Benefits Of Besan For Skin And Hair

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  Benefits Of Besan For Skin And Hair   Hello beautiful ladies ! :-) How you all have been doing? Today, I am here to share with you some simple and known to all benefits of besan (also known as gram flour and chick pea flour) to naturally enhance your beautiful face and body :-) Apart from being used in sumptuous foods , besan has been traditionally used extensively for its beauty and health benefits. Besan  is used mainly to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It is … [Read more...]

How To Clear Up The Zit Instantly

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How To Clear Up The Zit Instantly   Hello sweeties! How you all are doing? I am currently finding some ways to escape Delhi's heat and somehow I have no option than to stay here. Ugh! Well, you know how I am always writing about simple easy home remedies and focussing on going green when it comes to skin! If you have been reading my articles, you must have known that I always emphasize on how the regular use of home remedies will bring gradual change , and that is what everyone is … [Read more...]

5 Common Myths About Acne

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5 Common Myths About Acne   Hey beautiful ladies! How are you enjoying the summers? (being sarcastic :-P ) On my recent visit to the parlor I was  enlightened with some amazing knowledge by the owner of the parlor, who is a dermatologist by profession. So, I decided to share the piece of advice given to me with you all. More than giving advice she enhanced my knowledge by busting some common myths about acne. She told me how her patients, mostly teenagers, fret about acne and … [Read more...]

6 Best Instant Detanning Home Remedies

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6 Best Instant Detanning Home Remedies   There is no escaping tan in scorching hot summers even with sun blocks. It affects our skin very quickly but takes forever to go away. What if we need to go to a special event and tan is still there? It will be a nightmare as nobody wants to look dull. You can get tan removed from a salon or try some quick-fixes yourself. But it is always advisable to go green. Home remedies are known to work slow but give better results. But if you are … [Read more...]

How To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Tanned

tips to prevent tanning

How To Prevent Your Skin From Getting Tanned   Summers are already taking a toll on our body and mind. We hate summers for their extreme conditions and love them as we can wear what we want. Not to miss the mangoes and other delicacies that come with summers. So while you may keep drinking gallons of liquids and feasting on ice-creams etc., you should not forget your skin. Sun can catch you anywhere so it is better to stay on guard than to regret later. Yes, there are so many … [Read more...]