Homemade Face Pack For A Glowing Skin


Fruit Face Mask Recipe Since the time I have come from my parents house I am trying to become a good girl :cute:by drinking cucumber juice with some bottle gourd in it :P:P .My father asks us every day whether we have been taking care of our diets so I pushed myself and  started taking baby steps in terms of fitness. This is why I gave the papaya face pack recipe a week back:).When I made the cucumber and bottle gourd drink I was left with some  pulp so I thought of making cucumber face … [Read more...]

Nose Makeup Tricks – Makeup Tricks To Make Nose Smaller

How To Make Your Nose Appear smaller

By Mitra, How does one make broad nose look thin or small?   You might like reading these also:- Wise She Reader question Lightening skin of hand and foot Wiseshe reader question-Best tinted moisturizer Shimmer eye shadow Wise she reader question Best hair conditioner for dry and rough hair Wise She reader question … [Read more...]