Skin Tone Warm Or Cool


Skin Tone Warm Or Cool You may be fair or dark or wheatish or pale, that is the shade of your skin color. Before you jump to the conclusion about which makeup colors or dress colors to choose going by your skin shade, WAIT! There is another very important factor you must determine before choosing the perfect color for yourself. And this is your skin’s undertone. Are you a warm toned person? Or are you a cool toned person? And this is extremely important cause this factor is what determines the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

chocolate face mask

Chocolate Face Mask Recipe Oh yummm…just the mention of chocolates and I start drooling. Yessss! for all you chocoholic beauties this is indeed a  treat. :-) Chocolates are not only delicious to taste but also has many beneficial properties that makes them an excellent option as a skincare product. Chocolates are known to hydrate, rejuvenate tone the facial skin. A chocolate face mask is a perfect way to fulfil your chocolate fix without having to feel guilty for it. A luscious tempting … [Read more...]

Best Face Mask For Sensitive Skin


Best Face Mask For Sensitive Skin Having a sensitive skin always keeps you on your toes. You are always extra careful while choosing your cosmetics or skincare products, and usually find yourself sticking to baby products for the basics cause they are supposedly milder than other products. Sensitive skin means frequent unexpected occurrence of breakouts or rashes or other skin problem. Even when it comes to makeup you have to careful to not apply any brand, and find the only brand that suits … [Read more...]

What makes your skin darker

skin darkening

What makes your skin darker Hello folks! Now this might be a problem many of you are facing right now. Skin darkening or hyper-pigmentation is the appearance of areas or patches in the skin that have gone darker than the rest of the skin. This is caused by the concentration of melanin in those spots. Melanin is the pigment produced by melanocyte cells and this is what makes our skin appear darker. Everybody’s skin produces melanin, it’s just that those to tend to be fairer the amount of melanin … [Read more...]

Fantastic Hair Growth Tips At Home

excellent tips for har growth

Fantastic Hair Growth Tips At Home Ever been through a situation where you have chopped of your hair out frustration and realized it just then that you have something to attend two months later, and you had  been  planning how to do your hair with that particular saree or lehenga you will be wearing, for months and now all that seems a waste. Well well well! Help’s at hand. Worry not. For all those beauties who are always stressing about how slowly their hair grows, here are some easy solutions … [Read more...]