
  • peach
  • gold
  • wild cherry

(nice names huh?)

What I like about Kryolan Eye Shadow:

  • No animal testing
  • Richly pigmented powder
  • Great pigmentation
  • Smudge proof
  • Travel friendly
  • Must for makeup artists and everyday users alike
  • Get some bright and neutral palettes you could do pretty much anything

What I do not like about Kryolan Eye Shadow:

  • Pricey
  • Their true beauty comes out only with an eye shadow base.
  • Not every state in India has a store.
  • Online availability is very limited

 Have you tried Kryolan Eye Shadows?




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  1. Navneet Thethi says:

    wow! all the shades r so beautiful….I want Kryolan in my City too…….

  2. Nice review… they are really pretty but expensive too
    and thanks fr the advise thSmileat the base shouldnt be rubbed.

  3. Lovely colors…are they not available as single eyeshadows?

  4. Oh man .. what names .. how fruity (I need fruit salad now Starving ) .. and i liked all the colors .. very pretty .. Nice post Christina.. Big Smile
    No animal testing is an added bonus !!

    • totally….i dont quite understand y they test on animals anywayz..

      • christina says:

        cause human guinea pigs will only take so much. dumb helpless animals cannot fight for them selves hence they are tested up on…..closest being the rat / monkey if its ok on him then the products will be ok on us….

        • cause Human testing is a criminal act .. where as animal testing to is allowed.

          • Shivangi says:

            yes, they dont have a voice. Hence we have full rights to exploit them. have fun with them and murder them. this makes me feel sick. I have a dog and when i look into her eyes, I cant think of hurting her or any animal for my own pleasures!

        • that is sooo bad..everyone deserves a say….just coz animals dont talk is no reason to torture them…MAC! hear us!

  5. Esme Thompson says:

    Fabulous! Those are beautiful shades and I love it! I wanna to have them all, where can I purchase this??

  6. with such a limited options in shade and the price..I find myself thinking about inglot e/s instead of these

  7. nice shades! i remember seeing these n liking them…but then i thought of the cost and comparisn with inglot….so dropped d idea..hehe…

  8. very pretty shades Smile

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