10 Baba Ramdev Products For Skin Reviews


10 Baba Ramdev Products For Skin Reviews

Baba Ramdev is known for bringing Yoga back to India. He also launched a range of skin care products under the brand name Patanjali. Patanjali products are cheap and effective. They are made using herbal ingredients and are considered pure. I have used some of their products and found them to be good.

If you also want some pocket-friendly products that work then here you go-

Patanjali Soundarya Facewash

Price- INR 60

patanjali product reviews
There is no SLS or Paraben in this product. It does clean all the dirt and oil from face in a single wash. It makes face squeaky-clean and does not leave behind a film. After washing you can see a beautiful glow on your face. Very little product(about a pea size) is needed to wash face and another pea-drop for neck.This single tube will last minimum 2 months on twice a day,regular use.

The flip-cap is easy to open/close,even single-handed.

Patanjali Tejus Tailum

Price- INR 60

baba ramdev products india

The ingredient list is great and the oil actually makes body shine. It is a good oil for body massage and is economical. Ingredients of this oil are Badam Tail, Jaitun Tail, Akhrot Tail, Surajmukhi Tail, Til Tail, Soyabean Tail Mungfuli Tail, sarson Tail, Araund Tail. It is useful for hair and skin glow and improves strength.

Patanjali Crack Heel Cream

Price- INR 60

patanjali products review

It’s rightly moisturized. It doesn’t make feet feel greasy like most of the foot cream do and it gets absorbed easily into skin. Makes feet smooth and helps keep hand moisturised too. It helps in repairing cracked heels. This cream gets absorbed easily. One tube lasts for a month.

Patanjali – 100% pure almond oil (Divya badam rogan almond oil)

Price- INR 100

baba ramdev product review

It is very useful for dry and sensitive skin. This oil can also be used for hair. Almond oil is a good makeup remover as well. It keeps skin soft and baby-like.

Patanjali Ojus mint tusli body cleanser

Price- INR 22

patanjali products

This is a mild soap and can be used daily. It rejuvenates skin and removes roughness. The fragrance is strong. A bar lasts for 15-20 days if used daily. The skin remains free of dryness with the regular usage of this soap.

Patanjali Rosewater

Price- INR 25

patanjli product review

It is very light and does not irritate the skin. It has mild rose fragrance. It freshens up skin and removes dirt. This rose water can also be used as eye-drops and can be added to face packs for glow. It is free from alcohol.

Patanjali Tejus 100% pure coconut oil

Price- INR 40

baba ramdev products for skin

This coconut oil is double filtered and not made using the bleaching or refining methods. It is free from any preservatives. It can be used as makeup remover and also for oil cleansing. It does not irritate the eyes. This cocnut oil is useful for treating minor skin problems as well. It is a good moisturiser.

Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream

Price- INR 60

baba ramdev products
This cream is thick and is suitable for super dry skin. It moisturises well and does not cause breakouts. This cream contains Aloe Vera, sanda, holy basil and turmeric, all these ingredients are very good for skin.

Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep

Price- INR 60

patanjali products for skin

It removes acne quickly and also reduces blemishes. It has camphor fragrance. It evens out skin tone and does not make it oily or dry. It can also help in treating minor skin disorders.

Patanajli Tejas Anti Wrinkle Cream

Price- INR 150

baba ramdev product reviews

It suits all skin types especially combination to oily skins. It helps in tightens skin and helps in fading acne scars. It does not break out the skin. It is not very heavy and gets absorbed easily without causing greasiness.

Have you used Patanjli products?

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  1. Most of patanjali products I ve ued are good. Atleast no side effects they ve shown. I just love the rose water. I use it as the toner. Patanjali heena is superb. Good conditioning it give n nice colour it adds to d hair. Saundaya face wash I ve tried. It was good but now I dont remember why I stopped using it. Overall I would like to say… products are effective. ..

  2. Hello, Due to occasional changes my facial skin got to be exceptionally itchy & red & truly don’t comprehended what the hellfire is happening…i took against unfavorably susceptible medicine twice then likewise my issue continued as before then on following day i used kayakalp oil, which i purchased for my father..on first use of this oil i discovered a just a little contrast however after three or four applications my tingling was simply gone…and most importantly i have acne issue excessively & i was utilizing such a large number of items to get freed off my cystic acne on face ..but since of tingling I’ve to apply this oil & that aided in complete evacuation of my cystic acne, i was truly all that much shocked to see that as i was utilizing such a variety of things to get freed off them yet this oil has vanished them like nothing…great oil..I will prescribe this to all for tingling as well as for acne as well…

  3. I have been using the Face Wash, Honey , Kajal and food items, really happy with the quality and the pricings,kindly introduce lipstick also, as most of the lipsticks are chemical based and I believe having a natural option will be really welcomed

  4. very nice product face wash and beauty cream ,use twice in a day and night time before going to bed and see the result ,really wonderful

  5. their hair care products `re also very effective
    my hairs were like thin and at certain length they starts showing split ends but after using patanjali`s coconut oil , shampoo and conditioner my hairs `re growing long , thy `re shinny nd black. Now thin hairs bye bye split ends bye bye only healthy nd beautiful hairs .

  6. I have never use of patanjali’s produts but I have heared so many goods things about these products like its great, it’s really effective, it’s really safe and there is no harmful effect on skin and it’s really very cheap and anybody can afford who really care of their skin.

    So I was thinking to use this product at least one time and want to see the good result. Let seeee……

  7. Which skin product i should use to get rid of my face freckles and also need skin whutening as a rezult. Do we have any product which will proide solution to my both problems


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