Dr.Reddy’s Strea A -15 Retinol First Experience & Precaution

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Few days back I ordered Dr.Reddy’s Strea A -15 which is a pure topical Retinol 0.15% i.e a new age Vitamin A , in India.It’s not an every day cream and needs caution before using it. I thought of dividing my experience into two so that you have an idea and can take decision accordingly.

What is Retinol?

Retinol basically helps in unclogging pores, reduces fine lines and evens out discoloration and smoothens the skin .It is an advance treatment which sheds off that top layer of dead skin cells and skin can absorb other skin care ingredients much better.

Dr Reddy Strea a15 review

This is what Dr.Reddy Strea A-15 Says:-


Rejuvenates skin by increasing the cell turnover rate.

Normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

Reduces Skin inflammation.

Protects the skin from photo damage and other abnormalities of keratinization.

Strea A15 Use is Recommended for
Soft, smooth and improved skin texture.
Refining the pores and reduce the poreness to develop acne.
Reduction in fine lines and wrinkle appearance.
Anti ageing effects.
Reduced incidences of skin inflammation.
No doubt if all the above things work then it  certainly will be  a miracle product which many claim it to be. Before moving ahead with my initial experience and findings, following are the precautions which one should keep in mind before going ahead for it.
1) One should never use retinoid when one is trying to get pregnant, or is pregnant or is breastfeeding.
2)There is a good percentage of people who are sensitive to retinol and their skin might just peel off, get dry, flaky , itchy or there is redness all around etc.
3)If you are someone who goes out in the sun many times a day should avoid using this a a Retinol increases skin sensitivity to sunlight making skin more vulnerable to sunlight. A good sunscreen is a must with Retinol but best is to avoid the sun rays.
After taking above precautions there are some downsides of using Retinol cream which I myself experienced.

Breakouts With Retinol

I rarely have breakouts but the very first day when I applied the cream I broke out.I thought that is because of the papaya shake or some other cream which reacted.But few days after I realised  that it is the retinol which is breaking me out.My skin feels as if some harsh scrub has been rub on it and its just been peeled off.  This is what I felt after using it continuously for four times.
I thought of doing some research and found that initial breakout is one of the side effects of retinol. Retinol either worsens the acne symptoms or it just results in breakouts if you don’t suffer from any. If this continues for long then one should jut switch to some cream based retinols or use retinol slowly.

Using Retinol Under The Eyes:-

Other then this one  should avoid using it under the eye area as its really sensitive and can result in irritation and redness.It can also lead to dry patches and redness etc.


Skincare While Using Retinol:-

Also, use really mild cleanser, scrub and moisturiser otherwise it can lead to real skin sensitivity. Cetaphil cleanser and scrubs  from Lush are are good choice.SPF 30 sunscreen during the day even if at home.


Use Retinol At Night

3) Initially I started using it in the morning but owing to retinol tendency to break down itself I switched to night. Shweta has used these earlier, so I asked her if it will  be better to use them while going to sleep and she agreed that it would be best way to avoid sun contact. I wonder why wasn’t this detail mentioned on the cover of the medicine with other precautions details as well.


Retinol For Sensitive Skin:-

If you have sensitive skin then start slowly. For the first two weeks you can use it every third night and after two weeks, if your skin is not dry or flaky then switch it to every night. Before going to sleep, wash your face and wait for fifteen minutes. After washing apply a pea sized retinol covering whole of your face.You can apply a moisturiser if your skin is getting dry after using it.I didn’t feel like.

More info about kind of Retinol products in the next post and  my experience with Dr.Reddy’s Strea – A-15


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  1. shweta says

    Yeah.. My sister in law is a doc.. She very categorically said that retinol with sunlight is not a very good conbination

    • arshi says

      guys.. please help.. i am just 21, I have very sensitive skin. My skin was perect till i was 17-18. BUt last 4 years were nightmare. there are lots of pores on my nose and cheeks. It looks pathetic. The texture of my skin is not at all smooth and i have blemishes due to the acne ive had.
      I am using retinol for 14 days now. Strea a15 that is. I have not noticed much of a difference. Pleaassee heelllppppppp

    • Anju says

      Shweta, I currently use the olay 7 effects serum but looking for something better…can you suggest done good names…

  2. Dee says

    So if it doesn’t suit me, its quite a waste of money…. will wait for your update…..

    Also where can we get this product…. (store / online)

  3. Dee says

    Thanx Ana… I’m always carried away by the hi funda cosmo… and end up loosing a lot of money and peace of mind…

  4. says

    Seems a good one I have used Dr Reddy’s Moisturizing cream fr hands, it was very effective…but my skin will break for every new product which I am trying Frown :'(

  5. Dhara says

    Hiee..I used These capsules..it a very nice effective one ..wen u looking for photo tan n clear vibrant skin.the result is good…..i use it every alternate days n usage of some moisturising is necessary.. i used uriage depiderm..the result of this combination is wonderful ..and most imp ..don’t forget to use a sunscreen of spf 30..it will do wonders…

  6. sukhi says

    m using these capsules as suggested by the dermat from kaya skin clinic. i use it every sat and sun. i use kaya all day brightening cream which is kind of a moisturizer and sun screen every day in the morning and kaya antox vit c formula gel during the night from monday to friday. i feel my cheeks have got redness. but at the same time, my skin has started glowing. i dont know if the glow is because of the dr reddy tablets or because of the kaya products. m confused now if i should continue with dr. reddy tablets. also please let me know if these tablets need to be kept in a refrigerator or can i just keep it outside. i did’nt read the instructions and threw away the packing. the chemist told me that its needs to be stored in the refrigerator but currently m staying in a hotel for 4 months and they have not provided refrigerators in the rooms. please help me with this….

  7. Nallini says

    Hello everyone,

    My dermatologist suggested Strea15 and i am very happy with this product, lives up to what it claims. Only drawback i found was it dries up your skin and i had to run to the doc. on many occasions due to severe dryness. Now i dont have such issues, guess my skin has adapted the new ingredient. Bio derma moisturizer is very effective while using retinol.

  8. Bakul rastogi says

    Hi Anamika, nice review
    dear from last few months I am facing the dark brown spots problem on my face. Is this is the kind of pigmentation and I should go for this product. Please do suggests me a good sunscream that’s go with this and a after lotion also.

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