10 Awesome Hairstyles Sported By Gigi Hadid


10 Awesome Hairstyles Sported By Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s hairstyles are one of the most beautiful hairdos in the fashion industry. Her hairstyles are on point for every occasion. One thing we always notice about Gigi Hadid is that it always seems like she woke up with perfect hair. The secret seems to be in that soft yet decidedly beachy texture, which keeps her looking from veering overly polished. Let’s have a look at 10 awesome hairstyles sported by Gigi Hadid.

Cropped Bob Cut

Gigi Hadid arrived at the American Music Awards red carpet with this cropped bob hairstyle, looking fantastic. She cut off about a foot of hair to achieve this cropped look. Though point to be noted, it was a total fake out. Still Gigi Hadid rocked it well.

Cropped Bob Hair

Boho wave with a slight bend

It seems like every day this star has a new look. Although she committed to a mid length and stylish cut, but you can barely find her signature hair length. But these boho waves with a slight bend is what we consider as her signature hair style. She typically rocked this perfectly undone look.

Boho wave with a slight bend

Pulled Back Style

Gigi Hadid surely knows how to rock the party. Though some might be afraid of this sleek, polished, pulled back style with a middle part, but Gigi made it a fashion statement by pairing it with a crisp and structured outfit.

Pulled Back Hairstyle

Deep Side Parting

This deep side part that is slightly caught in the wind blow out is one of most sought out hairstyles of Gigi Hadid. It is perfect when you want to look chic with minimum makeup on.

Deep side parting look

Top Knot Hair Style

This fun and flirtatious look is ideal for a hot summer night. This look on Gigi is best achieved with hair that have not been washed in a couple of days. Just pin up your braided ponytail with the help of bobby pins into a top knot. This hairstyle will keep you cool and look stylish at the same time.

Top Knot


It is all about volume that makes this hairdo look purposeful and not just a thrown together ponytail. To recreate this style just rake your fingers through your hair to bring it in to a high ponytail to give your hair some texture. You don’t need to brush your hair and gently tease the base of your ponytail to give it some volume.


Curl Bob

This hairstyle of Gigi Hadid can be easy to fall into a hairstyle rut when you have short hair, but you can still get a party-appropriate style by curling your hair. To recreate this look, apply a styling product to damp hair styling gel for thick texture or mousse for fine texture and blow the hair dry. Now comb your dry hair with a round brush to create volume. Separate the top section of your hair and pin up with a few clips. With the bottom section of your hair, begin by spraying with a setting spray, then curl the hair away from your face with a curling iron. Repeat with the rest of your hair.

Curl Bob

Beachy Waves

We all are head over heels in love with this beachy, wind-blown look of Gigi Hadid. To recreate this look, twist your hair into chunks, keeping in mind the smaller the chunk, the tighter the twist, & the curlier the wave. Gather them at the top like you’re pulling a carrot out of the ground. Now take your sea salt and spray.

Beachy Waves

Short Hairstyle-

Gigi Hadid looked chic in this short hair style. To recreate this look, apply plenty of voluminizing hair foam from the roots to the edges of your hair. This works better on newly washed hair to get a lively and fuller feel just like Gigi Hadid. Then use a flat iron to set this look.

Short hair

Pinned Braided Bun

We are in love with Gigi Hadid’s Braided Bun. Braids are all the rage this spring and the beautiful Gigi Hadid showed us the right way to rock this style with her lived in braided bun.


Which of these hairstyles is your favorite?

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