Olay Quench Body Wash Review

Olay Quench Body Wash

Hello All,

I have been looking for a good body wash which is moisturising enough so that I can skip my body lotion. Needless to say, by now you all know how lazy I am Grin. I spotted Olay Quench Body Wash in an online store and then I bumped into Olay website.


Olay Quench Body Wash Review+olay body wash

What would you do if you read something like below about a body wash ?

“Each bottle contains over 1 jar of Olay moisturizers” , “ Winner of Ebony’s 2011 Beauty & Grooming Award”.

Obviously , this description is too tempting for me to resist and so I went ahead and bought it Grin ! So , here’s the review.

  • Price andQuantity – Rs 210 for 354 ml. I got it for Rs 199 from Purplle.


Olay Quench Body Wash Review price+body wash


About Olay Quench Body Wash:-


Quench Body Wash cleanses skin and moisturizes to help stop the cycle of dry skin. Add it to your skin care routine to:

• Cleanse away dirt, oil and impurities

• Moisturize dry skin

• Help prevent dry skin from coming back


Olay Quench Body Wash Review details+best body wash


My experience with Olay Quench Body Wash:

Honestly, I had high expectations from this body wash especially reading the product description given at the backside of the bottle. This body wash can also be used as a shaving aid, so its a plus !

  • Packaging: The bottle has a flip open cap which is convenient to use. The packaging is sturdy but boring. I wish the bottle was a little see through to check the amount of body wash in the bottle.


Olay Quench Body Wash Review flip cap+body wash olay


  • Texture: Olay Quench body wash is one of cremiest body washes I have ever used. It looks like a cream, , see yourself !

Only a coin sized quantity on the loofah is required for loads of lather. The fragrance is nice and lingers for a while.

I have been using it since a week and had no more patience to wait to share the review with everyone. My skin is normal with hands and feet on a drier side. My skin doesn’t feel after shower dryness anymore. There is no more a dependency on body lotion for moisture. I need to finish the bottle to see if it moisturized my skin deeply like it claims.


Olay Quench Body Wash Review hand swatch+the best body wash


In nutshell, this is an awesome body wash if you are looking for a soap free, full of lather and moisturising bath. In summers, you might not need a body lotion after using Olay Quench if your skin is normal or a little dry. In winters , it will help in additional mositure that our skin needs to be healthy. I just luvvvv Olay Quench Body Wash Smile.

If you are looking for a shower gel whose aroma lasts a while, then this body wash is not for you.

What I like about Olay Quench Body Wash:

  • Affordable
  • Cleanses and moisturizes well
  • Rich creamy texture and forms loads of lather
  • Convenient packaging and no leakage
  • Nice and mild fragrance
  • Can also be used as shaving aid
  • Coin sized quantity needed, so the bottle lasts long

What I don’t like about Olay Quench Body Wash:

  • Not travel friendly, it’s a jumbo bottle. No small sizes available

Rating: 5/5

Will I recommend? : A big Yes !

Have you tried Olay Quench Body Wash ?

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  1. feelyounique says

    woah! love olay’s body washes, Am all for creme ribbons wala variant, it’s amazing fragrance just keeps *people* longing for more and more Grin give it a try to see yourself Razz

  2. chandni says

    i like olay…..they have so many nice products…and they make sure every one gets hooked to them. nice review.

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