50 Makeup Brushes Reveiw


Hi Gals We love doing makeup and using the right tools and techniques makes our makeup look flawless. When I was small I used to paint and had plethora of paint brushes and now makeup brushes. :-D Makeup is no less than painting, its painting our face with soft strokes of brush be it face, eyes or lips. Brushes are integral part of doing flawless makeup, so here I have compiled 50 makeup brushes reviewed here. :angel: Ambika Pillai Blush Brush Review The bristles are synthetic and really … [Read more...]

3 Vega Makeup Brushes Review

Vega Powder Brush Review

Wise She MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Giveaway entry (5) by Maha Vega makeup  Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eye Groomer Brush Review As you all know, I had got few Vega make up brushes in my previous haul. Adivaah had asked me to do a review on them and since it has been quite some time, I thought it would be alright to review them now. Vega Powder Brush … [Read more...]