10 Amazing iPhone Apps Every Girl Must Know About


Hello Women!

The world of apps is today the most interesting thing to do. In fact they have simplified our lives to such an extent that we cannot hope for a better solution to many of our problems. I bet most of you today own a smart phone and are using the apps to a great extent. Today, I am taking the leverage of this platform to discuss 10 such apps with you which we girls or women should always know about and have with us.

These apps by far are friendly to iPhone and I would confirm if people having other android phones can comply with.

  1. Instagram

For your instant needs to capture every time and share on social networks. We women know how to make memories :).

instagram app must have i phone

  1. Beauty Plus

This app is quite highly rated and helps you go crazy with so much to play around with on your pictures.

best beauty apps i phone

GPS Tracker :-

This is a paid app but pretty useful to keep a track of your loved ones through one tap of your phone.

gps tracker app best app i phone

  1. Home Budget

must have iphone apps

This is more of an expense tracker useful for us women who run our own kingdoms. You can track your expenses and keep note of the upcoming bill payments.

5.Baby Scope

This is another wonderful app for expecting mothers. It is a paid app which lets you record and listen to your baby’s heartbeat using the microphone and record button of your phone.

best i phone apps india


This app keeps your excitement mode on. It helps you count your days, minutes and even seconds to an important event. What a useful app to keep husbands reminded of anniversaries and birthdays 😀

countdown app india must have

Watch me grow :-

watch me grow I phone application

Another app to help you watch your Baby grow. This app is wonderful to maintain your baby’s growth through pictures that you capture at all moments of memories. Store them and share them whenever you want to.

  1. Retrica

must have baby app iphone

This is another app to help you capture your photographs even without your acne and other marks that you would want to hide. You can capture clear pictures and have happy memories!

  1. Visage Makeup

visage makeup app+app review blogger

This is a touch up app in which you can quickly correct your photo for makeup touch ups. You can replenish your picture for a lipstick that smudged or you can fix that kohl you missed in your photograph.

  1. Clue

Clue Iphone App For Women

This is a true woman app which can help you track your menses. You can always note the last menstrual period and get an alert for the approaching cycle. It also gives you a hint on your most fertile days. Think about its utilities. 😀


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