10 Amazing uses of ice with Ice cubes herbal remedies


Ice has become one of the important parts of our life and is used every day in summers to cool our drink. More than cooling and it can be of many uses. Let’s learn some extraordinary uses of ice.
1. Heat stroke-Apply ice on your under foot area during heat stroke. It will give you instant relief.
2. Nose bleeding/Nakseer-Many people’s nose starts bleeding during summers .Applying ice cubes near nose area stops nose bleeding.
3. Stomach inflammation-If in summers one starts suffering from stomach inflammation, loose motions/diarrhea then rinse ice cubes on your stomach area. This will give you immediate relief .You can also drink ice chilled water to get relieve of inflammation.
4. Ghamoriya/Prickly heat-Applying ice cubes on ghamoriya will dry them up and cures them fast.
5. Twisted limbs (Pear mein moch aana)-Rinse ice cubes on the twisted area .This will give you temporarily relief.
6. Continuous bleeding from a wound/Rakt sraav-Applying ice cubes on any wound of the body stops bleeding from it.
7. Fever/Bukhaar-Take ice cube chilled water and soak clean napkins or small towel in it. Put it on the forehead of the person suffering from high fever. This will give immense relief to the person.
8. To remove shirt wrinkles-Wrap ice cubes in a soft cloth and rub over the shirt wrinkles. Apply iron on the shirt .This will get you a suave shirt with in minutes.
9. Avoid blistering when burnt-Applying ice cubes helps in avoiding blistering.
10. If you are fond of hanging plants and face trouble while watering them every day as it is too far from your reach then ice cubes can help you out. Add lots of cubes into the pots .This will save you from sudden down pouring of water from the pots also.
Last but not the least, If you want to make crystal clear ice cubes then there is no need to buy them from outside market. Just boil the water and let it get cool. Boil it again and when cool pour it in your ice tray. You will have crystal clean ice cube to impress your guests.

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