5 Hairstyles To Sport This Wedding Season

side ponytail hairstyle

5 Hairstyles to sport this Wedding Season- This season is on its glorious edge of celebrations of the coming year and also the start of the wedding extravaganza. The couples who are getting hitched this season must have decided their looks in advance. So what are you up to?? Any close friend getting married? Well, if yes then there are wide chances that you will be stealing the show with your sheer presence. This post brings forth the top hairstyles you can sport in the coming wedding … [Read more...]

5 Worth Trying Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape

Hairstyles for Oblong Face

5 Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape It’s been almost three months since I got a haircut. My usual haircut is a combination of layers and steps with some long bangs. This time I wanted to go for the ‘real’ bangs so did some search online to find out some flattering bangs for my long-face which borderlines on a heart-shape. I’m sharing what I found out. On the Fringes:- Thankfully long-face shapes can pull bangs. We can flaunt both thick blunt bangs or textured side swept bangs. The key lies … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Hairstyles for Long Thin FineHair

Long thin Layered hairstyle

10 Amazing Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair If you have long thin hair and often envy those with bouncy cascading curls or voluminous bulky tresses, worry not because these days there are many styling tricks with which you too can make your long thin hair look voluminous and retain that particular hair look for quite some time. So beauty conscious women, who were so long not so pleased about their long thin and limp hair, can now do almost anything with their hair provided they get the proper … [Read more...]

10 Curly Long Hair Styles

side brushed curls - flower

10 Curly Long Hair Styles While straight hair gives a neat sleek look curly hair too has a beauty of its own which is why many women love to have curly hair. Due to this unparalleled aesthetic appeal of curly hair, it’s often the envy for many women who have straight hair. If the curly hair that you have is a long one, its beauty then increases a tenfold. It falls like a wavy cascade behind you immediately grabbing everyone’s attention towards you. However there are some women with curly … [Read more...]

10 Party Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

long hair party ideas

 10 Party Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair People with long hair have it tough to a small extent. They have a lot of hair, which if styled correctly can elevate their outfit to another level all together but if it isn’t it can definitely make one look shabby. Seeing as I have mid length step cut hair, styling it into any semblance of order is a gargantum task! One that I have given up on way back. :-P Now I simply research hairstyles and sigh in longing. Nevertheless, here are 10 party … [Read more...]