10 Amazing Benefits Of Oil Pulling


10 Amazing Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Hi Girls! Hope you all are in the best shape possible and are trying to maintain yourself to the best possible manner. Today I am going to discuss with you all a little neglected care which if done we would be totally healthy. I am talking about Oil Pulling. Many of you might not be aware of it as it has not received its due. No worries, at least now you would know!

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Oil Pulling basically is the process of oil swishing or holding the oil in your mouth without swallowing it or taking it in. It is a process of cleaning your mouth and making it free of many problems as you would see. Not only oral or dental, this technique would help you resolve some physical health issues also. One could use coconut or sesame oil for this purpose.

You would be surprised to know that it is a pretty old and traditional method used to attain health for overall body including oral health. I am sure you would want to learn more around it. So what are we waiting for!

Oil Pulling or Oil Swishing is also known as snigda gandoosha which means purification and this is what exactly oil pulling is meant to do to our body. The clear benefits of oil pulling can be summed up as below:

  1. It is good for detoxifying

Since our mouth is the major source of contamination reaching our body being the first point of contact, we must ensure that it stays free of germs. Oil Pulling helps to eradicate these toxins right where they originate from and thus work on building a good immune system inside our body beginning from the mouth the source.

  1. It is a good way to make your body function well

Since the work load of other organs gets reduced as the toxins are removed right at the source, one feels energetic and has a lot of capability to do other tasks which otherwise feel undoable due to lethargy.

  1. It takes care of ailments like Migraine and Headaches

Migraine is caused due to excessive stress on your muscles leading to pain which is all due to presence of toxins. Once we are clearing off our body of these toxins, we are free of headaches and migraines which cause a lot of problem.

  1. Oil Pulling cures acne and other skin troubles


Using coconut oil specifically is said to work very well on problems like acne and breakouts since the oil has the quality to keep your skin moisturized for longer hours. Once you swish it in your mouth it removes all toxins which could cause breakouts if they get inside your body leaving your skin with no impurities.

  1. Oil Pulling takes care of Bronchitis and other major diseases

Oil Pulling also helps to fight problems related to breathing like asthma, bronchitis, ulcers, blood diseases, kidney problems and even arthritis. Isn’t it a miracle!

  1. Oil Pulling prevents weight gain

Yes! The major benefits that can come from this exercise are totally what we women suffer from. This oil pulling also helps in weight loss since the toxins if go inside us lead to inflation of the body from here and there leading to fatness.

  1. Oil Pulling helps you attain a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Often due to these parasites and toxins reaching inside our bodies, we feel irritated, sleep deprived and thus not at all in a good shape. When our body is free of such toxins, we are free of any worries. Our body and mind come to a good rest whenever we want to leading to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Oil Pulling helps in treating female disorders

Problems like PMS, PCOD etc. also get a good cure using oil swishing. As none of the toxins reach your ovaries this way. It in fact also helps in correcting the menstrual cycle.

  1. Oil Pulling prevents various allergies from reaching us

Since we are purified at the very source, our life gets freed of many allergies that otherwise haunt us.

  1. Oil Pulling leads to good oral care

The most obvious cure is to the dental health. Our yellowing teeth, bad breathe and other oral problems like decay of teeth, gum bleeding etc. are very well taken care of.

how to use oll pulling for teeth whitening

I hope it was one interesting thing to note today!

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  1. I use to do Oil pulling during my childhood,.. But somehow stopped it during my puberty.. Need to start it again,..


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