10 Affordable Makeup Brushes


10 Affordable Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes are not always expensive and cheap makeup brushes are not always bad 😀 You just need to search a little and you will find good brushes at an affordable price. Affordable brushes also appeal to beginners. Here are 10 amazing and affordable makeup brushes-

Claire’s Cosmetics Kabuki Brush


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Price- INR 500

The bristles are densely packed in a compact small leopard print handle. They feel very smooth and light on face. The handle is usual like in most kabuki brush – small and thick. It’s a great for beginners brush but can very easily be kept in a pro’s vanity kit as it’s actually superb on application. 

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator


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Price- INR 150

The applicator is shiny black in color and appears to be made of wood that is heavily coated. There is a foam tip at one end and a brush with presumably natural-hair bristles at the others. Both ends come with stiff, plastic bristle-guards that protect the two applicators and this makes it convenient for travel. It has dual-tip applicator that serves multiple uses. Bristles are soft, non-scratchy and smudge kohl and shadows with ease. Sponge-tip is durable and helps to draw thick, even lines while being soft on the eyes.

Basicare angled eye shadow brush


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Price- INR 120

The brush has Soft bristles and  transfers eyeshadow very well. Fluffy bristles blend to a great extent. It can easily be washed and does not shed. It is very easily available. The size of handle is as it should be.

Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716


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Price- INR 300

The brush has soft bristles, claimed to be natural. It applies powder softly. It is lightweight. It comes with a long handle, with the bristles packed into an aluminium wrap.  The bristles are nicely packed,

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush


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Price- $ 6.95

Bristles are super-soft, dense and splay about just enough to diffuse product evenly. It has synthetic bristles and can thus be used with liquid, cream or powder formulations. Works amazingly well with pressed powders, loose powders and mineral foundation and blends liquid foundation easily. Easy to get full coverage since this picks up a good amount of product. It buffs product well giving a smooth, non-streaky finish. The flat-top with crisp edges makes this ideal for contouring, bronzing and for blush application as well. Does not shed a single hair even after repeated washes. Although the tips of the bristles are grayish-brown and the rest creamy-white, the colors do not bleed and it maintains its shape well.

Audrey’s Blush Brush


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Price- INR 195

The application actually becomes super easy with the help of this brush. It doesn’t shed hair at all. Densely packed bristles which make blending smooth. It has no animal hair. It has super soft bristles and no pokey feeling.

QVS Eyeshadow Brush Line And Define


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Price- INR 220

The bristles are made of nylon. They are quite stiff and compact. It has sturdy and compact body and firm bristles which ease its purpose. It has varied uses. Applying medium to heavy thick lines is a very easy job with this brush. Bristles do not shed off while washing.

MAC 187 (Dupe) Brush


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Price- $ 2.03

The bristles are soft and work amazingly well and they don’t shed.  The brush picks up the right amount of product and distributes and apply the foundation very evenly. It doesn’t absorb the foundation. It gives a flawless and airbrushed finish and makes face look more than naturally flawless. It comes with a cover for bristles so that they don’t lose their shape.

ELF Essential Eye Crease Brush


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Price- $1

This is a very versatile brush. It has soft bristles and is easy to handle. The brush picks up color easily and blends beautifully. It gives controlled application. This super cheap brush is very durable.

Kryolan Professional Brush Art 3511


makeup brushes affordable


Price- INR 135

This is an eye makeup crease brush with soft and gentle bristles. It is of perfect size for eye makeup. It doesn’t shed and doesn’t bleed. The brush is easy maintenance.

Which one will be your pick?

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