10 Amazing Cat Eyeliner Looks



10 Amazing Cat Eyeliner Looks

The beauty and glamour world has become feline frenzy. Not only in the present time, cat eyes are here since decades and are trendy, ever fashionable, flattering on almost everyone and deliver a deep, sexy, sultry, smoldering and mysterious look. From runways and red carpets to colleges and offices, the feline inspired eyes are very much in fashion. A perfect cat liner is true happiness and it will never date.

So today, I’ll be sharing 10 awesome ways you can enjoy the cat liner craze.

The simple one


simple cat eyeliner


A simple, everyday wear cat liner. Apply a thin stoke of eye liner and wing it out. Now extend the inner corner downward much like a cat’s eye. This is the basic, and I guess only difference between cat and winged liner. I don’t prefer lining the lower lash line for everyday look.

The Bolder version


dramatic bold cat eyeliner


It is simply a bolder, more dramatic version of the previous one. Draw thick lines all around the eye with the extended corners and also line the lower lash line and complete with coats of mascara.

The feline open liner


feline open liner eyemakeup


This is the mix of winged and cat liners and finished in an open end. I hope that makes clear. Draw a cat liner close to the upper lash line and a winged liner just a little above it. Don’t blend them together.

Egyptian cat liner


Egyptian cat liner eyemakeup


Apply a medium-thick stroke of liner on your upper lash line and wing it out, both the corners. Now take the liner and start lining the lower lash line. Start from the outer corner and move inwards. When you reach midway, drop the line. (See the picture). Don’t line rest of the lower lash line.

The framed cat eye


framed cat eye makeup


Apply a medium stroke of eyeliner along the top lash line, adding tails at the outer and inner corners. Take different colored eyeliner and outline the top of the black eyeliner line from the inner corner all the way to the winged tip and the bottom of it, so that the black line is well encased.

The double-decker


double cat eyeliner makeup


Apply a medium stroke of eyeliner along the top lash line, adding tails at the outer and inner corners. Now take a colored eyeliner and start lining close to the black line.

Inside dark


inner corner dark catliner


Take black or charcoal colored eye shadow and apply on the inner one third of the eye and blend with a cream/off white or any neutral colored eye shadow. Complete by applying a medium stroke of eyeliner along the top lash line, adding tails at the outer and inner corners.

The Reverse cat eye


Reverse cat eye look


Apply a line along upper lash line with tips on both the end. Now add a wave like stoke on the crease area, just along the tip of the outer tail. You can keep it like that or can also extend the lower lash line liner midway and drop. I don’t really know how to describe this in a better way. See the picture and everything will be clear.

The sparkly delight


simple catliner with sparkly eyeshadow


I love simple cat liners paired with dramatic sparkly eyes which looks beautiful against my brown eyes.

Kitty Cat liner


Kitty Cat liner


My most favorite of all, the cat liner in the truest sense. This is for fun, but if you are bold and creative enough, you can surely rock this outside. I want to try it on my next night out with my girlfriends. 😛

Which cat eyeliner look did you like the most?

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