Jovees Herbal Sindoor in Red Review & Swatch

Jovees Herbal Sindoor red

  Jovees Herbal Sindoor in Red The onset of Durga Puja has begun for us in West Bengal, and I, being a true Bengali, is more excited as the days are nearing as we celebrate the arrival of Durga Ma in a grand and pompous style with loads of new clothes, jewellery and never ending feast. So, on today’s post, I would be a reviewing an important item, a very essential part for my outfits during the pujas, a product that has always ruled in a married woman’s vanity and it is the Jovees Herbal … [Read more...]

Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot SPF 45 Review

Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45

Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45   With every passing day the heat is becoming unbearable both for me as well as for my skin. Sweating can still be tolerated and reduced via home remedies but removing tan is a tedious job. One has to follow the home remedies religiously for a long period of time to get results. Tan is still curable but freckles and pigmentation caused by the sun is something that is most difficult to get rid of. In short prevention is better than cure, so I make it … [Read more...]

Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub Review

Jooves Almond and Apricot Scrub

By Vaishnavi Krishna Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub Once I went to a local supermarket in search of a nice scrub for my dry skin the SA showed me this scrub . When she showed me I was like "this is really big , I want a smaller one in this to test the product" but she replied that is the only size. I thought of trying this out and took it.     To know more about the product keep on reading :-) Price:180 INR for 220 gms About Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub: A cream … [Read more...]

Jovees Lemon Lip Balm Review

Jovees Lemon Lip Balm Review Package+lip balm

Jovees Lemon Lip Balm Review Hello Beauties! Lip balm is a must-have in winters. A person like me who has dry lips can’t survive without it for even a single day. I need to hydrate my lips every 3-4hours so that they don’t look dull. Before using this one from JOVEES, I had LOTUS fruity fusion which worked pretty well. I was on a random visit to market and went to a cosmetics shop to buy a lipstick for myself and caught my eye on this cute lip balm pack. It always happens with me that I … [Read more...]

Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review

Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review Package+sensitive skin care

Jovees Rose Skin Toner Hi friends, Toner is something that we need all year around and everyday in our skin care routine. So I have tried some 4-5 toners till now, out of which this jovees one I am going to review today.  Since rose water has always worked very well for me and this is a rose skin toner, so I picked it up in a hope that it will work as great for my skin. Now was it worth or not, read on to find out.     Price: Rupees 170.You can buy it … [Read more...]