1. o my god i almost fainted sushmita.. lovely stuff. congrats to you on the haul. have fun and keep reviewing Smile

  2. Your haul has made me literally hungry…….my stomach is grumbling. So pretty stuff, I’ve only Nyx Cinnamon in common Wink

  3. I love love love MAC……especially their studio fix compact cum foundation..one doesnt have to use any foundation with it…and its so convenient for work wear….

    you got urself a cool haul Smile

  4. oh my my i have already fainted, need to go to a doc first Razz he he he amazing haul dear, i so wish i had someone in us or some other country

    • Yup Yup.. U r right Grin I good when anyone bring you RT brushes from US or else paying customs each time is painfull na Big Frown Razz happy with my purshase Grin

  5. definitely first time m here or you can say the pictures drag me here Grin love love seeing your stuffs Smile very nice and collective haul ..and yes it is really embarrassing wen ppl ask you are u in some kind of business related to makeup…..ohhh god !…infact few of my relative have same query too….Frownany ways beautiful and awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee haul Smile

    • Thank u so much dear.. Big Smile
      nice to see your comment here … Grin
      you are right its very embarrassing but what to doThinking