10 Baajuband/ Armlet Designs In Gold & Silver


10 Baajuband/ Armlet Designs In Gold & Silver

Indian Women enjoy the liberty to flaunt a number of jewellery on their body. Jewellery finds its place in the traditional beliefs and so every woman is bound to wear jewellery in order to beautify herself. Nowadays, the love for jewellery has certainly taken a back seat as there are very rare occasions when a woman is seen flaunting the most heavy jewelleries.

stunning baajuband designs

Well, there are some kind of jewellery which are trending very much these days and these are the famous Baajuband or Armlets. As the name suggests this piece of jewellery is worn of the arm and it can be worn on both the arms or a single one depending on the choice.

Baajuband forms an essential part of the bridal jewellery and you will surely spot the new brides wearing it on their special day. These armlets differ in structure like the Royal Rajasthani bride wears a special baajuband over the elbow which is tied with the help of a silk thread. Brides in the South wear baajuband mostly golden baajuband which are clasped together.

gorgeous baajuband designs

Then there are other types of armlets which can be simply slided on the hand just as a bangle and it stays just above the elbow.

There are various other kinds of armlets like a silver or golden loop that can be easily worn and taken out.

Here, we will have a look at the various designs of Baajuband /armlets.

Semi-Precious Stone Baajuband-

baajuband design in gold

These types of Baajuband are really in trends as there are many who love to flaunt semi-precious stones. The stone pieces are beautifully embarked in the armlet and give a rich look when paired with a sleeveless ethnic outfit.

Bangle- Shaped Baajuband-

baajuband designs for bride

There are so many types of armlets designed these days and this is one such design which can be easily worn and removed without any help. The center bears a cluster of stones which makes the armlet look appealing when it is worn in the arms.

Intricate Silver Baajuband-

baajuband designs in silver

This design is surely going to capture the fancy of those people who love silver over golden because unlike golden jewellery, silver ones can be flaunted much easily and it doesn’t looks over.

Silver Semi-Loop Baajuband-

bridal baajuband

This baajuband design is finely cut and precious stones are carefully fixed in the designs. It is a stunning baajuband for the evening gown dresses and can be easily flaunted with any kind of occasion wear as per your wish.

Classy Ruby Centerpiece Baajuband-

bridal baajuband designs

This one is such a pretty combination of a sober and classy piece of jewellery. The ruby stone definitely makes the armlet look even more attractive. The golden chain is just plan which enhances the simple design making it stand apart when you flaunt it on any occasion.

Clasped Tribal Silver Baajuband-

silver baajuband

I happen to love silver more than golden jewellery on any given day. This armlet is yet another example of  how a design can be so basic and yet looks so unique. The intricate floral designs on the ends make it even more beautiful.

Simple Stone-Studden Baajuband-

baajuband for brides

I loved this unique square shaped centerpiece tied together to make a lovely armlet. Designs like this look really gorgeous when paired with a short sleeve ethnic dress.

Tribal Spiral Baajuband-

simple silver baajuband

This is indeed one of the most simple armlet a woman can find and flaunt effortlessly with any outfit. The flower ends make the look girly and add a feminine touch to this armlet.

Exquisite Bridal Baajuband-

golden bridal baajuband

I couldn’t keep myself from sharing this lovely and exquisitely designed armlet which looks really good with bridal attire or just the perfect piece of jewellery to make your reception look unique.

Semi-Loop Silver Baajuband-

silver bridal baajband

This is surely an elaborate silver armlet and is a better choice for those who don’t want to wear a number of jewellery. A single armlet on the arm and you are all decked up to flaunt it with confidence.

Well, these were some of the baajuband designs which I found unique. I hope you like these designs. Are you too fond of wearing Baajuband/ Armlets?

Have you tried these Baajuband Designs before?

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