Help! My Skin Is Getting Dark

Laser treatment for pigmented skin

Help! My Skin Is Getting Dark Hello Everyone, Today I on behalf of Wiseshe will be talking about one of the most common queries asked by our readers through emails, facebook messages! This is a current initiative to help the beloved readers get a suitable solution to the beauty related issues which they face in daily life. We will try to cover most of the skin issues through these type of posts. Well, let me begin with the one of the query which we have been receiving quite number of … [Read more...]

All About Hair Removal With Laser

laser hair removal side effects

All About Hair Removal With Laser Laser hair removal is a method for permanent hair removal. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its efficacy. But it may not work for everyone so it is essential to know some basics before you decide to go under the light. I am covering some important points but this is not medical advice and the purpose is to give you some idea about what to expect from laser treatments for hair removal. Here is All About Hair Removal With Laser- Laser Hair Removal … [Read more...]

How To Get Flawless Tanned Skin

kryolan illuminator foundation brown skin india

How To Get Flawless Tanned Skin The spring summer season is in its full swing and everyone is longing for the sun kissed look by using various makeup products like bronzers, illuminators etc. So if you are someone who is not so acquainted with the basics of applying these Summer makeup essentials, you can still look out for the naturally sun kissed skin which is just so trending in the season! Skin tanning is not always considered bad in the sense that it makes you look natural and makes the … [Read more...]

Homeopathy And Grey Hair Cure

foods to prevent premature greying of hair

Homeopathy And Grey Hair Cure Hello Beauties, Today I am here with yet another prevalent beauty issue i.e. Pre-mature Greying of Hair. Well, as the age advances it is a natural process that the hair strands tend to turn grey as with age the melanin pigments in the hair follicles decreases and hair start greying on their own. Indians pre-dominantly experience greying of hair in their late 40's but nowadays there are so many people who are suffereing with the greying of hair while they are still … [Read more...]

5 Easy Homemade Face Mask DIY Recipes

brown sugar face & body scrub

  5 Easy Homemade Face Mask DIY Recipes Face packs are pretty common in our skin care regimes. People have been using facial masks as skin care products since ages. Remember how our mother used to run after us with bowl of some ubtan. We used to run for life then, shouted at Maa for applying those on our face and body. A few days ago I discussed about the benefits of facial masks, today I’ll be sharing some easy homemade face mask DIY recipes. Though there are products easily available … [Read more...]