10 Beautiful Accessories For Karvachauth



10 Beautiful Accessories Karvachauth

Karvachauth is on 11th October this year, and married women across India are engaged in its preparations.

Karvachauth is not just any festival that involves fast, it is indeed the most important festival for any married women. Women on this day gets dressed up, adorns the most beautiful accessories and jewelleries, apply mehendi and fast throughout the day till the moon rises, some even observe ‘nirjala fast’ which means no water throughout the day.

By now you must have planned your dress for the day, got appointments at the salon, must have taken appointment from a mehendi artist, but still not decided over your accessories for the day. Well it is nothing new and happens with me too on most occasions.

Well when getting dressed for Karvachauth we need to ensure that it is all traditional and ethnic, but yet we do not want to go overboard with the traditional look and want a blend of traditional and modernity in our look.

So as to ensure that we do not miss out on any accessory/jewellery for karvachauth, I bring forth you ten beautiful accessories for karvachauth:



maang tika


How about a cute, light and yet a traditional maangtika?

This gorgeous kundan maangtika is certainly cute and at the same time has a design which has a traditional appeal but still is not very traditional. The tear droplet gives a very elegant look and you can opt for droplet that matches with your dress.

Hair Brooch


Hair Brooch


Hair brooches are really trendy these days, no matter what hairstyle you choose for, but a hair brooch will go well with it. These days floral brooches are a hit in trend charts. I too love them and am on a look out for a good hair brooch for myself, how about you?

Nose Ring/ Nath


Nose ring


So you do not have a pierced nose, and it prevents you from adorning a nose ring? Worry not dearies there is a vast variety of nose rings available that women with non – pierced nose too can sport.




By the way did you just notice that after Sonam Kapoor adorned a nose ring at the Cannes, it has become a huge rage, so much so that even Michelle Obama seemed smitten by the beautiful kundan nose rings.





I would advice to go ethnic with the earrings as it is back in trends. You can either opt for a meenakari-kundan earring like the one shown for a picture or choose for a good jhumki style earring.

By the way I have a similar earring as shown in a picture, or rather should I say the exact same earring.

Necklace/ Mangal Sutra




Mangal sutra is of immense importance for this day but there are some places in India where it is not mandatory. So in that case you can either choose for mangal sutra or a necklace, some may even choose for both of these as per preference. But I personally do not like extremely heavy stuff and this is why I always go for single neck jewellery at a time, since I am already choosing for a heavy earring, and so much stuff altogether does not seem to work well.


Kundan necklace


Choose for string necklaces they look very elegant.





Well this is not a mandatory accessory for you to adorn but still few ladies may wear this as a part of their traditional look. Kundans are a hit this season and waistbands designs are not left untouched with them. In the picture you can see a very lovely kundan waistband.





Women, on a majority basis, now a days do not really opt for those a dozen of bangles in a single hand and like to keep it light. These peacock bangles are a perfect choice for you if you too are someone who desires to keep it light on hand. These bangles have a traditional appeal and yet do not go overboard. Also peacock bangles goes well with most traditional outfits, so that’s an added advantage.





Just have a look at the picture and all shall be explained. Seriously I am in love with this ring and also the idea of pairing this ring with the peacock bangles gets me crazy.

I so want to have these two, I just wish my hubby reads it and get it for me 🙂

Toe Ring


toe rings


Have been shying away from toe rings because they look a bit too traditional, like an old fashion of many decades ago? Well ladies, your prayers do seem to be answered by the jewellery designers out there and they have now begun to design some contemporary toe rings. So now you can have a unique pair of toe ring for yourself, just like the one in the picture. This toe ring is a well balanced design of both tradition and new age designs.





Anklets are a beautiful feet accessory which really deserves all our love, specially the one in this picture.

The beautiful kundan anklet won my heart and I am definitely getting one for myself.

By the way my husband gave me an advance karvachauth gift, which is a nice mangal sutra and a matching pair of earring. These were just the way I like it, simple, cute and contemporary in design.

Have you planned your whole look for Karvachauth?

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  1. Oh M so missing al dis ya.. All my heavy jewelry is still in India 🙁
    Luvd all d picks Ritika.. Dey r indeed ‘karvachauth’ worthy 😀


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