How To Do Fishtail Braids (Side swept braid in Khajuri style)


By Prerana Sharma, Khajuri style choti is also known as Fishbone  braid looks time consuming but it is actually quite interesting and a fun activity .:) so without further wasting much time I will go directly to the tutorial Step1 -Comb and bring all your hair to one  side. In that side take little hair, roll and fix hair pin as shown in pic. STEP 2. Make two equal partitions. … [Read more...]

Braid Hair – How To French Braid

How To Do French Braid

How To Do French Braid If your hair is long enough then there are so many different hairstyles which you can try out.If you don't have any hair products and want to give your hair a stylish look then french braid might be of your interesting.French braiding is a classic and stunning hairstyle and with some patience one can easily learn it. Below I have tried to show how to do french braid with step by step process so lets go french braiding :) Step1 - Comb and take out a small section  … [Read more...]