10 Affordable Body Mist for Women Available in India


Hello women!

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! Well it definitely is a great feeling to be with your family for weekends which get extended to Monday and then again a break to work week with Raksha bandhan as well. Wow, what else could one ask for? But the weather does play a spoil sport and it is actually very difficult to beat it. But if you know that you have some of the wonderful mists available with you, it feels a lot better. Else perspiration can make you go bonkers and sure is an embarrassment.

In this interest, below are the best available and affordable body mists for women in India.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist for Women, Pink

victoria's secret pure seduction body mist

This one is very nice and the fragrance leaves you mesmerized and refreshed all day through. It can give you a fruity smell that would definitely win your heart for sure. There are a lot of options with Victoria Secret but this one is a nice one with its cool and fresh fragrance. It is priced at 1,099.00 for a 250 ml bottle.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

the body shop moringa body mist

Another option which will definitely appeal you with its floral fragrance is the Body Shop Moringa Body mist. It is very soothing and fresh in its feel. You should try this. It is priced at INR 784 for a 100 ml bottle.

Grace Cole Peach & Pear Body Mist

grace and cole peach body mist

A peachy scent will greet others as and when you enter someone’s vicinity. This scented mist is all about peaches and pears to leave everyone feel enchanted about the same. You would love its fruity feel and the totally perfect fragrance. It is priced at INR 450 for 250 ml.

Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Body Mist

bath and bosy works pink chiffon body mist in india

This mist smells of jasmine and makes you feel like you are in heaven amidst flowers and soothing fragrance. You must try this if you love jasmine. This mist costs 1300 rupees for 236 ml bottle.

Bath Body Works Moonlight Path Fine Fragrance

bathy and body works moonlight path body mist

This one is a perfect moonlight spray with a blend of lavender, oak moss, musk and lilies. This is a reasonable option and makes it a good deal. Its price is INR 980 for a 259 grams bottle on Amazon.

Streax Perfumed Body Mist, Lily Vanilla

Streax Refreshing Lilly Vanila
A tropical fragrance would enchant you if you try this body mist. The fragrance stays with you throughout the day with its fruity vanilla smell. It would give you the feel of lilies around you and make you feel fresh all day. It is worth a try when you see its price of INR 107 at Amazon right now.

Playboy Play it Lovely Body Mist

palyboy paly it lovely body mistThis can’t get any better. You get this mist at a reasonable price from Flipkart. You would need to believe me and your eyes when you read that this mystical fragrance is available at INR 490 for 240 ml.

Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne Body Mist

ital body mist

A gentle soothing spray of this mild strawberry entailing mist would definitely make you an object of smell for others. This is a prominently soothing fragrance which is definitely going to flirt with others on its own :D. It retails for INR 499 on Amazon.

Gap Heaven Body Mist

gap heaven body mist

This one is a perfect blend of jasmine and musk to make your day perfect. Its price right now at flipkart is INR 1099.

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Body Mist – For Women

bath and body works paris amore body mist

This mist is sure to take you and others near you by surprise with its mystical fragrance that is a perfect blend of mandarin, strawberry, champagne, apples, peach, jasmines etc. to name a few. You will fall in love with yourself all over again. It is retailed at INR 1150 for a 236 ml bottle through Flipkart.



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