Coastal Scents Haul during Black Friday Sale

Coastal Scents Haul During Black Friday Sale

Madhubani and I placed an order from Coastal Scents website during their Black Friday Sale and received our order during first week of January. We are extremely elated that we finally got our orders. Being students we both didn’t have credit cards until then, but those night long discussions, tensions, dilemmas finally showed some golden rays when one of my friend agreed to pay for us through her Credit card. We almost had lost hope, just one hour was left for the Black Friday sale to get over Grin Razz

We ordered lots and lots of stuff, and we were so much confused what to order and what not to. Everything seemed so luring. Finally we ordered, but the toughest part was the days after the placement of our orders. CS only sent a mail with my Order id and Transaction id and just nothing else.There were no updates of our package on the USPS either. A month was over, but even after repeated mails To CS and USPS, they were unable to provide me any proper information. I was worried that it wouldn’t reach me or something would arrive broken but everything arrived in perfect condition..!!! The feeling was beyond words.

Madhubani’s Order: After 50% Discount:


black friday sale makeup haul


22 Piece Brush Set


252 Ultimate Palette


Pink Kabuki


Classic Bent Liner Synthetic


Lip Affection FlavorCharming Cherry


66 Lip Palette


Divine Line Gel EyelinerColor Lolite


Hot Pot – Incognito


Hot Pot – Polar Bare


Madhubani  had ordered:

-Two 252 eye shadow palletes (one for me and the other one a gift for the friend who paid)-12.48$ each


CS 252 eye shadow palletes
- 66 lip pallete-9.48$


CS 66 lip pallete
- Divine gel liner in Loilta-4.98$
-Bent eyeliner brush-0.98$
- Pink kabuki-2.48$
- Hotpots Incognito and Polar Bare- O.98$
- lipbalms- 0.48$


black friday sale beauty products
-22 piece brush set-17.48$


CS 22 piece brush set


The brushes are sooooo soft ,just in love with them. Eyeshadow pallete and lip pallete have superb texture and pigmentation. I just loved each and every products I ordered, totally worth every penny I spent, worth every sleepless night I spent worrying about the delivery. Awesome products, awesome quality and great deal. We had to spend much on customs and shipping but we do not mind it much as we could never have got so many stuff at such a great deal- (Madhubani)

Tapaswini’s Order: After 50% Discount:


coastal scent makeup haul


STEP ONE Eye Primer


Liquid Eyeliner


Forever Blush – Lovely


Forever Blush – Delicate


Forever Blush – Fresh


Classic Pointed Precision Synthetic


Classic Kabuki Angle Synthetic


Pink Kabuki


Classic Bent Liner Synthetic


Pro Blending Fluff


Classic Detail Pointed Synthetic


Classic Blender Synthetic


Bionic Flat Top Buffer


Classic Blush Angle Large Synthetic


Elite Angled Blush


Hot Pot – Cherry Chocolate


Hot Pot – Dark Golden Olive


Hot Pot – Rich Walnut


Hot Pot – Oktoberfest


Hot Pot – Boca Mocha


Classic Kabuki Synthetic


Bright Eyed Eye BrightenerTone Medium


When I got a chance to buy coastal scents stuff during black Friday sale, I checked all posts on wiseshe on CS stuff to decide my list. Its was a tough task for me. I wanted to have their makeup brush and try few hotpots. I  thank Anamika and others for their valuable posts on CS stuff which made my job easy. I loved each and every stuff I ordered. Quality is just at par. Simply incomparable.

I ordered :

1-Angled Kabuki(1.98$), Classic Kabuki(2.48$), Pink Kabuki(2.48$)


costal scents kabuki brushes

2-Elite Angled blush brush(2.48$), Synthetic angled blush brush(1.48$), Bionic flat top buffer brush(3.48$).


coastal scents angled blush brush
3-Liquid eyeliner set(4.48$), Eye Brightener(498$), Eye primer(4.98$).


coastal scents Liquid eyeliner set
4-Pointed Concealer brush(2.48$), Pro blending buff(2.48%), Synthetic blender brush(1.48$), Synthetic bent liner(0.98$), Synthetic detailed pointed brush(1.25$)


black friday sale haul brushes
5-Hotpots Dark Golden olive, Bocha mocha, Cherry chocolate, Rich walnut, Oktoberfest.- 0.98$ each


coastal scents hotpots

6-Forever blush in Lovely, Fresh, Delicate- 3.98$ each

coastal scents forever blush


P.S-Thanks a lot to Madhubani , for without her I could never have had laid my hands on such awesome Coastal Scents products. She was continuously mailing and calling CS staff when our parcel was in transit. Thanks to all Wiseshe readers and Anamika for their valuable posts and recommendations. Smile

Did you like Black Friday Sale Coastal Scents Haul ?

