10 Beautiful Bengali Jewellery



10 Beautiful Bengali Jewellery


Bengalis are well-known all over the world for their rich culture which has relevance to their day-to-day life. Ornaments are essential part of any woman’s life and Bengali women take special pride in flaunting their jewellery which has grown over ages. Read on to find out about the 10 most elegant and stylish Bengali jewellery pieces that are in vogue.


This adoration for the wrist is a gold bangle with stone and/or pearl settings. Pure pearls are included in the bangle design and the more expensive ones also include semi-precious or precious stones. Mantasha is worn during special ceremonies and festivals in Bengal with both ethnic and modern outfits.


mantasha bengali jewelry



This is a religiously significant jewellery item which consists of conch-shell based bangles and bangles made from red lac. These days even gold is incorporated in this ornament. Bengali brides start wearing these bangles from their day of marriage and continue to wear them as long as they are married in the hope of a blissful married life.


shanka pola



This is a specially designed gold bangle which remains open-ended. Married women in Bengal wear this ‘half-cut’ bangle around their wrist as part of their daily wear. The designs of present-day bautis are exclusive with intricacy in the bangle through detailed craftsmanship of the artisans. These are relatively cheaper than other gold bangles available in Bengal.


Bauti Bengali jewelry


Gaala Bhora Bala:

Bala is Bengali word for bangle. In this gold bangle the entire structure is not made from gold but is instead filled with ‘wax’. This substitute material offers strength to the otherwise soft gold metal, increasing the durability of the bangle. They are available in various designs in the market today.

This particular gold based bangle is unique as it is filled with wax. Gold is mostly soft and highly malleable in nature. The wax is added to provide extra strength and durability to the bangle. Married Bengali women wear these bangles on daily basis to maintain tradition. It is known as ‘Gaala bhora bala’ in Bengali.


Gala Bhora Bala Bengali Bangles



Nose rings are termed as ‘nath’ in Bengali culture. However, the naths of this region are not small in size but big, round ones which signify the status of the one wearing it. Naths are usually worn on the day of wedding by the Bengali bride but it one can wear it even while attending other social and religious gatherings.


nath bridal jewelry india


Bokul Mala:

‘Bokul’ is a prominent flower in Bengal and ‘mala’ stands for chain. This ornament contains designs of ‘bokul’ buds all over it and is a normal daily-wear jewellery piece for married women in Bengal. The image below is somewhat similar to a ‘bokul mala’ but is not an exact replica of it.


bokul mala bengali chanin necklace


Sapta Lahiri:

‘Sapta’ stands for the number seven and the ornament ‘sapta lahiri’ is a seven-stringed necklace that has stones-studded in them. Young girls in Bengal wear this attractive necklace with ethnic wear while married women can also wear them at the time of special gatherings.


saptha lahri bengali chain



Kaan is gorgeous earring jewellery which is gold based. It is shaped in the form of an ear to glorify a Bengali woman’s ears. The more pricey ones have embedded stones to make them appear more attractive. They are exclusively worn to marriage ceremonies or festivities.


kaan bengali earrings


Phooler Top:

‘Phool’ is flower in English and this ear stud resembles a flower. Most homemakers in Bengal wear this simple jewellery piece for normal outings and while at home. This does not rule out young girls from sporting them. This versatile piece of jewellery can be paired with both western and traditional apparels.


phooler bangali earring



Payel or anklets are simple household ornaments to glorify the ankles. However, one can also wear them to special occasions like cultural events and festivals. They are designed for girls and women alike. Majority of the rural population in Bengal and the typical Bengali families encourage the women folk to wear payels.


payal traditional anklet


Thus, the 10 Bengali jewellery names and their use in a woman’s daily life is now clear. The more expensive versions of these ornaments can also be purchased to flaunt in rare occasions.

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