10 Best Hair Mask For Damaged & Frizzy Hair

Hair Mask For Damaged & Frizz Free Hair

Hair mask are the best way to fix all kind of hair problems.Be it frizzy, dry , dull or dry scalp issue they are a great way to solve out these everyday hair issues.Using hair mask regularly increases hair growth and can give you those shiny and lush hair.Potent cream presents in the mask soften even the most deeply stresses and overworked hair.

Below here we have listed down 10 best hair masks which can help you solve out all your hair problems .So here we go.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Smooth Shine Leave-In Treatment:-

  • Price-Rs.650 for 200ml.Can be purchased online.

It is a wonderful product and it satisfies what it claims. I straightened my hair recently and after that I suffered from heavy hairloss.My parlour lady suggested me this brand and at first I hesitated with the thought this may also be one of the common high claiming  brands in the market.But when days passed, my hair loss started  troubling me a lot.So I managed to buy this and give it a try.I used hair growth shampoo,repair resecue conditioner(washable)and smooth n shine leave in treatment.I know this is time consuming but it gives me super soft and flowing hair.

Best hair mask for damaged hair

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter for Dry Hair

  • Price: INR 695 for 200ml.

When I smelled the sample in the store, I was hooked. The smell is so deliciously fragrant. It’s not too strong, but very mild and pleasant.  Plus, the idea of using some kind of butter, that too from TBS on my hair was really tempting. It can be used as a hair mask and also as a conditioner. It is slightly off-whitish iin color and the consistency is thicker than that of any ordinary conditioner.  I have found that using this as a conditioner works great for me. It leaves my dry hair moisturized, softer and more manageable. I don’t need to use a conditioner after this because it does everything you would expect a decent conditioner to do. Since I have dry scalp, I love the dose of moisture it provides, but it might be a little greasy for those with oily scalp. It does not weigh down my hair but instead gives them more volume. I tried using this as a leave-in conditioner, but that didn’t give the same results, so I went back to using it a conditioner.

Body shop hair mask for damaged hair

L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath

Loreal hair spa for damaged hair online shopping

  • Price: Rs. 525 for 500 ml tub(Use within 30 mnths from date of manufacture.)
  1. This is the product I turn to when my hair needs deep conditioning. After a trip out where my hair has been exposed to the elements (sun, wind) or even after a rough week – this wonderful product smoothens & softens my hair like nothing else. My hair stylist had recommended the use of this product once a week as my hair was damaged when I saw him simply due to neglect (using this horrid Nyle shampoo & no conditioner)

  2. It is very economical. I have been using this since the last 2 &1/2 years – once a week & have barely used half. You only need a little bit to coat your hair.

  3. I generally use this post shampoo & not in the way recommended generally.  I apply this to damp hair below the nape (never apply this to the scalp – it will make your hair oily within a day or two) & leave it on for an hour (when I have the time on a holiday) or else just 10 minutes during the week. Then I rinse it off like normal conditioner. I guess if you have a day off you could try the method given above. I generally avoid massaging my hair when it is damp – it seems to cause frizziness & breakage

  4. It smells really nice.

Matrix Hydra Therapie Hydra-creme Intense Moisture Masque

  • Size: 392 gm
  • Price: Rs 300-400/- approx .You can buy online.

I consider it a very very lucky day for my hair, when the salesman convinced me to buy this. Really ladies, this is the best thing I have ever got for my hair. It is a dream come true for dry hair. This masque is the easiest deep conditioning, you can do at home. Please bear with my going all excited about this. I have dry and curly hair which I got rebounded few months back. I have been using this masque since last year twice a month normally . It delivers everything it promises. I massage it for five minutes , all over the scalp and hair till root , then put on a plastic cap and wrap hot towel. Then rinse thoroughly after one hour or so. Or I massage it at night, cover with a plastic cap then go to sleep. In the morning, I take a little bit more and massage the scalp and then hot towel. The lady at the salon told me this method. Both of them work nicely.


Matrix mask for damaged hair

L’oreal Total Repair Hair Masque

  • Price – Rs 325 for 200gm..You can buy it online.
  • Shelf Life – 36 months

I have tried this masque in many ways and this is was my experience :-

  • I first used it on towel dried hair as mentioned on the masque and it made my hair soft .I used it after using bilage hair conditioner and my hair were smoother but only thing is that it is a long process to use it.I first have to wash my hair, then condition them and then towel dry and use this conditioner. Because of all these steps, I reduced using this masque.
  • Then one day I kept the masque for one hour and then washed my hair without shampooing them – then it made my hair greasy
  • Third time I used it after using the conditioner without towel drying and I felt the same smoothness as I felt after following the first method of towel drying and then using the masque.Since then I am using it after using my conditioner but before towel drying and it has worked well on my hair.

best hair mask for damaged hair

Indola Repair Rinse-Off Treatment

  • Quantity - 100ml for 225 INR
  • Color & Texture – It is a white conditioner that has a really nice, creamy texture. It has an almost whipped feel such that it doesn’t really feel thick but at the same time doesn’t move around.

I love this…it doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it feel greasy at all. Infact my mane feels lighter and more manageable..Tangles seem more reduced and easily unraveled…which is a boon for a curly haired gal like myself.