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  1. I have all the things but not the blush..Let me know how good they are Smile

    • Ohh thats gr88,I had seen ur post on eye liners, so bought the liquid liners, gr8 4 the price i paid. Blusher are soooooo good, I just cant tell you, sooo finely milled and quantity is 10 grams each, can u believe?

  2. Such a detailed haul post! O.O
    I am so excited just looking at your haul post that I feel like making one for my China Glaze and e.l.f. haul! Razz

  3. wow wow…such a lovely awesome haul!!!!!!
    Drooling over the stuffs!!! Too Good!

  4. This is my dream haul Grin Can’t stop starring at the pictures !

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant stop staring n drooling on the pics

  6. my godddddddddddddddd itnaaa sara Smile
    trust me ana have covered almost every possible product for all of us Grin Grin
    eagerly waiting for blush reviews Taps Grin Grin

    • tapaswini says:

      Yessss Rash, u wont believe I had bbeen craving for CS stuff since sooooo many days, cant say, I wanted to try them at any cost, and nothing cud be better thn 50% off offer, now I feel i should ahve got 3-4 more blushers. The blushers are amazinggggg, Texturewise, color, staying power, quantity everything is awesome, its sooo finely milled, its 10 gm in quantity u know,I wanttt more now Razz am going to review these soon

  7. ooooh lalalallalalal!!

  8. Definitely a drool worthy post …wow Grin simply wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! Razz

  9. OOO EMMM GEEEE… I so wanted to indulge in the black friday sale.. this year I’ll make sure I bag stuff from them.. Awesome stuff you’ve both got.. How much did you pay for the customs?

    • tapaswini says:

      Thnks a lot sahiba, ohh thts the painful aspect of this haul Frown we paid 3400 to customs, we both divided and paid 1700 each.

  10. Oh! what stopped you /????

  11. goodness…what a haul!!!!

  12. I died and reached makeup heaven…my God taps..Grin

  13. Wow…what a great collection…! Tapaswini & Madhubani ! thats a bigg haul…waiting for the reviews now..!!!

  14. Hi..good choice of products.
    How are the blushes?? It would be great if you review them. I almost bought ‘delicate’..but was not sure about the quality so decided against it.

    • tapaswini says:

      Thnx a lot Neha! The blushers are damn good! Qualitywise just incomparable! Please do buy n yaif possible buy 4-5 blushers, u wont regret i bet

  15. Drooooooooling over and over… Congos for da haul

  16. Wow!!! I am drooling over the pictures!! Smile I am waiting for a sale now.Grin

    • tapaswini says:

      Thanksss a lot re, the pics r eye candy, soothing 4 eye, even i am seeing my own haul pics so many times Razz therapy 4 eyes ! Razz they have 40% off so many times all round the yr

  17. What a haul…feeling jealous of you Wink

  18. mermaid bidisha says:

    o my god
    i had some good “aankh ki maalish” reading this post Shock Grin

  19. What an Awesome Haul ! Jaw Dropping Stuff Babe <3
    Those palettes are just Beautiful <3

  20. thats such a huge haul u grabbed so muchh.. I am going back to stare at the stuff!!
    Razz Razz

  21. omg… thts a HUGE haul… fab products u both got… waiting for blushes reviews now Taps Wink

  22. This is a Baap of all hauls Grin Grin WONDERFUL TAPS and MADHU Grin Heart

    review them soooooon Grin

  23. wowwww!! awesome haul girls Smile do swatch & review the blushers and hot pots Smile

  24. Its as if you hit a jackpot! A treat for the eyes!

  25. Oh my gosh, such a great haul! I wish I could get that crazy when the sales are on but, international shipping kills meThinking I’m so jelly belly Grin

  26. totally droolworthy. congrats…

  27. Wha a haul! We still have to pay the shipping right? Razz Wondering if they have started in india Thinking

  28. Oh my God all the products look so good, specially the lip pallete.

  29. The blushes are oh so gorgeous.. amazing haul Smile

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