10 Awesome Budget Beauty Tips



Budget for me (actually not just for me for everyone I guess) is the scariest part when it comes to shopping. But we can’t resist ourselves from buying our best beauty products, so I thought of “budget beauty Tips”. By these tips all the ladies out there can save a lot of money.. 🙂


So, let me start..

  • Everyone knows that olive oil is a miracle product for damaged hair, but do you  know that it is a really good eye makeup remover too?? Yes, Instead of those pricey eye makeup removers try using olive oil. It smoothly takes off even the most stubborn eye makeup away.
  • Your dried mascara have a worth too, all you need to do is put its container in warn water.
  • Use even the last drop out of your bottles, such as lotions, shampoos etc. by keeping them upside down overnight.
  • Don’t get fooled by attractive offers because sometime cheap alternatives are more valuable. So, before purchasing anything costly look for their alternatives.
  • Instead of applying costly night creams, use aloe Vera pulp at night and trust me it works like a miracle. And do you know that all makeup products contain aloe Vera? Do I need to say anything else?
  • To extend the lifespan of your makeup products store them in Cool dark place and for the lip liner/eyeliners, store them in the fridge to keep them from drying out.
  • About quarter of your lipstick is still left when you think you’ve finished it. Dig it out with a knife and blend it up with lip balm to make a gloss.
  • Use vinegar as a final rinse for your hair to get glossy and shiny hairs without spending much on expensive hair serums.
  • A drop of olive oil in your bathtub can work as a lotion. Plus, it’ll give you much smoother skin.
  • Turn your everyday Mascara into lash expansion variety by dusting eyelashes with a little translucent powder first.

For all those who thought beauty only meant to spend money on expensive products, use these successful “budget beauty tips” by me and I’m sure it’ll help you a lot.

Till next time, stay stylish *in budget* 😉 😛

Whats your favourite budget beauty tips ?


  1. nice tips….i already use 2 of these- i always keep my body lotion bottle upside down even when its new & since last 2 nights i.ve started applying aloe gel as my night cream to get rid of my newly acquired Vaishnodevi tan :rock-n-roll: :tap-dance:


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