10 Amazing Foot Tattoo Designs


10 Amazing Foot Tattoo Designs


Feet are one of the best body-parts to get inked. They are not in-your-face kind 😛 but still you get to flaunt your style. Pick a design from the following suggestions that suits you best-

Feather Light

How about adorning your dainty feet with a delicate feather. This feather dangling from a chain is perfect for bringing out the diva in you.


feet tattoo


Give wings to your feet! This intricate pattern is perfect for the free-spirited lady. Just get some birds and tendrils on your feet to stand out in the crowd.


feet tattoo designs


Another way to show your independent spirit. The flying butterflies paired with shining stars look ethereal and stylish.


feet tattoo quotes


This design will give you the looks of a princess. This design is elegant and if you don’t want a long vein, just get a small one.


foot tattoo designs flowers

Some Fun

If you love to laugh and make others smile then this design is for you. Choose your favourite lines and if you like, add some related drawings to your tattoo.


foot tattoo designs words

Something Quirky

Quirky is In like never before. Select a pattern that is different like this ladybird. This rock-chick style is edgy but still feminine because it is a LADY-bird.


foot tattoo design drawings

Old Styles

Now this is completely different! It looks like some ancient pattern from an old building to me. If you like such patterns then go for them.


stunning foot tattoo designs

All the Stars in the Sky

So rockstars!! Get colourful stars tattooed on your feet. The dark patterns under the stars give a ‘flying’ look to them. The colourful stars look really lovely.


beautiful foot tattoos

Build a Dream

Love high-rises? Get the skyline of your favourite city tattooed on your foot. You will love the new look of your feet.


foot tattoo drawings
Makeup Love

We heart makeup! So all the girlies who love to wear their makeup-love on their sleeves, can opt for tattooing their feet instead :D. This design is a complete winner as it has everything that a girl loves- bows, makeup and a cute heart.


best foot tattoo designs

Which is your favorite tattoo design for foot?

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