What I also like is that it’s easy to wash off..I usually use this as a hair mask and leave it on for about 2hrs or so and then rinse off after shampooing..It washes off easily and my hair feels silky smooth..Cool right?

damaged hair best treatment

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque:-

  • Price: Note: For Continental U.S. Only
1oz$4.003.3oz$16.008.5oz$36.0016.9oz$55.00.You can buy from here
I got it for 3100/-,  500ml from Uncle’s Shop [ A shop nearby who has products of international brands all genuine
When I first bought it, I used to do the treatment 2-3 times a week. But now because of lack of time, I do it once a week. Its still super effective.
For this, I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo (currently I’m using lush new shampoo bar).
I like to let my hair air dry for a little while when it comes to a semi-dry state, I apply it on my hair in sections. Mostly concentrating on the ends of my hair. I don’t really apply it on the roots but I do put some amount on the hair near my scalp.It takes me 20-25 minutes. Then put on my shower cap.
I keep it for 3-4 hours or less depending on what I have to do. (usually I do it on sundays)
Rinse it out with water. Remember, always use cold water for your hair!
Some say, you can also sleep with it overnight, but I kind of find it messy.
This is what is left of it after 4 months

Macadamia for damaged and frizzy hair

Vcare Shikkakai Paste

Vcare Shikkakai paste is a revolution in the Hair Care Industry combining the goodness of Shikkakai and the ease of use of the paste form. Completely removes dirt and dust. Nourishes your hair and makes your hair look healthy.


  • Ingredients: Shikkakai, Fenugreek, Amla, Hibiscus, Preservatives etc.Point to be noted that it’s Sulphate and Parabens Free!
  • Directions to use: Take sufficient quantity in hand, dilute with water and apply to your hair and scalp. Massage for 5minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • Price and Quantity: INR 150/- for 150 gms

I have used it as a normal hair cleanser(Read Lush cleanser review)  and also as a hair pack. It is effective both ways. As a hair pack, I take say half a cup of this paste, add an egg, 2-3tbsps of curd and some lemon juice to it to bring it to slight liquid consistency. I apply this onto my hair and leave it on for around 45-60mins and then wash it off. I don’t use shampoo after this.

The best part is – I can go without a conditioner because this is a product meant for Enhanced Hair wash and conditioning.


shikkai paste for damaged hair

Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask

  • Product ~ Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask
  • For Hair Type ~ Dry/Damage/Chemically Treated Hair – To restore and strengthen.
  • Price ~ SGD 21.90 200ml appr.  INR 850 [**In warehouse sale got it for $12.90]  This mask detail is not available in any of the TBS site so I can’t mention the price in INR or USD]
  • Product Claim  (taken from packaging): “Give dry or chemically treated hair some tender-loving care with this moisture-rich potion. With Community Trade Brazil nut oil, sesame oil, and organic olive oil, plus honey to bring back softness and shine.”
  • How to use ~ Apply on wet hair n leave for 15-20 minutes or over-night or for 1 hour.  Next day shampoo n conditioner as normal wash

Well why am writing this to if you come across Brazil nut don’t hesitate to buy, you can use it as any other nuts in your cooking/desserts.

The product comes on packaged 200ml/6.4 Oz jar with screw off lid.  The cream is very thick, firm and in white colour, once you open the lid and it smells so good,  I just loved it and key ingredients is  Brazil Nut Oil.

After I damp my hair, I scooped out little of cream which is very thick and applied  on my hair from roots to tip and leave it for 1hour.  (I don’t normally wrap my hairs in towel).

I use less than say 2 tbsp of cream on each apply as my hair is of medium length.  The amount you need may depend on your hair length.  The cream gets washed off so easily which I was not expecting, then I shampoo my hair. I don’t use conditioner as it’s already cream right.

Wow moment comes once the hair gets dry, the hair becomes so soft, shiny and eliminates frizz.  I apply twice a month so the tub will come long way.

nut mask for damaged hair reviews

Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask

  • Price – INR 450 FOR 100 gms. ( I have long hair and I managed two application with it.For medium length or short hair it will last up to 3 times )

It’s a thick mask which needs to be refrigerated and I didn’t had to worry about the expiry date as it got finished with in  two application only.As it has a thick consistency and my hair are long and thick therefore I scooped out half of the mask (about 50gms) and diluted it with bit of water.Applied generously on my hair especially the scalp and waited for about 45 minutes.

I must warn you that this products tingles due to the presence of menthol in it and if you have itchy scalp then it will tingle badly.I am a menthol fan and I kind of enjoy these things especially in summers.If you are using this in winters and then it will advisable to take it out one hour before to bring it to room temperature otherwise your scalp might just freeze .

scalp mask for damaged and frizzy hair best

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    Amazing… I have used a few from the list and agree with your review… am currently using Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Masque and even tht’s very good… tempted to try Matrix Hydra Therapie Hydra-creme Intense Moisture Masque thoh the process seems loooonnngg Wink
    But again thanks for the post… v helpful

  2. gkaur says

    I have tried the honey mask at home and it did wonders for my extremely frizzy hair.. have you used hair spa at home??

  3. sravanthi says

    i love matrix, and macadamia, but recently from past 2 months i am in love with neutrogena total beauty hair masque, girls who love ur hair, need to try if available i India

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    My hair definitely needs one.. Thank you for tjis compilation.. I have decided to buy L’Oréal hair spa nourishing bath.. Smile

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    Wonderful compilation. Currently I am using the Boots intensive Coconut and Almond conditioner. Amazing smell and love the effects on my hair!!

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    grt compilation.. I used Loreal Proff, Matrix one.. need to check out TBS brazil nut mask.. is it available in india?? never saw it..Thinking

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