10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

While watching movies, how many times have we wished that we could look as pretty as the Bollywood actresses? But have you ever thought how they would look once their makeup is removed? Here’s a look at some of the famous Bollywood actresses without makeup. While some of the Bollywood celebrities appear quite pretty without makeup but some look very ordinary . These ladies have created a niche for themselves in the industry because of their talent, so this post is not to demean any of them, its just to show what miracle makeup artists can do! Angel Wink

  • Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup

Sonam is considered as fashion icon of youth generation but do you even recognize her without makeup?  IDK


sonam kapoor


  • Rani Mukherjee Without Makeup

Yes! The person you see in the pic is indeed Rani Mukherjee. I totally respect her for her contemporary roles but she does need a great dose of makeup to turn into the diva we see in the movies.


rani mukherjee


  • Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup

Without makeup she seems like a totally different person from the gorgeous star that we all know! Quite an amazing transformation!



  • Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

Katrina Kaif doesn’t look much different without make-up. She is one naturally blessed woman in terms of beauty and hence can easily survive without make-up.




  • Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

I do agree that Kareena has beautiful features and flawless skin but here we can see what the magical touch of makeup can do! Angel




  • Deepika Padukone Without Makeup

Without make-up Deepika looks like any other face in the crowd. It is after good dose of grooming that Deepika manages to look like the stunner that she always appears to be!


Deepika Padukone without Makeup


  • Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

She is definitely a dusky beauty, looks good without makeup too. Smile





  • Anushka Sharma Without Makeup

She looks almost the same! She looks radiant,glowing and glamorous even without makeup. In Love



  • Kajol Without Makeup

Kajol is one of the best actress in bollywood but she isn’t as flawless as we think her to be on screen.  On the transformation in her appearance, I have only one thing to say: Miracles do happen! Grin





  • Aishwarya Rai Without Mkaeup

She is considered as one of the beautiful woman in this world but even she needs the magical touch of makeup. Don’t you agree! Grin


Aishwarya Rai without Makeup

After seeing these actresses without makeup, we realize how magical the touch of makeup transform someone from the girl-next-door to a diva.  Bollywood celebrities have some of the best makeup artists at their disposal who work their magic and make them appear so beautiful onscreen/functions but then again some are naturally beautiful. So who is your favorite bollywood actress? Smile


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  1. Sush says

    Nice Smile Aish and kareena looks nice without makeup also but kareena has bad dark circles Neutral But stil she s my dam fav Dance Left Right

    • anamika says

      She is but I have heard that she is just too fond of makeup and doesn’t want to step out without it Razz

      • Bhawna says

        May be basic, I saw her in real at Sony Xperia Z phone’s launch and she is flawless. Tall, broad, fair and confident. Though, I don’t like her acting either.

          • Bhawna says

            I also saw Neha Dhupia who is just as she is on screen and also Chitrangada Sen, guys… She is simply exagerrated by media, she looks petite, tiny, not so gorgeous as she appears on screen and especially pictures. Everything was brown on her, be it eyes, foundation or lips. Too much !! No

            • anamika says

              i know this..but thing is she play on her feature which looks too sexy..otherwise she is just another next door girl..I was watching arjun rampal and Chitrangada movie.She was looking so damn hot .

  2. says

    Bips used to study in my school, and she is definitely duskier than what she photographs as. She is around NC 43.5-NC 44 but had flawless skin and was super-skinny in school. As she was the head girl it was quite difficult to ignore her, and I still remember how intimidated we class VI students were at the thought of Bipasha-di scolding us. Grin

    • tulips says

      wow u studied is d same scholl..me super J Alien yup she is dusky.. i can relate to tht me 2 nc43 but in piccys i come lill less duskier/weatish dont knw how Razz but she definitely is a dusky beauty In Love

      • says

        she looks it, and she photographs awesome. When we were in Class IX she came back after winning gladrags and she was wearing this short mini skirt and a normal top and high heels. She decided to touch the feet of all the teachers, and I swear, the heads of all the boys in the class just turned 90 degree below, trying to look up her skirt.

  3. says

    Well, Bipasha was from my school and she had amazing skin. She is not as fair as she is portrayed – her natural skin tone is around NC 44-45, but she was super-skinny and very hot, even in school. As she was the head girl, we class VI people used to be very afraid of her, though.

  4. shweta says

    girls.. the biggest diff i have ever seen is Shipla shelty.. she looks really like really bad without makeup… dark dark cirlces and eye bags

  5. shweta says

    n guys believe me on this when the transformation is huge!she went into the washroom to remove her makeup (this was a london – mumbai night flight) and came out of the washroom looking scary!

  6. Sush says

    I think indian cleansing milk wont work to remove their makeup Grin But lucky if dey sneeze also it becme headline Cry

  7. Navneet Thethi says

    nice post Tulips, Bhootiaa pics of all the actresses. only katrina looks good without makeup

  8. says

    Being in Mumbai you tend to bump into to these guys often. Have seen Kareena, awesome skin but dark circles. Neha Dhopia looks like a girls next door. Just the height , else blink and miss. Diya Mirza is pale yellow skin and looks ill.

  9. tapaswini says

    I liked bips and anushka without makeup, though kareena skin is good, her eyes look sunken and has dark circles,

  10. ife says

    kat, ash and deeps looks good to me…
    kareena looks total golu round round.. Sun
    piggy chops the worst…

  11. Visakhi Krishnan says

    kudos to ur effort.. But I thnk its just the pics, not their beauty without makeup. My friends bro works at a star hotel and he has seen Ash without makeup so many times (he saw her first when i was 14, thts 11 years ago), he swears that Ash is the most beautiful girl in the world and without makeup she looks more beautiful. Katrina Kaif is a beauty without makeup too, but she is famous for her ” I am so beautiful ” atitude..
    If u want to see real magic of make up and photography , u have to consider Madhuri Dixit, I heard that u wont even recognize her ( No matter what, She is the best , I love her )…..
    And above everythng they are just normal mortals , like us Grin haina ? Wink

      • Visakhi Krishnan says

        I am doing Ana… I was reading all the posts , bt didnt get time to commnt on all the posts.. U knw I cant read ur blog on my office, since it has tag of shopping Frown
        I feel so happy to read ur articles as a mom, it makes me remind women are so complete Smile

        • Visakhi Krishnan says

          they are ofcourse normal mortals with hard work and lot of luck..
          At the same time , I want to tell u one instance, my cousins friend (a girl) who has worked with some famous directors of south got a chance to assist a director in bollywood. she returned home with in a few days, and told us Its hard to survive in Bollywood. Don’t knw wat made her say that, bt I was surprised she being a Never say Never atitude girl couldnt survive there? then who would? … I thnk in Bollywood u need a godfather or a strong surname to survive.. Hats off to the actors who made it without having them, like Kangna and Priyanka

      • tulips says

        hehe aish is beautiful i agree….. yup dey r normal gals lyk us widout makeup Razz but wid makeup diva Angel

  12. sadiya kausar says

    anushka is most beuifull i think allah ne uski smile ko badi fursa se banaya hga…………………
    her smile is soooo cutest……………….

    take care
    ur smile…………

  13. Nishtha says

    i <3 Katrinaa..!! She's ma Favo. actress..
    N Sonam , Deepika , Kareena , Priyanka n Kajol look too bad without make-up… n i also hate them..ThinkingThinking

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