How To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Tanned

tips to prevent tanning

How To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Tanned   Summers are already taking a toll on our body and mind. We hate summers for their extreme conditions and love them as we can wear what we want. Not to miss the mangoes and other delicacies that come with summers. So while you may keep drinking gallons of liquids and feasting on ice-creams etc., you should not forget your skin. Sun can catch you anywhere so it is better to stay on guard than to regret later. Yes, there are so many … [Read more...]

Happy Holi & Skincare Tips For The Festival Of Colors

Holi safety tips

Skincare tips for the Festival of Colors   Hello all my lovely ladies..! It is a great excitement to see people playing with colors. So, this is what today’s post is dedicated to…Yes...about how to care for your skin for Holi so that you don’t have a trouble to deal with the skin problems after the festival is over and that all the fun and laughter remains as a happy memory and don’t remind you of your damaged skin.     Tips to follow before playing with … [Read more...]

Onion Against Hair Fall

onion for hair

Onion for Hair Fall   So girls you must be wondering how the wicked onion that aids tear-fall :-D can help to combat hair fall. I will cover all the points step by step. First of all some gyan about onions.   Onion which is a must for many food recipes is known botanically as- Allium cepa. It is 89% water and also contains protein, fibre, vitamins and some other minerals. It contains sulphur compounds which are responsible for irritating the eyes but these very … [Read more...]

Dark Underarms Causes And Creams In India

causes of dark underarms

Dark underarms causes and creams in India There are certain parts of the body where the skin sensitivity is a little more in comparison to other areas. One such part of the body is the underarm area. This area of the skin experiences pubic hair and due to these unwanted hair women get rid of them through various methods like shaving, waxing etc.     The tendency to re-grow from time to time makes the hair removal process a tiring job. Also they cause bad body odor … [Read more...]

How to get rid of Blemishes and Effective Remedies

getting rid of blemishes

How to get rid of blemishes and effective remedies   Everybody cherishes for a clear and spotless face irrespective of gender. Having a face with spots and blemishes induces an inferiority feeling in the person and there is a certain lack of confidence in the person while projecting himself/herself in front of others. While the changed lifestyle and eating habits have affected the texture of the skin of men and women, it is also a matter of concern that the drastically increasing … [Read more...]