5 Ways to Get Brighter and Glowing Skin

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5 ways to get brighter and glowing skin   Beautiful and healthy skin is the most cherished dream of men & women of this generation. Owing to the lifestyle changes and increasing pollution, it has become a major concern for people to keep their skin glowing and prevent the pollutants from damaging the flawlessness of the skin. A perfect and clear skin can be achieved in many ways and this post emphasizes on the basic things to follow in order to have a face and body free from … [Read more...]

Skin care tips for summers


By Anjana, Our skin is very delicate and sensitive and easily gets damaged in extreme Indian weather. Facial skin is most affected by such seasonal changes be it chilling winters or scorching summers. Our face is also most susceptible to sun damage as it remains exposed more than any other body part. … [Read more...]