10 Amazing Hairstyles for Long Thin FineHair


10 Amazing Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

If you have long thin hair and often envy those with bouncy cascading curls or voluminous bulky tresses, worry not because these days there are many styling tricks with which you too can make your long thin hair look voluminous and retain that particular hair look for quite some time. So beauty conscious women, who were so long not so pleased about their long thin and limp hair, can now do almost anything with their hair provided they get the proper hairstyling guidance.

In other words adding layers, curls, waves, bounce and volume to long thin hair is now a task as easy as falling off a log! Gone are the days when you couldn’t think of any other option other than leaving your long thin hair open or making a boring ponytail. These days there are multiple styling options for long thin hair too with the emergence of advanced styling products, tools and so each new day you can try new hairstyles even if you have long thin hair and give yourself a refreshing new look.

Here are my 10 amazing hairstyles for long thin hair which you could consider trying:

Blunt Cut long thin hair style:

This is hairstyle is a blunt cut style with hair brushed into tricky soft layers plus diagonal lines towards the sides and backward to add volume to the hair look. The wispy face framing bangs add cuteness to the face.


Blunt Cut long thin hair

Long thin Layered hairstyle:

Cutting the hair into layers is the best trick to give it a voluminous look. Layering hair into V-shape or U-shape and with shortest layers sweeping behind shoulders and few face framing layers are simply perfect to give you a fashionable beachy look in spite of having thin hair


Long thin Layered hairstyle

Long thin Heavily Front Layered hairstyle:-

For this long thin hairstyle the layers are concentrated mostly round the face with hardly any layer towards the back or end. This hairstyle imparts weight to the wimpy layers and makes you look really awesome


Heavily Front Layered hairstyle

Long thin hairstyle with fringy bangs & graduated front layers:

This is one amazing hairstyle that’ll make you look too cute. When the fringy bangs are being cut, just keep in mind that they shouldn’t be cut too wide apart and also your stylist to make the style a little trendier can add few graduated light layers towards the front. This hairstyle can make you really stand out in a crowd!


fringy bangs & graduated front layers

Long thin Curly Up-do Hairstyle:

It’s often said that curls fall flat easily in a long thin hair texture and cannot be maintained for long. But a curly up-do if perfectly done can create a perfect illusion of a voluminous hair look. In case of this particular hairstyle, you wear your hair up beautifully at the crown giving it the much needed extra height and lift but prior to that of course you need to use a good quality heat protectant gel or spray and curling iron.


Curly Up-do Hairstyle

Long thin French Twist Hairstyle:

This is one hair up-do that can make a long thin haired lady look different. This hairstyle has grown highly popular in the recent times. The style looks really intricate and is indeed a smart way to achieve a beautiful hairstyle in case of long thin hair fast and easy.


French Twist Hairstyle

Blown-out Styling for long thin hair:

If you wish to get a bombshell thickness and awesome fuller look for your long thin hair, then hot roller blow out styling is one hairstyling treatment that can give you your desired look.


Blown-out Styling

Pompadour hairstyle for long thin hair:

This hairstyle looks pretty sexy where your hair is puffed up along hairline quite beautifully and it’s a full-effect textured puff, not just a plain slicking back of hair. This hairstyle creates a perfect illusion of thickness and height for someone having long thin hair


Pompadour hairstyle

Chignon Hairstyle for long thin hair:

Those with long thin hair can even go for this pretty classic chignon hairstyle that’ll make them look really elegant. While wearing the hair up into a chignon style they should try to make the chignon a bit deconstructed by pulling out a few wispy strands of hair so that the Chignon gets a dimensional effect. Accessorizing the Chignon with some stone studded hair accessory will make the hairstyle look really fabulous!


Chignon Hairstyle

Top Knot hairstyle for long thin hair:

This is one smart way to give your thin long hair an illusion of volume plus height. Dampen hair, give it a coat of mousse and then blow your hair dry. Next you are to simply twirl your hair up into an attractive top knot bun


Top Knot hairstyle


So these are the 10 amazing hairstyles for long thin hair. Try these hairstyles and sport your new look defying all the challenges of tackling and styling long thin hair.

Which is your favorite hair style when it comes to long thin and fine hair?


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