Procedure Of Hair Transplantation And Benefits

hair transplantation benefits

Procedure Of Hair Transplantation And Benefits Hair Transplantation is quite popular these days as the changed lifestyle of individuals has resulted in premature-greying of hair and also hair loss which is getting worse each day. The lack of many essential nutrients and the stressful lifestyle has eventually affected the overall health of people. The loss of hair which results in baldness is also hereditary in many cases but in most cases the over-exposure to pollution, chemicals & … [Read more...]

How I Take Care Of My Limp & Straight Hair

how to look after straight hair

How I Take Care Of My Limp & Straight Hair I'll start this post with a short story about my hair. I had really long and thick but straight hair till mid 2009 and then I had a fracture and the shock to body manifested in the form of hair loss. I lost almost half my hair then so I got rid of the length too. I moved to Jaipur in 2011 after marriage and the water here didn't suit my hair and I ended up with even thinner hair :( After that my hair became more oily. I guess it is easier to 'oil' … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways To Deal With Facial Hair

facial hair removal

7 Easy Ways To Deal With Facial Hair Facial hair is a nightmare for girls and is also a cause of embarrassment many times. Dealing with facial hair can be tricky as not every method suits every girl. It is more like a trial and error method in the beginning. Once you discover what works best for you, you are set. I hate the fact that girls have facial hair :-( Another cringe is that facial hair has a certain length and do not grow indefinitely then why it grows back when we remove it once? Can … [Read more...]

How To Remove Tan From Forehead

tips to prevent tanning

How To Remove Tan From Forehead So, the spring season is finally here after the chilly winters and all of us are looking forward to get the best of the season by soaking sometime in the sun. Well, the spring-summer season comes with lots of skincare chores to take proper care of the skin and maintain its radiance as per the changing season. Today we will be talking about one of the major skin concerns during the season which happens to be tanning of the skin and specially over … [Read more...]

How To Get Baby Pink Lips

NIVEA Peach Fruity Shine LipBalm

How To Get Baby Pink Lips Naturally pink lips are an attractive feature. If you have pink lips then you do not need to keep layering lip colours on your lips all the time. Pigmented lips can be genetic and there is nothing much you can do about genes unless you get permanent lip colour. But if you have lighter pigmentation or your lips turned dark due to some reason, you can follow some tips to get lips like a baby. Here's How To Get Baby Pink Lips- Eat Your Way To Pink Lips Vitamins … [Read more...]