7 Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments And Cures


7 Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments And Cures Hyperpigmentaion is basically the darkening of skin due to excess melanin. There can be many causes behind hyperpigmentation like inflammation, skin injuries, acne and damage caused by sun. Darker skins are more prone to this condition as they already have high melanin. Prevention Of Hyperpigmentation   Sun exposure is the most prevalent cause of hyperpigmentation. Avoid going out when the sun is too harsh. If you have to go under the … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

Laser treatment for pigmented skin

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face Laser Treatment is a process that uses a strong beam of light to cure skin problems. It has become quite popular now-a-days and there are not just one or two but plenty of reasons as to why thousands of people seek laser treatments as solutions to their problems. In Laser treatment for pigmentation, pigmentation are treated using specialized services and products containing effective ingredients and technology that are specifically … [Read more...]

How To Close Open Pores After Steam

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How To Close Open Pores After Steam Steaming if done properly helps in deep cleansing of skin. It opens up facial pores and removes dirt and toxins trapped inside. You can steam your face just as a simple skincare routine or as a part of your facial. If you are steaming your face at home then you need yo be extra careful about the facial pores left open by the steam. Open pores accumulate impurities and may lead to acne and breakouts. Here are some simple tips about How To Close Open Pores … [Read more...]

How To Make Pores Disappear


How To Make Pores Disappear Large open pores on face look really bad. Large pores are usually seen on oily skin but other skin types can also have them. It is not possible to make pores disappear completely but you can reduce their size. You can hide them with makeup too. DIYs work very well and are quite effective in minimizing pore size. Here are some tricks that can make pores disappear- Primer A very well known trick is to use a makeup primer on face. Primers are designed to hide … [Read more...]

10 Causes For Sudden Hairfall

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10 Causes For Sudden Hairfall Hair fall is a natural process, something that everyone experiences on an ongoing basis. It is perfectly normal to lose some strands of hair every day. 40-50 strands a day is normal. However, some individuals are tormented by excessive hair loss. Sudden hair loss is a common and upsetting problem. It can happen due to multiple factors. Lets go through some of the most evident ones.     Physical Ailments: Any injury, illness or surgery, or … [Read more...]