10 Amazing Rangoli Designs


10 Amazing Rangoli Designs


Rangoli has a great significance in the religious and traditional setup of Indian Society. It is a form of art in which people depict some designs which are considered sacred for important events like festivals & auspicious occasions like wedding and other ceremonies. Rangoli is closely associated with Hindu religion and is considered as an essential thing while performing sacred rituals. Any event which is important in the life span of a person such as birthdays, naming ceremony & marriage is celebrated with traditions and religious practices and Rangoli forms an immensely important part of the occasion.

Rangoli is popular in most parts of the country and is practiced by people in different forms. Be it the Northern part of the country where Rangoli is usually made in all the festivals, rituals performed at home and no pious occasion is considered complete without drafting a rangoli design.

Rangoli is associated with symbols and shapes which are considered holy for the religious proceedings. Flowers, peacocks, geometrical shapes, form a major part of the designs that are used in making Rangoli. Swaastik and Om are one of the most sacred symbols in Hindu Religion and are necessarily made in the Rangoli designs. It is usually made on the main entrance of a house or a building. Rangoli is also made near the place where all the rituals are performed.

Rangoli making requires a skillful hand and people with artistic approach find it very exciting. Well, if you are not gifted with artistic ability, practice will make you perfect…! 🙂

Rangoli is made by using rice flour & turmeric powder for some festivals as it is considered very auspicious. For decoration purpose, flowers, artificial powder colors, flower petals, rice grain etc are used. During the occasion of Diwali, rangoli is decorated with lightened diyas & lamps.

Let’s have a look at some of the designs which I have chosen to be the most brilliant pieces of art.

Bird Rangoli

This is an excellent work of art and one needs a really good hand in drawing shapes perfectly to be able to draft this kind of design. The neatness and clarity of the design is making it look amazingly beautiful.


Peacock Bird Rangoli


The appropriate choice of colors makes a design look several notches higher.

Flower Petal Octagon Shape Rangoli

This is more of a geometrical patterned design and is formed with an octagon keeping it as a base. The use of flower petal ideas in the design is making this design look perfect for a holy event.


Flower petal octagon rangoli


Circular Free Hand Rangoli

This design is based on the geometrical shape of circle and looks simple but requires a lot of effort to make the perfect circle. The other designs are drafted with free hand and need perfection to make the design look simple and astonishing at the same time.


Circular Free Hand Rangoli


Fish Design Rangoli

Fishes are also considered auspicious for the human life and this design depicts the belief appropriately. This is more of an abstract kind of rangoli design and there is no fixed shape of an object in this design.


Fish Rangoli


Flower Rangoli

This design is a mix of flowers and geometrical shapes and mostly all the Rangoli designs are drafted following the same pattern. The small intricate details and color coordination is making this design simply beautiful.


Flower Rangoli


Goddess Durga Rangoli

Goddess Durga is very auspicious for the Hindus and to mark this importance they depict her image on occasions like Navratri and Durgashtami in the form of rangoli. This design is drafted in accordance with that.


Goddess Durga  Rangoli


Peacock Design Rangoli

Peacocks find a special place in sacred events and are used in mehndi designs as well as rangoli designs. This design is yet another beautiful depiction of a pair of peacocks and the color combination makes this design look much closer to being real.


Peacock Design Rangoli


Swastik Circular Rangoli

This is another circular rangoli design which uses the auspicious symbol of Swaastik in its centre. It may seem to be easy to make but actually it is very detailed and designed very exquisitely.


Swastik Rangoli


Rangoli Design filled with Flower Petals

This is a typical rangoli design made with flower petals. In comparison to powder colors used for rangoli, flowers petals are much easier to scatter and fill the desired pattern. Powder ones require more perfection and a skillful knowledge of art.


Flower Petals Rangoli


Square Shape Rangoli

This a perfect example of geometrical rangoli design and is inspired by the square shape. The well defined outlines and the choice of colors make the overall look of this design very unique and amazing.


Square Shape Rangoli

PS – All images taken from google, if you own any of them and want us to put down, please mail us at [email protected]

Which is your favorite rangoli design?

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  1. I am great at making rangolis but the colour coordinatiion sometimes leaves me flabbergasted… :p
    Great compliation..

    • Hehe..earlier I used to make pathetic designs and being the only girl in family no one used to say any thing ..but now I know how horrible designs I use to make all those years..!
      Glad that you like all of them Nivanya 🙂

  2. OMG OMG OMG so so so lovely designs… the first one is like out of the world one. Beautifuulllllll post. Kudos for your efforts.

  3. Yeah I remember in high school we made an alpana in rangoli competition and we won the first prize..i love alpana designs since then ..
    glad you liked them Madhubani 🙂


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