How To Plan Your Bridal Vanity Case

101 last minute bridal makeup tips+101 makeup tips+101 bridal makeup tips

  How To Plan Your Bridal Vanity Case   Every girl has at some point of time imagined herself as a Bride, and when the imagination comes to life, a Bride preps herself a lot for her the day, Of course Beauty being the major concern. There are many bridal packages offered by salons that makes the bride goes through a lot of pre wedding salon sessions and special focus on her diet that makes her skin and hair beautiful. But that’s not it. She needs a perfect vanity case too for her … [Read more...]

Top 8 Best Bridal Make-Up Artists In Delhi

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  Top 8 Best Bridal Make-Up Artists In Delhi   Selecting a Makeup Artist for your wedding is a herculean task. Well a lot of your look depends on the Make-up, if you get it right your photos will come out great to cherish them all your life, but if you don’t then your big day will not be that awesome. To make it easier for the Brides-to-be I am sharing with you the best Bridal Make-up artists in Delhi. They will let you plan your look and will provide you trials as well to ensure … [Read more...]

Nose Makeup Tricks – Makeup Tricks To Make Nose Smaller

How To Make Your Nose Appear smaller

By Mitra, How does one make broad nose look thin or small?   You might like reading these also:- Wise She Reader question Lightening skin of hand and foot Wiseshe reader question-Best tinted moisturizer Shimmer eye shadow Wise she reader question Best hair conditioner for dry and rough hair Wise She reader question … [Read more...]

Top 5 Bollywood Actress In Bridal Look

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Top 5 Bollywood Actress In Bridal Look Every girl’s biggest day is her wedding day. An Indian bride looks so beautiful on her “The Day”, but there is a lot of work behind how she looks.. a lot of preparations, the beauty packages, the gym, the makeup, the shoes , the attire…. They all add to how a bride looks. Just a little miss can spoil the whole look. Some bride opt the traditional look and some opt for the unconventional look… I like it both ways. Bollywood has always been an inspiration … [Read more...]