5 Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup


  5 Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup Hey beautiful lasses, how are you all doing??? Well today I shall talk about a top ranked, important beauty feature. When we talk about beautiful facial features “Eyes” are the most appreciated feature and are ruling the choices of both men and women since ages. Bigger eyes are always considered beautiful irrespective of the color.     Have you ever given a thought to which compliment please the girl the … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

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  5 Tips for Making Small Eyes Look Bigger   Hey everyone, how are you? Well today’s post will be really helpful to a lot of people. I have struggled all my life with m y small eyes. Though I love them but you know they end up looking tiny miny in the pictures. But after a lot of practice and experiment I have mastered the art of making my eyes look bigger, even I observed the difference. What you need to so is read the post till the end and you’ll have bigger looking eyes … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger

don't forget the waterline

10 Ways to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger   Well, this post doesn’t talks about any cosmetic procedures to be done in order to get your small eyes look bigger but it is just about the simple day to day tricks one comes across in knowing the basics of makeup. Makeup addiction landed me on this interesting topic and because I am blessed with teeny weeny eyes, I got more interested in knowing all about it… :-) So, let’s get all eyes and ears about the makeup tips which will make … [Read more...]

10 Quick Tips & Tricks For Applying Gel Eyeliner

5 tips for apply gel eyeliner+how to

 I purchased my first gel eyeliner some four years back . I remember it was Maybelline gel eyeliner. I bought  it because I hated how liquid eyeliners tend to fade away after few hours but gel eyeliner stays intact. There were few concerns like drying up your gel eyeliner, smudging etc but I loved the effect and kind of freedom which it gave to me while exploring the world of makeup. With the course of time I got to know many tricks which helped me in applying gel eyeliner perfectly and I am … [Read more...]

15 Awesome Makeup Tips And Tricks


Hey all , Makeup is an integral part of a girl’s life.We girls are so lucky that we have a choice in clothing and we get to do makeup !I love being a girl.. well dont we all??  Below , I am sharing a few makeup tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years.. Most of them will involve multitasking of products as I used to travel a lot and i wanted free space in my bag to fill with my shopping :-P 1)    Dont fret if you ended up buying a foundation too dark for your skin!It can be … [Read more...]