All About Galvanic Facial

all about galvanic facial

All About Galvanic Facial Galvanic Facial- the name sounds big and electric! This is a facial treatment for every skin type but it is not your regular facial. Galvanic Facial is a type of cosmetic electrotherapy which rejuvenates skin. Galvanic facial makes the use of low level electric current to flush impurities out of skin and and refresh it. It is a two step process- Desincrustation- This is the cleansing step. Here a negatively charged gel is pushed into the skin using a … [Read more...]

7 Causes Of Gray Hair Which You Must Know

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7 Causes Of Gray Hair Which You Must Know Today let me start with a question! Have ever the thought of having gray hair scared you?Or you already have faced this night mare? Well, three years back I encountered with two gray hair strands and I literally wept because I thought it was too early for me to have gray hair. Luckily the gray strands have again changed their color and are growing like my rest of the hair color from the roots. Yes, it is very normal to see an aged person with gray … [Read more...]

7 Foods to Prevent Premature Greying of Hair

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7 Foods to Prevent Premature Greying of Hair   When hair turns grey even before you hit even the mark of 30 years, it is called premature greying. In many people hair doesn't turn grey even when they turn older and some people see grey hair on their scalp even in teenage. There are many factors responsible for premature greying of hair. It can be due to some health problem or because of heredity.   Lack of proper nutrition can also contribute towards grey hair. There are … [Read more...]

6 Reasons for Hair Fall Which You Must Know

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6 Reasons for Hair Fall Which You Must Know There can be many reasons behind hair fall. Protein deficiency is a big reason behind hairfall and is very common. Hair fall can also be genetic or may result due to aging, weight loss and over-styling. Besides these, there are more reasons for hair fall that may not be well -known and are often overlooked. You should definitely be aware of these six reasons for hair fall- Stress- Physical and Emotional Stress of any kind is bad for hair health. … [Read more...]

5 Hair Packs For Curing Hair Fall

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  5 Hair Packs For Curing Hair Fall   Seeing hair in your comb is one of the most terrible and frightening sight for any girl!!!! And is also an alarm for you to wake up and stop ignoring your hair health, before the number of hair in your comb raises to 100 from 50. We do take care of our face.... right??? We know so many face packs to beautify our face but what about hair. Hair too deserves care and pampering, they go through a lot, styling, pollution ruins your hair … [Read more...]